27 December 2009

Special issue: Models for sustainable development for resolving global environmental issues: Part 2

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 10(1/2) 2010

(see International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 9(4) 2009 for Part 1)
  • IMACLIM-R: a modelling framework to simulate sustainable development pathways
  • The global multisector/multicountry 3-E model GINFORS. A description of the model and a baseline forecast for global energy demand and CO2 emissions
  • Polluting Technologies and Economic Development
  • A Modified Environmental Kuznets Curve for sustainable development assessment using panel data
  • Social preferences and Environmental Kuznets Curve in climate change integrated assessment modelling
  • Modelling competition between natural gas pipeline projects to China
  • Sustainable use of water resources in Europe and the role of integrated modelling of phosphate fluxes
  • Herd mentality and oil prices: implications for sustainability

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