10 December 2009

Special issue: New trends in particle swarm optimisation

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 8(4) 2009
  • An adaptive mutation-dissipation binary particle swarm optimisation for multidimensional knapsack problem
  • Performance-dependent attractive and repulsive particle swarm optimisation
  • Velocity-free particle swarm optimiser with centroid
  • Species-conserving particle swarm optimisation for multimodal functions
  • Individual social strategy with non-linear manner
  • A hybrid ACO/PSO algorithm and its applications
  • Hybrid PSO and DE approach for dynamic economic dispatch with non-smooth cost functions
  • A hybrid PSO with EM for global optimisation
  • Particle swarm optimisation for multi-project location problems with interval profits
  • Gene selection and parameter determination of support vector machines based on BPSO algorithm
  • Controlling swarm robots for target search in parallel and asynchronously
  • Constrained particle swarm optimisation for sequential quadratic programming
  • On the application of PSO algorithm for multichannel polarisation-mode dispersion compensation systems

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