4 December 2009

Special issue: Advanced production system, production design and production management

International Journal of Product Development 10(1-3) 2010
  • Real-time control of parts input in flexible production systems by the pattern classification and analogy process
  • A proposition of 3D inertial tolerancing to consider the statistical combination of the location and orientation deviations
  • Modelling and analysis of manufacturing systems: a review of existing models
  • DInvestigation of the potential of implementing Kaizen principles in Jordanian companies
  • A concurrent engineering system to integrate a production simulation and CAD system for FTL layout design
  • Formalisation of design rules to assist conflict detection in collaborative design
  • A study of maintenance contribution to joint production and preventive maintenance scheduling problems in the robustness framework
  • An artificial immune system-based algorithm to solve linear and loop layout problems in flexible manufacturing systems
  • Ex-CLASS: Extended Cell formation and LAyout Selection considering production parameters with Sequence data
  • The effect of inspection errors on the optimal batch size in reworkable production systems with scraps
  • An improved heuristic and an exact algorithm for the 2D strip and bin packing problem
  • Selection of alternative routings in real time: DMM and modified DMM rules
  • A scatter search algorithm for scheduling optimisation of job shop problems
  • Grasp stability analysis of two objects with any friction property in two dimensions

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