4 December 2009

Special issue: Sustainable development and environmental education

International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 9(1-3) 2010
  • The role of non-scholar organisations in environmental education: a case study from Portugal
  • Environmental education using Nek Chand's Rock Garden in the City of Chandigarh
  • Global circulation and local manifestations of education for sustainable development with a focus on Japan
  • Persistence and management of dinitroaniline herbicides residues in sandy loam soil
Sustainable Development and Poverty
  • Education in global environmental politics: why the discourse of education for sustainable development needs attention
  • Poverty-environment nexus: an investigation of linkage using survey data
  • Social initiatives for sustainable development: a case study of a company in India
  • Understanding the role of free-choice environmental education in 'green' consumption behaviour: an empirical investigation
  • Environmental understanding of agro-based industrial systems and sustainable development
Environmental Management and Organisations
  • Enhancing environmental awareness in future business leaders
  • Environmental management and sustainable development in the hotel industry: a case study from China
  • Towards an ecological culture for the automobile industry: a case study from China
  • Education for environmentally responsible behaviour in business
  • The US-Brazil Sustainability Consortium: local-global collaboration for a sustainable future
  • The new corporate social responsibility: a call for sustainability in business education
Recycling and Regeneration
  • Exploring sustainability in the context of land reclamation: an exercise for environmental management trainees
  • Feasibility of rural regeneration by cooperative watershed resources management in Japan
  • E-waste education strategies: teaching how to reduce, reuse and recycle for sustainable development
  • Reuse of wastewater effluent in concrete mixing and the effect of high temperatures on its residual properties

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