15 September 2017

New Editor for International Journal of Adaptive and Innovative Systems

Associate Prof. Sanghyuk Lee from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in China has been appointed to take over editorship of the International Journal of Adaptive and Innovative Systems.

Research Picks Extra – September 2017

The DNA decision maker
Scientists have long-recognised the information carrying and processing potential of the biological molecule we know as DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is the molecule of life and encoded within its sequence is the information necessary to build the proteins from which all life is built. The way in which biology transcribes and duplicates this information and the way in which proteins are assembled using the sequence of bases in DNA is at the heart of a possible future molecular computer built with DNA rather than the silicon chip. Researchers in Singapore have now demonstrated that DNA can be used to encode an algorithm that can make rational decisions when given a choice between various options themselves encoded in molecules to which the system is exposed.
Shu, J-J., Wang, Q-W. and Yong, K-Y. (2017) ‘Programmable DNA-mediated decision maker’, Int. J. Bio-Inspired Computation, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp.51–55.

Better bottles
Antimony trioxide is a well-known substance commonly used to make PET for soft drinks bottles and other packaging. It is deemed safe by the World Health Organization. One of its uses is as a flame retardant for plastics, paints, adhesives, rubber, and textile coatings. The manufacture of nanostructures commonly uses organic compounds, however, which themselves may not have the safety specification of the antimony oxide particles. As such, researchers have now developed a simple, room temperature method for manufacturing antimony oxide nanostructures for use in plastic bottle production that avoids the use of potentially toxic additives. As well as safety improvements, the process is inexpensive.
Shah, M.A. (2017) ‘Antimony oxide nanostructures synthesised in water and their possible use in packaging of mineral water’, Int. J. Biomedical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp.343–349.

Bioremediation with blackberry leaves
The bioremediation of contaminated industrial sites and waste water is high on the environmental agenda and scientists are always looking for novel biological materials that might be used to sequester a particular contaminant. One rather troublesome chemical is the chromium(VI) ion. Researchers in India have now demonstrated that leaves from the blackberry (Rubus species) can absorb Cr(VI) ions from aqueous solution. Given the environmental health concerns with toxic and carcinogenic chromium(VI), also known as hexavalent chromium, the finding could represent and important biosorbent for remediation of water and soil contaminated with this chemical.
Mitra, T. and Das, S.K. (2016) ‘Adsorptive removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution using blackberry leaves – column study’, Int. J. Environmental Engineering, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp.225–244.

Accommodating advertising
It is more than two decades since the world wide web was opened up to the world of commerce and the diversity of advertising formats that users face each time they visit a website has grown considerably. From the user point of view, the advertisements are often an annoyance unless and so add-ons for web browsers that block those advertisements are widespread. From the advertisers’ point of view, however, it is the ad blockers that are the annoyance and they are forever looking for ways to work around such add-ons and to get their advertisements seen by users. Online advertising is growing in developing economies and now researchers from Vietnam and Australia have investigated consumer attitudes to the various formats of online advertisements in one such an economy to help advertisers offer consumers a more acceptable and effective form of advertising that keeps both seller and consumer/user happy. Fundamentally, the team found that the “conventional” banner advertisement, which is akin to the old-fashioned printed advertisement, has a much more positive response among users than so-called “pop-up” ads which users find irritating. This is especially true of the banner ad is very informative.
Le, T.D. and Vo, H. (2017) ‘Consumer attitude towards website advertising formats: a comparative study of banner, pop-up and in-line display advertisements’, Int. J. Internet Marketing and Advertising, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp.202–217.

14 September 2017

Special issue published: "Intelligent Control: Design and Applications"

International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics 5(3) 2017
  • Discrete and continuous emotion recognition using sequence kernels
  • Control of a photovoltaic system by fuzzy logic, comparative studies with conventional controls: results, improvements and perspectives
  • Synthetic aperture radar image compression based on multi-scale geometric transforms
  • Power quality improvement using fuzzy logic controlled voltage source PWM rectifiers
  • New CSMA/CA prioritisation based on fuzzy control mechanism
  • Diagnosis and classification using ANFIS approach of stator and rotor faults in induction machine
  • Vehicle recognition system based on customised HOG for automotive driver assistance system
  • Fuzzy regional inequality measurement: a new stochastic dominance approach with application to Tunisia

Special issue published: "Managing Business Challenges Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship"

Global Business and Economics Review 19(5) 2017
  • Innovation in small and medium enterprises: the impact of open innovation practices on firm's performance
  • The impact of R&D and information technology on innovation performance of Greek SMEs 
  • Public relations and reputation in small organisations: creating identity and building reputation for success
  • Economic sustainability of the olive oil high and super-high density cropping systems in Italy
  • Cross border acquisitions and R&D activities: a comparative study in the Italian red biotech industry
  • Corporate finance in renewable energy investments - a review about theory and practice
  • Cooperating for competing - a small Italian wineries' internationalisation strategy case study

13 September 2017

Special issue published: "Advances in Parallel and Distributed Systems and Applications"

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking 10(4/5) 2017
  • Diagnosabilities of regular networks under three-valued comparison models
  • A sprouting graph-based approach to analysing timed workflow processes with shared resources 
  • Detecting spammers using review graph
  • Evaluation and comparison of ten data race detection techniques
  • Reliable broadcast in anonymous distributed systems with fair lossy channels
  • Communication-aware task scheduling algorithm for heterogeneous computing
  • An adaptive hybrid ARQ method for coexistence of ZigBee and WiFi
  • Thwarting Android app repackaging by executable code fragmentation
  • A service industry perspective on software defined radio access networks
  • U-Search: usage-based search with collective intelligence
  • An energy-aware task consolidation algorithm for cloud computing data centre
  • Kernel mechanisms for turning a 3D MMOG from single into multi-server architecture
  • Communication-aware virtual machine migration in cloud data centres
  • Para-Join: an efficient parallel method for string similarity join
  • Hardware support for message-passing in chip multi-processors
  • Reboot-based recovery of performance anomalies in adaptive bitrate video-streaming services
  • An energy-aware cooperative content distributed strategy based on MST for the mobile environment 
  • Optimising the deployment of virtual machine image replicas in cloud storage clusters
  • Addressing statistical significance of fault injection: empirical studies of the soft error susceptibility

Special issue published: "Web-Based Communities: Autonomous Factor in Netiquette?"

International Journal of Web Based Communities 13(3) 2017
  • A network analysis of financial conversations on Twitter
  • Do corporate webs substitute annual reports for corporate governance disclosures in large Indonesian family corporations?
  • How does social media affect the behaviours of managers and employees in non-democratic countries?
  • Examining the effects of online social relations on product ratings and adoption: evidence from an online social networking and rating site
  • The advent of the 'social moment of truth' in online communities
  • The antecedents of intention to use Facebook: the case of female foreign spouses' community in Taiwan

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education are now available here for free:
  • Measuring generalized expectancies for negative mood regulation in Japan: the Japanese language NMR scale
  • Determining item position effects in a computer-based test
  • Measurement invariance techniques to enhance measurement sensitivity
  • Multilevel analyses of families influence on adolescents literacy performances
  • Students' intention to use computer technology: a structural equation modelling analysis
  • Testing for mediation effects under non-normality and heteroscedasticity: a comparison of classic and modern methods
  • Preschool attendance: a multilevel analysis of individual and community factors in 21 low and middle-income countries

Special issue published: "Contemporary Business Research Across Thailand"

Journal for Global Business Advancement 10(4) 2017
  • A structural relationship model of factors affecting customer loyalty for retail convenience store businesses in Bangkok, Thailand
  • A Thai banking industry organisational performance analysis
  • Confirmatory factor analysis towards visionary leadership of supply chain managers in the manufacturing industry of Thailand
  • Determinants of Thailand's MICE industry organisational effectiveness
  • Green supply chain management performance within the Thai hotel industry: a structural equation model
  • The mediating effect of knowledge-sharing behaviour on total quality management and organisational innovation capability

12 September 2017

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Automotive Composites

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Automotive Composites are now available here for free:
  • Crashworthiness evaluation of composite vehicle side door with an innovative design
  • Modelling of fatigue damage evolution in composite multilayered cylindrical shells
  • A simplified higher-order shear deformation theory for hygrothermal analysis of FRP bridge deck
  • Thermal stress analysis of laminated composite plates using exponential shear deformation theory
  • Finite element modelling of the low velocity impact response of composite plates with block copolymer nano-reinforcements

Special issue published: "Large-Scale Educational Assessments"

International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education 4(1/2) 2017
  • Higher education surveys from United States' National Center for Education Statistics
  • Extending the internal/external frame of reference model to early-year cognitive abilities for children from diverse backgrounds
  • Using large-scale educational data to test motivation theories: a synthesis of findings from Swedish studies on test-taking motivation
  • Structural equation modelling trees for invariance assessment
  • Investigating differential options functioning using multinomial logistic regression
Additional papers
  • The validity of the parental academic support scale: associations among relational and family involvement outcomes
  • A comparison of five methods for pretest item selection in online calibration
  • An efficient standard error estimator of the DINA model parameters when analysing clustered data

International Journal of Forensic Engineering and Management to publish expanded papers from Humanizing Work and Work Environment 2017

Extended versions of papers presented at the Humanizing Work and Work Environment 2017 (8-10 December 2017, Aligarh, India) will be published by the International Journal of Forensic Engineering and Management.

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Innovation in Education

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Innovation in Education are now available here for free:
  • Self-assessment in higher education: empirical evidence from the Department of Business Administration of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh
  • To change or not to change: indicators of K-12 teacher engagement in innovative educational practices
  • Innovation and structural change in German vocational education and training
  • Reactions and perceptions of teachers to the implementation of a task-based survey and presentation course
  • Cultivating spreadsheet usage in a finance subject through learning and assessment innovations

11 September 2017

Special issue published: "Education, Management and Development"

International Journal of Education Economics and Development 8(2/3) 2017
  • The effect of geography and class on livelihoods in South Africa
  • Migration as livelihood strategy - South Africa's East to West Corridor: altruism gone wrong
  • Factors influencing student usage of an online learning community: the case of a rural South African university
  • Over the rainbow: the role of academics in a 'post-hope' South Africa
  • Critical success factors in introducing performance measurement metrics for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Enhancing citizen participation in South African e-government: technology, organisation and environment factors
  • Guidelines for a job role-based approach on phishing awareness in an organisation

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management are now available here for free:
  • Trace metal pollution and potential health risk assessment: a case study of Daye Lake over the past ten years (2000-2009)
  • Effect of organic fertiliser on plant growth and heavy metals Cd(II), Pb(II) translocation in plants
  • Understanding ecodesign through a communities of practice perspective
  • Relationships between reservoir water quality and catchment habitat type
  • Adsorption of hazardous dye Rhodamine B onto Brazilian natural bentonite

Special issue published: "Cultural Entrepreneurship"

International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing 9(3) 2017
  • Cultural entrepreneurs: identity and 'becoming' a cultural entrepreneur
  • Cultural entrepreneurship in the arts sector: a case study of a 'curatepreneur'
  • Art ventures as hybrid organisations: tensions and conflicts relating to organisational identity
  • Managing creative individuals via freedom and control in film-making companies
  • Early independent production entrepreneurs in the UK television: pioneering agents of neoliberal intervention

New Editor for International Journal of Computers in Healthcare

Prof. Yen-Wei Chen from Ritsumeikan University in Japan has been appointed to take over editorship of the International Journal of Computers in Healthcare.

9 September 2017

Special issue published: "New Approaches for Transport, Logistics and Transformation"

International Journal of Supply Chain and Inventory Management 2(1) 2017
  • Hub location under uncertainty: a minimax regret model for the capacitated problem with multiple allocations
  • A green perspective on capacitated time-dependent vehicle routing problem with time windows
  • Inventory management in the presence of inventory inaccuracies: an economic analysis by discrete-event simulation
  • Capturing the effect of demand change on inventory classification via transition point method

8 September 2017

Inderscience journals to publish expanded papers from IEEE Fourth Workshop on Accelerator Programming using Directives (WACCPD)

Extended versions of papers presented at the IEEE Fourth Workshop on Accelerator Programming using Directives (13 November 2017, Denver, Colorado, USA) will be published by the following journals:

Special issue published: "Advances in Shipping, Maritime Transport and Logistics"

International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics 9(5) 2017
  • An analysis of entry and exit decisions in shipping markets under uncertainty
  • Estimating the performance of the logistics services attributes influencing customer satisfaction in the field of refrigerated transport
  • Analysis of technical efficiency and eco-efficiency in container terminals
  • A new hub network design integrating deep sea and short sea services at liner shipping operations
  • The Brazilian cabotage market: a content analysis
  • Robust optimisation of liner shipping network on Yangtze River with considering weather influences
  • Optimal design of container terminal gate layout

International Journal of Comparative Management to publish expanded papers from National Conference Managing Change in Evolving Economic Scenario

Extended versions of papers presented at the National Conference Managing Change in Evolving Economic Scenario (5-6 December 2017, Gurugram, India) will be published by the International Journal of Comparative Management.

Special issue published: "A Synthesis of Innovative Skills and Competences to Tackle Current Entrepreneurial Challenges"

World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development 13(5/6) 2017
  • Three official languages in multicultural Luxembourg
  • Chinese direct investments in Germany: threat or opportunity for the German part of the merger or acquisition
  • Old, new and third wine regions: a consumer perspective
  • What image for ethical food?
  • Spillover effects of research and development activity on the economic growth and exports of the Group 20 
  • The role of public-private partnerships in developing open social innovation: the case of GoogleGlass4Lis
  • The organisational impact of SaaS adoption on CRM applications
  • Management control practices and benefits: evidence from Italian family and non-family firms
  • Teaching in virtual environments to enhance intercultural understanding between Germans and Peruvians
  • Tourism destination management in sustainability development perspective, the role of entrepreneurship and networking ability: Tourist Kit
  • Integrated management of the PGI 'Matera' Bread chain
  • ExperimentaLab: a tool for the entrepreneurial university
  • Early internationalising firms: the age effect on entrepreneurial behaviour