13 December 2009

Special issue: 15th International Conference on Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice (M2VIP'08)

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 8(1-4) 2010

M2VIP’08 was held in Auckland, New Zealand, 2–4 December 2008
  • Stability analysis and simulation of a two DOF robotic system based on linear control system
  • Multi-sensor surveillance of indoor environments by an autonomous mobile robot
  • Cellular neural network trainer and template optimisation for advanced robot locomotion based on genetic algorithm
  • Direction and control adjustment for smooth motion of wheeled mobile robots
  • The ServoHeli-20 rotorcraft UAV project
  • Modelling a small-size unmanned helicopter using optimal estimation in the frequency domain
  • Development of string-type flexible displacement sensor to measure the movement of robot and human body
  • Design and control of a parallel robot for ankle rehabilitation
  • Decentralised robust control of interconnected uncertain non-linear mechanical systems
  • Evaluating the augmented reality human-robot collaboration system
  • Feedback coordination of limited capability mobile robots
  • A study of magnetic fluid rotary seals for wafer handling robot
  • Configuration design of a robotic vehicle for rough terrain mobility
  • Time-jerk synthetic optimal trajectory planning of robot based on fuzzy genetic algorithm
  • Force-shoes ZMP measuring system for human walker
  • The design of a tendon-sheath-driven robot
  • Design and application of magnetic coupling used for ultra-high vacuum robot
  • Visual estimation of wheel sinkage for rough-terrain mobile robots
  • A variable resistance virtual exercise platform for physiotherapy rehabilitation
  • Development of a robotic driver for autonomous vehicle following
  • Human jaw motion measurement, analysis and robotic reproduction
  • A linkage chewing machine for food texture analysis
  • Sliding mode avoidance in passively articulated vehicles
  • The application of mechatronic design approach in a reconfigurable manufacturing environment
  • 2 DOF resolution adjustment laser position sensor
  • A control of two wheels driven redundant mobile manipulator using a monocular camera system
  • Software evolution of a hexapod robot walking gait
  • Machine vision assistance for flex cable-actuator comb manufacturing in hard disk drives
  • Early developments of a novel smart actuator inspired by nature
  • A review of the state-of-the-art of 'smart' systems in surgery
  • Real-time image processing for the guidance of a small agricultural field inspection vehicle
  • Autonomous farming: modelling and control of agricultural machinery in a unified framework
  • The obstacle crossing analysis and improvement of a wheel-based cable climbing robot

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