2 December 2009

Special issue: Speciation and variation in university industry technology transfer: international experiences and policy learning

International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation 9(1/2) 2010
  • Intellectual property in R&D project under Japanese Bayh-Dole system
  • The relationship between a university and its technology transfer office: the case of NTNU in Norway
  • University-industry technology transfer: who needs TTOs?
  • Academia-industry links: modes of knowledge transfer at the Indian Institutes of Technology
  • Reward, risk and response in Australian cooperative research centres
  • New forms of strategic research collaboration between firms and universities in the German research system
  • From collaboration to cross-over – changing university-industry relation in Japan
  • Endogenous and exogenous features of innovation processes in Brazil: two case studies at a Brazilian university
  • Energising R&D accumulation and innovation diffusion: an intermediary model of integrating industry-university collaborations
  • Maybe they can? University technology transfer offices as regional growth engines

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