28 December 2009

Special issue: Service and operations management in 21st Century organisations

International Journal of Services and Operations Management 6(2) 2010

Papers from the first Global Business Innovation and Development Conference (GBID 2008) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 16-19 January 2008.
(See also International Journal of Business Excellence 2(3/4) 2009)
  • The utilisation of foreign trade zones in the global supply chain: an exploratory study
  • Evaluation of the mixed-model assembly line balancing problem with variable operation times and product mix
  • RFID in the international cattle supply chain: context, consumer privacy and legislation
  • Package design and consumer memory
  • Framework to optimise the inventory centralisation/ decentralisation degree and feeding policy in assembly systems
  • Designing production and service systems using queuing theory: principles and application to an airport passenger security screening system

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