2 December 2009

Special issue: Simulation and modelling

International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 2(1) 2010

Papers from the 2008 International Conference on Modelling, Simulation and Visualisation Methods (MSV’08) held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 14–17 July 2008 (as part of the WORLDCOMP’08 Congress).
  • Modelling the spread of mobile malware
  • Simulation of an optical tracking control system of a differentially-driven wheeled robot
  • A simulator for training fossil-fuel power plants operators with an HMI based on a multi-window system
  • An approximate mathematical model for analysis of underwater acoustic sensor networks
  • Visualising and interacting with multiple simulations using the multichronic tree
  • Visualisation of defibrillation simulation using multiple transthoracic electrodes
  • Modelling, simulating and visualising the Cahn-Hilliard-Cook field equation
  • Multiprocessor simulation using communicating sequential processes
  • Implementation of FlexRay CC and BG protocols with application to a robot system

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