16 December 2009

Call for papers: Interactive Media in Education

A special issue of International Journal of Innovation in Education

This special issue will explore the technological, educational, social, political and academic effects of interactive media for teaching and learning. In particular, it is keen to examine various advantages, tensions, dilemmas and contradictions experienced by educators, teachers and students working with heterogeneous yet collaborative interactive media.

The issue involves complex and multi-faceted challenges such as education policies, curriculum reforms, legal issues, learning methods. Moreover, the challenges faced may differ from educational institution to educational institution in each country, and from country to country. Therefore, concepts will have to take into account the specific technological nature and cultural setting of the interactive media in education in question, the context it is located, the teachers' and the students' profiles, the historical background of the country or region, local habits, needs and practices, ethics and also religious beliefs.

Subjects covered include, but are not limited to:
  • Technologies, techniques and tools
  • Practical integration of learning-oriented applications (e-learning, podcasts, web 2.0-applications such as blogs, wikis, etc.) into educational systems and institutions
  • Diversity (gender, age, cultural and religious backgrounds, etc.) in the fields of interactive learning and teaching
  • Tacit knowledge, informal learning and diversity aspects
  • Socio-cultural issues of interactive media in curriculum and assessment reform in education
  • Strategies and/or case studies of interactive media in education (classroom, school, system levels)
  • Training and development issues of interactive media in education
  • The dilemmas and tensions of interactive media in education
  • The relationship between interactive media in education and other developments such as knowledge management, organizational learning and human resource management in the diversity-oriented education area
  • Interactive media in the current and future educational landscape: technological, socio-cultural and political trends
Important Dates
Proposal deadline (optional): 31 December, 2009
Full paper deadline: 15 February, 2010
Notification of status and acceptance of paper: 30 April, 2010
Final version of paper: 1 September 2010

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