2 December 2009

Special issue: Technology policy vs industrial policy: a comparison of overlapping and competing approaches to R&D

International Journal of Technology Management 49(1/2/3) 2010
  • Modelling the reciprocal and longitudinal effect of return on sales and R&D intensity during economic cycles
  • Do incentives to industrial R&D enhance research productivity and firm growth? Evidence from the Italian case
  • Balancing industry outlooks and technology policy as response
  • Poles of competitiveness, a French dangerous obsession?
  • A cross-national comparative analysis of industrial policy and competitive advantage
  • International comparison of R&D investment by European, US and Japanese companies
  • Government IT strategy and technology transfer in Korea
  • The economic impact of Taiwan's investment tax credits and its direction of adjustment
  • Are we transiting from an industrial policy to a technology policy era?: a theoretical and empirical analysis
  • Industrial structure and innovation: comparison of innovative performance between South Korea and Taiwan using patent data derived from NBER
  • Demand-orientated policy on leading-edge industry and technology: public procurement for innovation
  • An evolutionary perspective on convergence: inducing a stage model of inter-industry innovation
  • Valuing Hosted VoIP services in the enterprise market: case application using real options
  • Developing innovation strategies for convergence – is 'open innovation' imperative?

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