2 December 2009

Special issue: The Euro at 10

International Journal of Economics and Business Research 2(1/2) 2010

Papers from a conference on the 10th Anniversary of the Euro, held in Middlebury, Vermont, USA, 14-15 November 2008.
  • Ten years of European Monetary Union: What's gone right and What's gone wrong
  • Looking backwards and living forwards: the EMU and the history of monetary unions in Western Europe
  • Shooting on a moving target: explaining European bank rates during the interwar period
  • The 2008 financial crisis and Stability and Growth Pact II? Let us move on to SGP III: ''A la carte''
  • EMU's flawed economic constitution: macroeconomic policy disabled
  • Tax competition and information sharing in Europe: a signalling game
  • Setting targets for government budgets under the EU Stability and Growth Pact and ageing populations
  • The shaping of European immigration policy during the past decade
  • Monetary integration and the French model: a case study in the eurozone
  • Ten years EMU: an assessment of ten critical claims

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