3 December 2009

Special issue: Community-based entrepreneurship: towards a future research agenda

International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development 2(1/2) 2010
  • Community-based entrepreneurship and wildlife sanctuaries: case studies from New Zealand
  • Social capital and Mennonite entrepreneurship: the case of Circle R in Blue Creek, Northern Belize
  • Communities in processes of change: comparative differences in entrepreneurial motivation
  • Local government strategies and entrepreneurship
  • Baby you can drive my car: using local community customers to develop marketing communications
  • Toward a multidisciplinary entrepreneurship education: a case study of the community entrepreneurship program at the University of Vermont
  • Living with world heritage rainforests: measuring community perceptions
  • The failure of community-based entrepreneurship in Haiti
  • Regional community entrepreneurship through tourism: the case of Victoria's rail trails
  • The role of social entrepreneurship in post-Katrina community recovery

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