16 December 2009

Special issue: Ubiquitous/pervasive services and applications

International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems 3(1) 2010

The best papers from the Fifth International Conference on Ubiquitous and Intelligent Computing 2008 (UIC’08) held in Oslo, Norway, 23–25 June 2008.
  • Context-driven migration and diffusion of pervasive services on the OSGi framework
  • Location aware computing using RFID infrastructure
  • Remote control for pervasive services
  • Experiences with RFID-based interactive learning in museums
  • A framework for context-aware home-health monitoring
  • Use semantic decision tables to improve meaning evolution support systems

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mahakk01 said...

This post describes special issues of Ubiquitous/pervasive services and applications. The special issues are explained in a short and simple which you find very easy to understand. I think this is best way to depict these issues. Thanks.
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