18 December 2009

Special issue: Key considerations in responsible healthcare technology management

International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management 10(4/5) 2009

Papers from the 6th International Conference on the Management of Healthcare and Medical Technology, held in Pisa, Italy, 3–5 October, 2007.
  • Mass medication distribution for disease outbreak: comparison of personal digital assistant and paper-based decision support
  • Innovation in rehabilitation technology: technological opportunities and socioeconomic implications – a theoretical model
  • Cost accounting in teaching hospitals: an application in a surgery unit
  • A web-based system to manage elective waiting lists: efficiency and equity issues
  • Action research and soft systems methodology for studying problems in emergency care delivery
  • Stakeholder dynamics and the implementation of process innovations: the case of Lean thinking in a UK NHS Hospital Trust
  • Assessment of a telemedicine innovation in cardiology
  • The redesign practices and capabilities of NHS Trusts in England: a snapshot study

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