19 December 2009

Special issue: Selected papers from ROTRIB, the 10th International Conference on Tribology, Bucharest, Romania

International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering 4(2) 2010

ROTRIB`07 was held on 8-10 November 2007
  • Thermal and tribological study of a periodic contact under braking conditions
  • Study on reduction of nano-fluctuations of aerostatic bearing with surface restriction
  • Analysis and experimental study on oil leakage from fluid bearing
  • Influence of bearing materials on plain bearing performance in low viscosity base oil lubrication
  • A finite-element local mesh refinement model for treating mixed-lubrication in conrod bearings
  • Tribological characteristics of polyethylene bearings of knee prostheses
  • Regimes of lubrication in lubricated contacts
  • Low friction properties of nano-structured C-Ni films prepared by thermionic vacuum arc method

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