30 September 2012

Call for papers: Manufacturing Operations Management and Optimisation

A special issue of International Journal of Engineering Management and Economics

Designing, developing and integrating optimum manufacturing systems, technologies, services and best practices to meet the needs of their customers are key elements for manufacturing organisations to achieve and realise competitiveness.

This special issue aims at presenting the latest developments in the management, adoption and optimisation of manufacturing technologies, and their integration into other functional areas of an organisation. Therefore, this issue will be of special interest to academics, researchers, students, consultants and industrialists involved in the management and implementation of manufacturing technologies and practices.

The issue will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the 23rd International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2013)  (26-28 June 2013, Porto, Portugal), but we also strongly encourage researchers unable to participate in the conference to submit papers for this call.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Management and integration of products and manufacturing services
  • Multi-level performance measurement in manufacturing
  • Knowledge, change and risk management in manufacturing
  • Value creation by sustainable manufacturing
  • Manufacturing on demand
  • Lean and agile manufacturing; challenges in lean management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Beyond lean and new manufacturing paradigms
  • Logistics for manufacturing
  • Green and lean supply chains, logistics and procurement
  • Operations planning and control; scheduling
  • Operations optimisation
  • Resource efficient, sustainable production systems
  • Quality management systems
  • Business excellence models (i.e. EFQM, Malcolm Baldrige, Deming, etc.)
  • Total quality management
  • Six Sigma
  • Human resources and technological factors
  • Social aspects, health and safety in manufacturing
  • Manufacturing education and training
  • Other related topics
Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 20 October, 2013
Notification to authors:  31 December, 2013
Final versions due: 28 February, 2014

Call for papers: Information Assurance and System Security in Cloud Computing

A special issue of International Journal of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been attracting interest from both industry and academia since 2007, and has been recognised as the new paradigm of the IT industry. Cloud computing provides users with flexible services in a transparent manner. Services are allocated in a “cloud”, which is a collection of devices and resources connected through the Internet. Before this paradigm can be widely accepted, the security, privacy and reliability provided by the services in the cloud must be well established.

This special issue seeks original unpublished papers focusing on various aspects of security issues in cloud computing environments. Aiming at presenting and discussing latest developments, this special issue welcomes papers addressing theoretical analysis, emerging applications, novel system architecture construction and design, experimental studies and social impacts of cloud computing. Both review/survey papers and technical papers are encouraged.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Emerging threats to cloud-based services
  • Security models for new services
  • Security in cloud-aware web services
  • Information hiding/encryption in cloud computing
  • Copyright protection in the cloud
  • Securing distributed data storage in the cloud
  • Privacy and security in cloud computing
  • Forensics in cloud environments
  • Robust network architecture
  • Cloud infrastructure security
  • Intrusion detection/prevention
  • Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks and defences
  • Robust job scheduling
  • Secure resource allocation and indexing
  • Secure payment for cloud-aware services
  • User authentication in cloud-aware services
  • Non-repudiation solutions in the cloud
  • Security for emerging cloud programming models
  • Performance evaluation for security solutions
  • Testbed/simulators for cloud security research
  • Security hardware, i.e. hardware for encryption, etc.
  • Detection and prevention of hardware trojans
Important Dates
First submission: 15 February, 2013 (extended)
Review feedback: 30 March, 2013
Revised version submission: 30 May, 2013
Acceptance notification: 30 June, 2013
Final paper submission: 30 July, 2013

Special issue: Advances in rapid manufacturing of processes and materials

International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation 3(3/4) 2012
  • Experimental studies to validate simulated results for nozzle effectiveness using multi-response optimisation during cylindrical grinding process
  • Effect of shallow cryogenic treated brass wire electrode on workpiece surface roughness in wire-EDM
  • Application of fusion deposition modelling for rapid investment casting - a review
  • An application of Taguchi's technique to improve the accuracy of rapid prototyped FDM parts
  • Finite element model for microwave heating of thermoplastic composites
  • Effect of particle size, compaction pressure on density and mechanical properties of elemental 6061Al alloy through powder metallurgical process
  • Determination of the effect of part orientation to the strength value on additive manufacturing FDM for end-use parts by physical testing and validation via three-dimensional finite element analysis
  • Statistical analysis of compressive strength for the reliability of parts produced by direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)
  • Modelling, optimisation and experimental validation of cutting parameters to achieve minimum tool wear and surface roughness in hard turning of AISI H11 tool steel
  • Copper-chromium alloy as a superior electrode material for electrical discharge machining of die steels
  • Fatigue crack propagation behaviour of some low alloy steels in case carburised condition

Special issue: Advances in machining process metrology

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials 12(3) 2012
  • An introduction for machining researchers to measurement uncertainty sources in thermal images of metal cutting
  • Vision-based surface roughness inspection of machined aluminium parts
  • Modelling cutting force including thrust and tangential damping in peripheral milling process
  • Machining of axisymmetric forms and helical profiles on cylindrical workpiece using wire cut EDM
  • Analytical and experimental investigations into material removal mechanism of abrasive jet precision finishing with grinding wheel as restraint
  • On measurements of tool edge geometry of diamond-coated tools

26 September 2012

Media partnership for oil industry conferences

Inderscience is a media partner for:

Shale Gas Environmental Summit 29 - 30 October 2012, London, UK

Journals concerned are:
International Journal of Global Energy Issues
International Journal of Global Environmental Issues
International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology

Oil and Gas Cyber Security 14 - 15 November 2012, London, UK

Journals concerned are:
International Journal of Information and Computer Security
International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity

Media partnership for Distribution Automation Europe

Inderscience is a media partner for:

Distribution Automation Europe 8-9 October 2012, London, UK

Journals concerned are:
International Journal of Enterprise Network Management
International Journal of Integrated Supply Management

Call for papers: Emerging Economy Multinationals, Innovation and Knowledge Flows

A special issue of International Journal of Technology Management

Multinational companies from emerging economies (EMNCs) are becoming major players in the globalised world economy and wield growing influence on economic dynamics in developed, emerging and developing countries alike. The foreign presence and operations of EMNCs are becoming increasingly intertwined with innovation and knowledge generation processes both at home and abroad.

While the extant literature tends to build on the assumption that firms internationalise on the basis of innovations carried out at home, EMNCs often engage in international activities with the intent to access technologies they lack or to acquire resources enabling them to strengthen their innovative capabilities.

There are a range of challenges associated with such activities. Identifying, assessing, accessing and absorbing technology and knowledge from abroad is rife with challenges. Compounding these challenges, EMNCs are often engaging asymmetrically with foreign partners much stronger than themselves in a particular technological domain. Vice-versa, relinquishing technology to EMNCs may pose dilemmas to incumbents as well as nations.

At a more aggregate level, innovation-related outward foreign direct investment is contingent upon and in turn influences the broader institutional innovation system in which the investing firm is embedded. For example, competitive dynamics at home may drive firms to seek technology abroad; successful absorption of foreign technology may require an enabling knowledge infrastructure at home; and technologies acquired abroad may in turn spill over into the wider domestic innovation system.

In host economies, innovation-related investments by EMNCs may bring about synergies and infuse local firms with required capital and market access, while at the same time intensifying competition in technological domains. Where high-tech clusters in developed economies are concerned, the nature and impact of EMNC presence remains insufficiently analysed.

This special issue solicits papers related to the broad theme of the relationship between emerging economy multinationals and innovation and knowledge flows, whether perceived at micro, meso or macro level. Conceptual, representative and case-based papers alike are welcomed.

Topics include but are not limited to:
  • Which roles of outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) are coming to play in the innovation processes of EMNCs, at both strategic and operational levels?
  • Why, how and with which outcomes are EMNCs engaging in innovation-related OFDI?
  • What are the implications for incumbent MNCs in developed countries, e.g. in terms of competitive and collaborative dynamics?
  • How do host governments respond to technology-seeking investments by EMNCs? To which extent do they promote them, and what may be appropriate facilitating frameworks?
  • What are the macroeconomic and institutional contingencies and implications for home economies of innovation-related investments?
  • What are the opportunities and threats for host economies of these investments?
Important Date
Submission of manuscripts: 1 February, 2013

Special issue: Science, engineering and management in solid waste and wastewater

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 15 (3-6) 2012
  • Management of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), an aquatic weed waste, by vermicomposting technology
  • Photocatalytic degradation of supra black-T dye on charcoal under sunlight
  • Conservation of iron and lime bearing raw materials by recycling of basic oxygen furnace (BOF) sludge in iron ore sintering
  • Critical analysis of existing solid waste management practices towards a sustainable solution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Assessment of genotoxicity of landfill leachate by comet assay using golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
  • Release behaviour of chromium from ferrochrome slag
  • Integrated management of diluted distillery effluent and fly ash as a potential biofertiliser: a case study on the vegetative growth and chlorophyll content of the marigold plant, Tagetes patula
  • Methane emission potential of open dumps in Chennai: a case study
  • A decision support system for waste collection management and its potential improvement with Radio-Frequency Identification Technology (RFID)
  • Is human excreta a waste?Actively aerated methanobiofilters to control methane emissions from landfills
  • Global warming potential of waste management options: case study of Delhi
  • Information communication technology (ICT) - its waste and consequences
  • Electrochemical treatment of landfill leachate
  • Evaluation of geomembrane, amended soil and composite liner system as lining materials for chromium decontamination in landfill siteAssessment of recycling potential of municipal solid waste in Mauritius
  • Home composting of organic waste - part 1: effect of home composter design
  • Home composting of organic waste - part 2: effect of management practices
  • Microbial characterisation of vermicompost and compost of urban waste processed by three earthworm species - Eudrilus eugeniae, Eisenia fetida and Perionyx excavatus
  • Effective policy framework for the promotion of 3R technology transfer
  • Quantification of municipal solid waste for Patna city
  • The use of methanotrophic applications to control of fugitive methane emissions from the biodegradation of organic waste
  • Removal of phenols from aqueous solutions of treated rice husk ash

Special issue: Systems biology approaches in biological and biomedical research

International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design 5(3/4) 2012

Papers from the 2nd Workshop on integrative data analysis in systems biology held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 2011, in conjunction with the IEEE BIBM 2011.
  • Network-based approaches for extending the Wnt signalling pathway and identifying context-specific sub-networks
  • Identification of disease-related nsSNPs via the integration of protein sequence features and domain-domain interaction data
  • Functional identification in correlation networks using gene ontology edge annotation
  • Functional classification of genes using semantic distance and fuzzy clustering approach: evaluation with reference sets and overlap analysis 
  • Associating functional groups to multiple clinical types using combined t-test scores and contingency-based measures: a study on breast cancer genes 
  • A linear-time algorithm for finding a maximum-length ORF in a splice graph
  • Integrating image analysis algorithms in a web interface for the quantification of microtubule dynamics
  • Identification of two post-translational modifications via tandem mass spectrometry
  • Peptide sequence tag generation for tandem mass spectra containing post-translational modifications
Additional Paper
  • Fourth generation detour matrix-based topological indices for QSAR/QSPR - Part-1: development and evaluation

Media partnership with the East Atlantic Oil & Gas 2012 Summit

Inderscience is a media partner for the East Atlantic Oil & Gas 2012 Summit, to be held on 3-4 December 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal​

Journals concerned are:
International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology
International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy
International Journal of Petroleum Engineering
International Journal of Global Energy Issues

24 September 2012

Call for papers: Multicriteria Decision Aid Methods and Applications

A special issue of International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making

The objective of this special issue is to publish recent advances in methods and applications of MCDA (multicriteria decision aid). We welcome high-quality papers from researchers and practitioners engaged in using MCDA methods, in isolation or combined with other techniques, to assist individuals or groups in their decision making.

Both practical and theoretical papers are welcome. For papers of a practical nature we expect innovative applications which provide important insights into the way MCDA methods can be deployed and which provide in-depth reflections about the intervention.

The issue will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the 76th Meeting of the European Working Group on MCDA (held in Portsmouth from the 13th to 15th September 2012), but we also strongly encourage researchers unable to participate in the conference to submit papers for this call.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Conflict resolution
  • Environmental applications
  • General resource allocation and optimisation
  • Group decision making
  • Disaster prevention
  • Production decisions
  • Multicriteria clustering
  • Applications in transport
Important Date
Submissions deadline: 31 January, 2013

Special issue: Integration processes and specification determinations for subsystems or components to meet performances of vehicles or subsystems

International Journal of Vehicle Design 60(1/2) 2012
  • The design strategies and calculation methods for powertrain mounting system with multi-powertrain
  • Estimation of energy-absorption space for pedestrian leg protection of car front-end structures
  • Safety analysis of belted occupant in reclining seat
  • Acoustic simulation for exhaust silencer of vehicle engine with combined one/three-dimensional approach
  • Failure analysis and design of a front bumper using finite element method along with durability and rig tests
  • Multi-stage design of an automotive component
  • Topometry optimisation for crashworthiness design using hybrid cellular automata
  • Identification of engine inertia parameters on the basis of frequency response functions
  • Development of a lightweight wheel carrier for commercial vehicles
  • Smart actuators to improve sportiness of a luxury car by deploying additional suspension stiffness on-demand

Special issue: Modelling and applied simulation: advanced methodologies and techniques

International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling 7(3) 2012
  • Reusing model components in logistics simulation and device emulation in container terminal operation with open-source framework DESMO-J
  • Simulating the integration of original equipment manufacturers and suppliers in fractal environment
  • Supply chain security: an integrated framework for container terminal facilities 
  • Optimisation analysis of power limits in flow energy systems 
  • An agent-directed multisimulation framework for simulation games management 
  • NaSS: system simulation of inland waterways 
  • Static inter-BPEL program slicing for web services 
  • Service-oriented simulation using web ontology

Special issue: Modern developments in the Arab world

International Journal of Arab Culture, Management and Sustainable Development 2(2/3) 2012
  • The impact of lean production concept implementation on the competitive advantage of the Jordanian food manufactories specialised in FMCGs in Jordan 
  • Knowledge-based development and knowledge-based economy - a case study of Dubai
  • Establishment of judicial review and elements of its emergence in Egypt 
  • The French colonial occupation and the Algerian national identity: alienation or assimilation?
  • The role of the daily newspaper 'Almasry Alyoum' in disseminating development news in the Egyptian villages
  • The Arab Spring: challenges to the US Middle East policy
  • The role of police in primary investigation of terrorism cases in Jordan
  • From state to private ownership: performance of small listed Tunisian firms
  • Power distance and uncertainty avoidance differences between two Arabic countries within a same Hofstede cluster under Takaful Industry
Additional Papers
  • Impacts of 'negative patterns' on urban-architectural education: the case of Balikesir
  • Assessment of ICT governance in three different Saudi institutions using an integrated approach

Special issue: Advances in distributed systems services for grid, cloud and large-scale computing paradigms

International Journal of Web and Grid Services 8(3) 2012

Papers from the 14th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems held in Tirana, Albania, 7-9 September 2011.
  • Specifying and implementing an eventual leader service for dynamic systems
  • Self-adaptive approximate queries for large-scale information aggregation
  • Glueing grids and clouds together: a service-oriented approach
  • Mobility management for multimedia services in heterogeneous environments
  • The smart-travel system: utilising cloud services to aid traveller with personalised requirement
  • Comparative parallel execution of SWAT hydrological model on multicore and grid architectures

Special issue: Aerothermodynamics for space vehicles

International Journal of Aerodynamics 2(2-4) 2012
  • Laminar incipient separation in supersonic and hypersonic flows
  • Effect of steps and gaps on aerothermodynamics for the IXV hypersonic vehicle 
  • Microscopic and macroscopic analysis for TPS SiC material under Earth and Mars re-entry conditions 
  • Fluidic thrust vectoring of an axisymmetrical nozzle: an analytical model
  • Role of flow kinematic and energetic effects in hypersonic flow control
  • Fully implicit adaptive method using discontinuous Galerkin finite elements for high speed flows
  • A computational study on reduction of aerodynamic heating and drag over a blunt body in hypersonic turbulent flow using counter flow jet
  • Application of an opposing jet in shock wave reduction around a blunt body
  • Hysteresis phenomena associated with shock waves interference in steady hypersonic flow
  • Effects of thermal boundary conditions on the hypersonic shock layer flow over a blunt body
Aerodynamics Education
  • Hands-on integrated CFD educational interface for introductory fluids mechanics

Special issue: Sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems

International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 11(1) 2012

Papers from the 6th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25-29 September 2011
  • Mercury mobility and availability in highly contaminated solid wastes from a chlor-alkali plant
  • Developing and evaluating new policy instruments for sustainable waste management
  • Full probabilistic service life prediction and life cycle assessment of concrete with fly ash and blast-furnace slag in a submerged marine environment: a parameter study
  • Environmental externalities and their effect on the cost of consumer products
  • The urban sustainable development in European Union through ranking: a tool for governance or a report of territorial disparities?
  • Coal combustion products in Europe - sustainable raw materials for the construction industry

20 September 2012

Call for papers: Business Globalisation: Accounting and Auditing, Corporate Governance, Ethics and Management

A special issue of International Journal of Economics and Business Research

The growing internationalisation of markets, the relaxation of constraints on capital flows between countries and the creation of different economic unions initiated the flow of capital, goods and services across national borders, growth and diffusion of shareholding, as well as increasing merger activity among the world’s largest stock exchanges. These changes have created interest in understanding the merits of new developments in accounting, auditing, corporate governance and management to a new qualitative level.

In spite of the importance of research on the merits of new developments in accounting, auditing, corporate governance and management, not many studies take a holistic approach to these issues. It is the aim of this special issue to fill a vacant niche for something that combines a variety of different aspects related to new developments in all of these business disciplines associated with globalisation.

The issue deliberately encourages a broad view of the origins and development of business, accounting and management with an emphasis on their functions in an increasingly interdependent global economy, and welcomes manuscripts that explain current international business practices, with related theoretical justifications, and identify the criticisms of current practices.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Harmonisation of accounting
  • Auditing
  • Corporate governance
  • Capital market research
  • Accounting information systems
  • Business strategy
  • Global leadership
  • Social responsibility
  • Corporate ethics
  • Sustainability
  • Management and entrepreneurship
  • Electronic financial reporting
  • Information transparency
  • Business information supply chains
Important Date
Submissions deadline: 20 August, 2013

Call for papers: Internet of Things

A special issue of International Journal of Sensor Networks

 Current advances in wireless and mobile communication systems have revolutionised the traditional concept of Internet. The novel paradigm of “Internet of Things (IoT)” is rapidly gaining ground in various applications. It is envisioned that several aspects of our everyday life and behaviour will be fundamentally changed.

Applications such as assisted living, e-health and enhanced learning are only a few examples of possible scenarios in which the IoT will play a leading role in the near future. Larger-scale applications such as automation and industrial manufacturing, logistics, business/process management and intelligent transportation of people and goods will be the visible consequence of IoT’s proliferation. Topics such as sensor networks, RFID, short-range wireless communications, real-time localisation, ad-hoc networks and mobile security have attracted much attention recently.

The goal of this special issue is to publish the most recent results in the development of IoT. Researchers and practitioners working in this area are invited to take this opportunity to discuss and express their views on the current trends, challenges and state of the art solutions addressing various issues in IoT.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Underwater and underground networks
  • Radar and sonar Networks
  • Cyber-physical systems (transportation, healthcare, civil infrastructure, etc.)
  • Theoretical frameworks and analysis of fundamental cross-layer protocol and network design and performance issues
  • Distributed and localised algorithm design and analysis
  • Information and coding theory for wireless networks
  • Localisation
  • Mobility models and mobile social networking
  • Topology control and coverage
  • Security and privacy
  • PHY/MAC/routing protocols
  • Information processing and data management
  • Programmable service interfaces
  • Energy-efficient algorithms, systems and protocol design
  • Operating system and middleware support
  • Software-defined radio, reconfigurable radio networks
  • Pervasive and ubiquitous computing
  • Local area and personal wireless networks
  • Applications, design, and performance of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
  • Delay/disruption tolerant networks
  • Experimental test-beds, models and case studies
Important Dates
Manuscript submission deadline: 30 November, 2012
Notification of acceptance: 1 February, 2013
Final manuscript deadline: 1 April, 2013

Call for papers: Metadata for e-Science and e-Research

A special issue of International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies

The parallel growth in scientific data and cloud computing has revolutionised the way scientific content is communicated to and used by researchers. e-science and e-research applications have extended traditional forms of scholarly cyber-infrastructure (such as institutional repositories and digital libraries), aiming to satisfy new requirements that reveal new usage scenarios and use cases. Thus research groups focusing on a knowledge domain or interdisciplinary research communities need to collaborate and communicate the workflows and processes they follow to generate knowledge and their results.

 Indicative workflows include storing, manipulating, enriching and annotating, disseminating and publishing not only their results, but all the data generated by all the steps of their processes, such as experimental data, learning materials, etc. These information objects might be not only of textual but also of multimedia format, e.g. molecular structures, 3D building engineering structures, epidemiological data, economical models, social policy simulations, or human genomic structures.

 Metadata and ontologies are integral components of modern e-science and e-research infrastructures ensuring open, comprehensive and persistent access to scientific material. Challenges are still in place regarding their role in the process of storing, preserving, managing, retrieving and disseminating this type of information.

This special issue aims to generate a discussion forum that will bring together researchers and e-science infrastructure developers to discuss the issues in scientific data management and retrieval, the development of large scale scientific archives in the cloud, the parameters for designing and developing repositories and information access mechanisms.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Modelling of scientific content
  • Infrastructures, systems and services for knowledge organisation
  • Ontology approaches, models, theories and languages
  • Semantic representation of scientific content and remote collaboration
  • Metadata standards and application profiles for e-science/e-research
  • Multilingual metadata, vocabularies, taxonomies, glossaries and thesauri
  • Auto-generated vs. human generated e-science metadata
  • Visualisation techniques for metadata, content, repositories
  • Interoperability in e-research environments
  • Workflow management models
  • Open data and linked open data for e-science
  • Evaluation of metadata quality/metadata metrics
  • Cloud facilities and supercomputing for e-science
  • Archiving and preservation metadata and conceptual models
Important Dates
Manuscript submission: 27 January, 2013
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 31 March, 2013
Final manuscript due: 30 April, 2013

Call for papers: Standardisation Versus Adaptation of Business Practices in Europe – 20 Years of a Single European Market 1993-2013

A thematic issue of European Journal of International Management

 With the creation of the 'four freedoms' – the free movement of goods, services, people and capital – a Single European market was launched on January 1st, 1993. In addition to political objectives, the member states of the European Union aimed at creating an economic space in which companies could do business freely and become more competitive. The removal of all kinds of barriers was intended to drive the harmonisation of business and, in particular, marketing practices for EU and non-CEU companies and thus to reduce the necessity to engage in the costly and complex process of adaptation. The Single Market was regarded as key in improving the competitiveness of European firms by exploiting economies of scale and scope.

In the early years after the introduction of the Single Market, a small number of empirical and conceptual papers appeared discussing the actual or potential extent of standardisation of marketing practices in Europe (e.g. Boddewyn & Grosse, 1995 or McLauchlin, 1993). After this initial interest in the topic, the next small wave of publications only appeared after the turn of the millennium (e.g. Aistrich, Saghafi & Sciglimpaglia, 2006; Halliburton & Hunerberg, 2004; Kaynak and Jallat, 2004; Bousch, 2003; Jallat & Kimmel, 2002; Thorne LeClair, 2000), only to quickly fizzle out again.

Twenty years after the birth of the Single Market, we now encourage new inquiries into the state of the standardisation-adaptation debate in European marketing.

This thematic issue is open to all conceptual or empirical papers on the topic, although the Guest Editors in particular would like to invite submissions that explore the following topics:
  • Drivers of convergence/divergence in the political-administrative, economic, legal, societal and technological environments in Europe.
  • Forced supply-side harmonisation versus persisting variety on the demand-side.
  • Role of European and sub-European strategies within the global strategy framework.
  • Pan-European product and branding strategies in the Single Market.
  • Pricing strategies across borders in Europe (e.g. European price-corridors).
  • Harmonisation of distribution strategies in Europe.
  • Industry-specific studies on standardisation trends in marketing.
  • Traditional and alternative approaches of market segmentation in Europe (e.g. sub-regional clusters, Euro consumer groups/'Euro-Styles').
  • Implementing pan-European marketing programmes (e.g. European brand management, key account management, competence centres).
Important Dates

Submission of manuscripts: 1 June, 2013
Notification to authors: 1 September, 2013
Final versions due: 1 March, 2014

Call for papers: What Makes a Product Development Process Lean?

A special issue of International Journal of Product Development

Over the past twenty years, businesses of all sizes delivering products and services in a wide variety of markets have made attempts to integrate lean strategies and methods into their design processes. As many practitioners have noticed, the changes implied by lean are seldom straightforward and a number of organisational and even cultural barriers complicate these transformations.

This special issue aims to provide readers from the engineering and management community with a collection of accounts and reflections that help portray the current implications of lean thinking during design and development activities. The objective is not to rewrite the fundamental principles of lean that have been established through the study of the Japanese automotive industry, but rather to depict the struggles and new opportunities that have been encountered whilst implementing them in a variety of settings.

The Guest Editors invite both academics and industry professionals to submit original manuscripts that can shed some light on the question, “What makes a product development process lean?”

Suitable topics include but are not limited to the following:
  • Lean product development practices, methods and tools
  • Lean transformation observations and experiences
  • Product development process analysis and assessment
  • Formalisation of lean thinking in design and engineering
  • Set-based concurrent engineering methodologies
  • Information management for set-based engineering activities
  • Lean and knowledge management in the enterprise
  • Lean and sustainability in product design and development
  • Cultural barriers to lean transformation
  • Lean awareness and training methods
Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 1 July, 2013
Notification to authors: 1 October, 2013
Final versions due: 1 February, 2014

Call for papers: Keynes: Still Relevant After the Crisis?

A special issue of International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education

In his attempt to reshape the world order during the Great Depression, Keynes argued for a new international convention that would rely on multiple needs: an international currency, a stable exchange rate system, redistribution of international reserves, stabilising mechanisms, sources of liquidity, and a central institution to aid and support other international institutions related to the planning and regulation of the world’s economic life. He also cogently diagnosed the causes of unemployment and the potential for instability.

We invite papers on the relevance of Keynes during a new global crisis. The objective of this special issue is to investigate the importance of Keynes’ ideas and proposals in order to deepen the understanding of the current crisis and to chart a way forward. Early submissions are most welcome.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Keynes and the critique of contemporary capitalism
  • How should we read The General Theory in the twenty-first century?
  •  How should we teach Keynes to today's students?
  • What aspects of Keynes' ideas can help build pluralist economics?
  • Keynes' background: Marshall and Cambridge
  • Is Keynes' policy agenda compatible with ecological sustainability?
  • Keynes versus Hayek: the great debate of the twenty-first century?
  • The labour market and trade unions in a Keynesian approach
  • Keynes versus Friedman: is the debate still alive?
  • Keynes and the interwar period
  • Money, interest rates and employment: from the Treatise to the General Theory
  • Keynes' financial theory of investment and the open economy
  • Entrepreneurs and animal spirits in the Keynesian framework
  • Foundations of the Keynesian theory of wealth, money, capital and finance
  • Rationality and uncertainty under a Keynesian approach of decision making in monopolistic capitalism
  • Who was Keynes and what was his philosophical background? Who were his major influences?
  • Keynes' vision on government planning and regulation
  • The central bank and big government in the context of Keynesian stabilisation policies
  • How can we use the policy recommendations of Keynes to help chart a path forward in the aftermath of the current crisis?
  • Which of Keynes' ideas more sharply elucidate the weaknesses of mainstream economics?
  • Keynes' ideas on business cycles and stabilisation policies in a changing economic order
  • Keynes and the cure for unemployment
  • Dissemination of Keynes' theoretical contribution. The relevancy of Keynes' other works
  • Prices, debt and fiscal policy in the Keynesian theoretical revolution
  • Effective demand, income growth and distribution in Keynes' theoretical approach
Important Dates
Deadline for papers: 30 January, 2013
Decisions announced: 1 March, 2013
Final version of papers due: 30 May, 2013

Call for papers: Medical Signal and Image Processing

A special issue of International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering

Medical signals and images provide essential information for physicians and assist them in the diagnosis of harmful diseases and in conducting surgery. The medical signals used are of very low amplitudes and have low noise immunity, and still suffer from a lot of errors due to physical disturbances and instrumentation errors.

Furthermore, with regard to medical images, poor quality, the large size of image data and automatic diagnosis are basic challenges that still need serious attention.

In light of this, signal and image processing concepts need to be improved in order to provide more detailed diagnosis systems, better preoperational knowledge and easier handling of medical data. This special issue will therefore focus on the topics listed below.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Bioelectric signals
  • ECG signal processing
  • ECG signal enhancement
  • ECG delineation
  • Heart rate variability
  • Any other related topics
  • EEG signal processing
  • EEG signal modelling and analysis
  • Event-related potentials
  • Seizure signal analysis
  • Sleep EEG
  • Brain-computer interfacing (BCI)
  • EMG, EOG signal processing
  • Medical images (ultrasound, CT, MRI , PET, mammography, elstography, etc.)
  • Enhancement
  • Segmentation
  • Compression
  • Image classification
Important Dates
Submission deadline: 1 January, 2013
1st round review result: 1 March, 2013
Submission of revised papers: 1 May, 2013
Final notification: 1 June, 2013

Call for papers: Embedded Multicore and Reconfigurable Architectures

A special issue of International Journal of High Performance Systems Architecture

Reconfigurable and multicore architectures are promising solutions for embedded systems. Compared to conventional hardware with fixed functionalities, reconfigurable hardware has better flexibility in using limited hardware resources. Developers of embedded systems can also use the reconfigurable technology to satisfy system requirements such as constrained area, high performance and low power consumption.

In contrast, in conventional uniprocessor architecture, all loads of computation burden the only core and performance is limited to a critical section. This limitation has been solved by multicore architecture.

Since adopting both reconfigurability and multicore architectures can achieve high performance, how to inte-grate these two technologies to achieve much higher performance is an attractive research issue. The aim of this special issue is to encourage researchers to publish their cutting-edge experiences in reconfigurable computing technologies, multicore embedded systems, and the integration of the two research areas.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  •  Reconfigurable embedded systems
  •  Reconfigurable hardware architectures
  •  Runtime resource management of reconfigurable hardware
  •  Application design for reconfigurable embedded systems
  •  Dynamic partial reconfiguration techniques
  •  Programming models for reconfigurable systems (OpenCL, etc.)
  •  Multicore embedded systems track
  •  Multicore operating systems and scheduling
  •  Hardware and application design for multicore architectures
  •  Programming models for embedded multicore architectures
  •  Homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore architectures and applications (e.g. MapReduce, GPU CUDA or FPGA-based acceleration engines)
  •  Memory and cache sub-systems in multicore and reconfigurable computing
Important Dates
Submission due: 10 October, 2012 (tentative)
First round acceptance: 1 November, 2012
Revisions due: 15 November, 2012
Final decision: 1 December, 2012
Final versions due: 10 December, 2012

Note the deadlines for this special issue are tentative, as we seek around 5 to 6 papers meeting the technical scope and criteria. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit well-prepared manuscripts that are complete and ready for publication. Submitted articles will be processed immediately when they are in the online system. After enough papers are collected, other excellent papers will appear in regular issues of the journal.

Special issue: Environment, business, and sustainability

International Journal of Technology Management 60(1/2) 2012
  • A cybernetic model of corporate responsibility - sensing changes in business and society
  • Sustainable development and the arts 
  • The paradox at the base of the pyramid: environmental sustainability and market-based poverty alleviation 
  • Cartel-fringe models of the oil market: a quantitative assessmentEnvironmetrics as a tool for sustainability assessment
  • Reverse logistics for waste reduction in cradle-to-cradle-oriented firms: waste management strategies in the Dutch metal industry
  • The impact on innovation of open access to spatial environmental information: a research strategy
Regular Paper
  • Analysis of document-mining techniques and tools for technology intelligence: discovering knowledge from technical documents

13 September 2012

Call for papers: Advanced Algorithms: Trust, Performance and Optimisation

A special issue of International Journal of Trust Management in Computing and Communications

 Due to the increasing complexity of applications and increasing volume of data there is a need for advanced algorithms in all areas of engineering. There is now also an added factor to the existing parameters: the speed at which data is coming.

In most cases the data needs to be handled online instead of offline, as is the case in data warehouses. Existing algorithms also need to be reconsidered so as to fit into the new framework of upcoming technologies to fulfil the future needs of the society.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Approximation algorithms
  • Online algorithms
  • MapReduce and similar techniques to handle data
  • Randomised algorithms
  • Scheduling algorithms
  • Multi-facility location problems
  • Optimisation algorithms
  • Complexity of issues related to trust, performance and optimisation
  • Social, ethical and cultural issues related to trust, performance and optimisation
  • Implementation of trustworthy systems in business and educational organisations
  • Security and privacy
  • Trust management in large systems
  • Performance-related aspects of cloud computing
Important Dates
Deadline for submission: 30 November, 2012
First review/rejection/acceptance decision: 1 January, 2013
Final paper submission: 31 January, 2013

Call for papers: Corruption and Financial Performance of Private and Public Firms

A special issue of International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance

Although until the eighties scientific research on corruption was largely limited to the fields of sociology and criminal law, starting from the nineties there has been an increase in studies on the relationship between corruption and economic performance, with respect to both public and private sectors.

 In the public sector, corruption is supposed to reduce the efficiency of public services, to undermine citizens’ trust in institutions and to increase transaction costs. In this framework, corruption, acting as a negative externality, creates a situation in which the market fails to allocate resources efficiently.

 With regard to the private sector, corruption has a strong effect on the size of the informal economy, increasing the costs of creating new businesses and surviving in the market within the formal economy. Hence, higher costs are connected to a deterioration of the firms’ financial position and expose them to higher default risks.

 Lower firms’ performances and a decrease in the levels of governance effectiveness weakens financial institutions, amplifying the effect of local crises in an interconnected and globalised financial market.

 This special issue aims at publishing and disseminating the newest state-of-the-art research on the link between corruption, governance, corporate governance and financial performances in both private and public institutions, in order to elaborate new strategies for reducing financial risks in the global markets. Authors are encouraged to submit papers that employ both theoretical and applied research methodologies, such as economic models, econometric analyses and case studies.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Financial performance and corruption
  • Firm demography and corruption
  • Political economy and policy making
  • The role of private and public governance on firms' performances
  • Regulation of financial markets
  • Creating and testing governance and corruption indicators
  • Politically connected companies and institutions
Important Date
Deadline for receipt of manuscripts: 28 February, 2013

Call for papers: Advances in Computer Graphics and Imaging

A special issue of International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology

 With the rapid development of computer and network technologies in recent years, research and applications in computer graphics, imaging and image processing, computer-aided design, computer animation, simulation and modeling receive an increasing attention from researchers across the world. Continual, pioneered research is essential to further promote the development of those areas to benefit their applications in various fields.

The aim of this special issue of the “International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology” is to provide the state-of-the-art in computer graphics, imaging and image processing, computer animation and other related fields to present the latest research and applications including advanced development tools.

The subject coverage of this special issue includes, but is not limited to, topics that address:
  • Intelligent CAD
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Image-based Modelling and Rendering
  • Video-based Rendering
  • Image-based Lighting
  • View Transformation
  • Real-World Data Acquisition
  • Surface Reconstruction
  • Special Image Processing and Computer Vision Techniques
  • 3-D Photography
  • Digital Art
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Animation
  • Motion Capture Animation
  • Digital Content Management
  • Online Games
  • Multimedia Technology
  • E-home
  • Visualization Technology
  • Computer Vision
  • Facial Expression Tracking and Recognition
  • Pattern Recognition
Important Dates
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 1 August 2013
Notification of peer review to authors: 1 November 2013
Deadline for submitting revised manuscripts: 1 December 2013

Special issue: Egyptian accounting: past, present and future

International Journal of Economics and Accounting 3(3/4) 2012
  • From Nubia to Egypt - and beyond: of the contribution of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop
  • The characteristics of the probability distributions of economic value added and financial accounting ratios for listed companies in Egypt
  • The effect of earnings-based analysis 'change over financial analysts' investment decisions in Egypt
  • Disclosure practices in Egypt: what are factors beyond the low level?
  • Internet financial reporting, quality of information and auditor's responsibility in Egypt
  • The incremental usefulness of other comprehensive income items to the Egyptian investor
  • Solar energy cost efficiency: a simulated case study in the Egyptian context
  • Responsibility of Egyptian banks' auditors for going concern assumption in light of Egyptian Central Bank Law No. 88/2003
  • Egyptian auditing investigated: diagnoses and remedies

Special issue: Next generation critical infrastructure systems: challenges, solutions and research

International Journal of Critical Infrastructures 8(2/3) 2012

Papers from the Fourth Annual Conference on Next Generation Infrastructures held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, 16-18 November 2011.
  • Evaluation of state of resilience for a critical infrastructure in a context of interdependencies
  • Towards enhanced collaboration and information sharing for critical infrastructure resilience: current barriers and emerging capabilities
  • A three-phase framework for elicitation of infrastructure requirements
  • Infrastructure planning under uncertainty: a case study
  • Infrastructural and policy challenges with achieving fossil fuels free energy supply: the case of the City of Leeuwarden
  • Energy consumption and CO2 emissions by the Indian mobile telecom industry
  • Supporting sustainability through smart infrastructures: the case for the city of Amsterdam
  • Using the Gini index to measure the inequality in infrastructure services provided within an urban region
  • Dynamic control of infrastructural networks
  • A simple explicit model approximating the relationship between speed and density of vehicular traffic on urban roads
  • Performance-based dynamic contracting mechanism
  • The value of utilising stochastic mapping of food distribution networks for understanding risks and tracing contaminant pathways
  • Mapping the results of mobile network monitoring: a GIS solution
  • Study of the impact of rainfall on freeway traffic flow in Southeast China
Additional Paper
  • A unified definition for reliability, survivability and resilience inspired by the handicap principle and ecological stability

Media partner for Tire Tech Design & Development

Inderscience is a media partner for the Tire Tech Design & Development Summit to be held in Detroit, USA, 3-4 December 2012.

Journals involved are:
International Journal of Product Development
International Journal of Sustainable Design
International  Journal of Vehicle Design
International  Journal of Vehicle Performance
International  Journal of Vehicle Safety
Journal of Design Research

10 September 2012

Special issue: Enhancing the religious tourism experience

International Journal of Tourism Policy 4(2) 2012

Papers from the ATLAS Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Special Interest Group Conference, ‘Enhancing the Religious Tourism Experience’, held in the religious site of New Norcia, Perth, Western Australia, 20-25 June 2011.
  • A new research approach for religious tourism: the case study of the Portuguese route to Santiago
  • Religious tourist's motivation for visiting religious sites
  • The role of volunteers in the provision of faith tourism in the north of the UK
  • Pilgrims' progress: the changing nature of visitors to religious sites in Ireland
  • Tourism to religious sites, case studies from Hungary and England: exploring paradoxical views on tourism, commodification and cost-benefits
  • Web-based customer-centric strategies: new ways of attracting religious tourist to religious sites
  • Pilgrimage through the eyes of the Irish 'Traveller' community

Call for papers: Smart and Sustainable Healthcare Supply Chain

A special issue of International Journal of Procurement Management

Healthcare is a complex industry which is now facing major changes in its structure and its organisation (Agarwal et al., 2010). The global attention to healthcare issues is growing along with the resources allocated to this area (OECD, 2010).

 Nevertheless, the financial crisis which is hitting Europe and other countries is also imposing a rationalisation of the resources allocated to healthcare services – which are perceived by most of the people as highly inefficient. On the other hand, due to its relevance, the healthcare system must not only pursue efficiency but must also consider the central role of the patient and the quality of health treatments and the environmental impacts of the adopted choices. Currently the main challenge faced by the healthcare service concerns the continuous support of a synergistic combination of:
  •  streamlining the cost of healthcare processes (OECD, 2007) - economic performance;
  •  increase of the quality of healthcare processes (IoM, 2001, 2012) - social and environmental performance.
 The problem is that these goals are very difficult to achieve simultaneously. If healthcare organisations are too focused on finding new and better ways to provide care, as happened historically, healthcare costs would dramatically increase. On the other hand, when exaggerating with the emphasis on cost streamlining, the quality of healthcare services would fall dangerously below the acceptability levels. Most providers and healthcare systems are trying to reconfigure themselves and innovate their processes to manage the trade-off between cost reduction on the one hand and service quality and satisfaction of patients on the other hand.

 While there are studies on healthcare supply chain in the literature, most of them are anecdotal, based on empirical or case studies. There is a dearth of papers that take a rigorous modelling approach to produce general analytical results. This Special Issue is open to researchers throughout the world who are interested in applying advanced research in process reengineering, lean organisation and ICT-driven innovation in the healthcare supply chain (HSC), to address significant research issues pertinent to HSC. The objective of this call is to gain a deep insight on how a healthcare organisation can initiate, sustain and feed paths of innovation that connote the organisation as sustainable and smart, focusing on the improvement opportunities, on the enabling or inhibiting factors for their application and on the levers for implementing these interventions.

Topics suitable for this SI include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Analysis of performance evaluation of HSC
  • Exploration and experimentation of management procedures, organisational methodologies and technological solutions in the HSC
  • Modelling and analysis of innovation for HSC
  • Optimisation of reverse logistics and closed loop supply chains
  • Optimisation of sustainability of the healthcare services in terms of lower costs, faster response times, better service quality, efficient and effective use of resources
  • Analysis of the risks associated to the introduction of new technologies and processes for procurement, management and disposal/recovery in the HSC
  • Exploration of the concept of smart and sustainable hospital in terms of ICT-driven innovations.
We aim to publish high quality research papers that employ a variety of rigorous and pertinent research methodologies such as optimisation, simulation, metaheuristics etc with extensive numerical results.

Important Dates
Deadline for submission of complete manuscripts: 28 February 2013 (extended)
Anticipated date for provision of first round decision to authors: 15 May, 2013
Deadline for submission of revised manuscripts: 15 August, 2013
Provision of final decisions: 15 October, 2013

Special issue: Services innovation and management in China

International Journal of Services Technology and Management 18(1/2) 2012
  • A study of impacts on online purchase behaviour: information richness and website interactivity perspectives
  • Predicting potential respondents' decision to participate in web surveys
  • Empirical study on relationship between informatisation and development of tourism in China
  • Social buying metanetwork modelling and analysis
  • The analysis on the determinants of mobile VIP customer churn: a logistic regression approach
  • Information systems, human capital, and enterprise value
  • A method for ontology construction derived from folksonomy

Special issue: Sacred site visitation

International Journal of Tourism Anthropology 2(2) 2012

Papers from a session at the International Conference on Tourism (ICOT 2011) held in Rhodes Island, Greece, 27-30 April 2011.
  • On an everyday pilgrimage: a suburban Greek convent as a pilgrimage site
  • Padre Pio for sale: souvenirs, relics, or identity markers?
  • Tourism in the Qadisha valley (Northern Lebanon): from holiness to conflicts of interests
  • Mount Athos: development policies for short-term religious tourism
  • Authenticating belief and identity: the visitor and Celtic Christianity in Cornwall

Special issue: The Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference

International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 8(3/4) 2012

The Tenth Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference was held in Melbourne, Australia, 17-19 January 2012.
  • A network-based maximum link approach towards MS identifies potentially important roles for undetected ARRB1/2 and ACTB in liver cancer progression
  • Derivative scores from site accessibility and ranking of miRNA target predictions
  • Identifying cancer highly-expressed membrane receptors for targeted drug delivery
  • Protein complex prediction via improved verification methods using constrained domain-domain matching
  • Conservation of water molecules in protein binding interfaces
  • The algorithm of equal acceptance region for detecting copy number alterations: applications to next-generation sequencing data
  • Synthesis of insulin pump controllers from safety specifications using Bayesian model validation
  • Employing functional interactions for characterisation and detection of sparse complexes from yeast PPI networks
  • Discriminant analysis in pairwise kernel learning for SVM classification

Media partnerships

Inderscience is a media partner for these events:

Distribution Automation Europe
8 - 9 October 2012, London

Shale Gas Environmental Summit
29 - 30 October 2012, London

Oil and Gas Cyber Security
14 - 15 November 2012, London

5 September 2012

Call for papers: Emerging issues in Internet, Social Media and E-Marketing

A special issue of International Journal of Technology Marketing

 Technological developments in internet, mobile and social media marketing are arguably having significant impact on the practice and theory of technology marketing. Technological products have certain characteristics that pose particular requirements in terms of the marketing effort needed to reach their markets; on the other hand, technological innovations have themselves transformed the marketing landscape, presenting novel opportunities and previously unknown risks.

 In such an environment, this special issue aims to provide a forum for publishing original research covering contemporary electronic and social media marketing issues and their various links to technological products, services and facilities.

 The issue will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues (ICCMI 2012), but we also strongly encourage researchers unable to participate in the conference to submit papers for this call.

Suitable topics include but are limited to:
  • Toolkits for technology marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Direct and online marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Internet marketing and e-commerce
  • B to B and/or B to C in technological product markets
  • Electronic surveys and technological innovations in data analysis
  • E-marketing in the tourism sector
  • Customer relationship management
  • Social media and e-marketing in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • E-marketing in the context of the global economic crisis
Important Dates
Submission of papers: 30 November, 2012
Notification of acceptance: 31 January, 2013

Special issue: Key issues and implications regarding e-business around the world

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations 11(3/4) 2012

Papers from the 10th Wuhan International Conference on e-Business held in Wuhan, China, May 2011.
  • How to maintain the sustainability of an e-commerce firm? From the perspective of social network
  • Seller performance in B2B e-marketplaces: a validated exploratory model based on resource-based view and transaction cost theoriesResearch on e-business value creation: an integration of e-business process view and task technology fit
  • Uncertainty, trust and purchase intention based on online product reviews: an introduction to a multinational study
  • Research on online consumer building trust and sharing information through value congruence
  • Risk and return of IT investment: evidence from SCM and CRM announcements
  • Channel conflicts and market segments between e-commerce market and traditional market: based on the adverse selection perspective
  • Empirical research on relationship of knowledge integration and innovation ability of IT enterprise
  • Challenges and conflicts integrating heterogeneous data warehouses in virtual organisations
  • Resource-based modelling of B2B information systems' effect on achieving supply chain ambidexterity: a focus on dynamic heterogeneity
Additional Papers
  • Methodological support to establish a collaborative non-hierarchical business network for complex product manufacturing
  • Fuzzy data mining: a literature survey and classification framework

Special issue: Solving large-scale and stochastic linear programs

International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research 4(4) 2012
  • A review of LU factorisation in the simplex algorithm
  • A review of the LU update in the simplex algorithm
  • A stochastic linear programming modelling and solution approach for planning the supply of rewards in Loyalty Reward Programs
Regular Papers
  • A volume flexible fuzzy production inventory model under interactive and simulation approach
  • Reliability evaluation of network flows with stochastic capacity and cost constraint
  • Interchanging fill rate constraints and backorder costs in inventory models

1 September 2012

Special issue: Optimisation issues in energy efficient distributed systems

International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems 9(3/4) 2012

Includes papers from the OPTIM 2010 International Workshop held in Caen, France, June 2010 as part of the 2010 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS 2010)
  • Analysis of mobile-oriented energy consumption for heterogeneous connections in hybrid wireless networks
  • Decentralised reinforcement learning for energy-efficient scheduling in wireless sensor networks
  • On the improvement of the enhanced distance-based broadcasting algorithm
  • Fuzzy logic-based transmission power control algorithm for energy efficient MAC protocol in wireless sensor networks
  • Energy efficient automotive networks: state of the art and challenges ahead
  • Multi-layer hybrid wired-cum-wireless sensor network design
  • Algorithmic approach for clandestine localisation and tracking in short-range environments
  • Low complexity timing synchronisation for high speed wireless local area networks

Special issue: Entrepreneurship and small business research: a step forward

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 17(2) 2012

Papers from the  E-lab Symposium ‘Entrepreneurship Today’ held in Bergamo, Italy, 20-21 September 2010.
  • Overqualified and disadvantaged: exploring the barriers to growth of family businesses to second-generation leaders
  • The transfer of knowledge within the succession process of family businesses: results from a quantitative study in Western-Austria
  • The recognition of international opportunities among Italian SMEs: differences between European and Chinese markets
  • Are SMEs large firms in miniature? Evidence from the growth of German SMEs
  • Entrepreneurial culture in innovative biotech clusters in Europe
  • An Interview with Shaker A. Zahra and Alain Fayolle: 'The best entrepreneurship research is yet to be written'

Special issue: Accounting history

International Journal of Critical Accounting 4(4) 2012
  • Objectivity or advocacy: probability theory and capital costing at the Bell System
  • German and French writers: some relevant alternatives to IAS-IFRS conceptual framework
  • Canning's legacy
  • Fiscal and legislative pressures on behalf of regulating private accounting in France, an established and ill-timed convergence?
  • The largest corporate fraud in India: Satyam Computer Services Limited
  • European accounting history: the contribution of Professor I.N. Evian - precursor to the development of accounting in Romania

Special issue: Challenges and opportunities for global supply chains in turbulent times

International Journal of Business Excellence 5(5) 2012

Includes papers from  the 4th International Supply Chain Management: Symposium and Workshop held in Madrid, Spain, 22–24 September 2010.
  • Business network excellence for competitive advantage: case of Korean firms
  • The role of workers' trust and perceived benefits in lean implementation success
  • Product architecture and integrated manufacturing information system: a comparative study of Japanese and Korean firms
  • A resource dependence, social network and contingency model of sustainability in supply chain alliances
  • Redesigning organisation, systems and networks: the transformation of the European network of CHEP
  • Crisis management for SMEs: insights from a multiple-case study
  • Assessing global supply chains: perspectives on performance measures across leading countries
  • The role of mutual trust in supply chain management: deriving from attribution theory and transaction cost theory