30 August 2009

Special issue: 2nd ACIS Workshop on Self-Assembling Wireless Networks

International Journal of Sensor Networks 6(1) 2009

The 2nd ACIS International Workshop on Self-Assembling Wireless Networks (SAWN 2006) was held in conjunction with the 7th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD 2006), in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 19–20 June 2006
  • Cross-layer design and optimisation for wireless sensor networks
  • Data-logging and supervisory control in wireless sensor networks
  • Deployment algorithms and indoor experimental vehicles for studying mobile wireless sensor networks
  • Approximation algorithm for maximum lifetime in wireless sensor networks with data aggregation
  • Adaptive aggregation tree transformation for energy-efficient query processing in sensor networks

Special issue: Progress in artificial intelligence: extended papers from the 13th Portuguese International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent System 1(3/4) 2009

Select extended papers from the 13th Portuguese International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2007 held in Guimarães, Portugal, 3-7 December 2007
  • Using ontologies for reusing knowledge in the software development domain
  • A probabilistic agent to support collaboration in a medical learning environment
  • Evaluation of a method for partial ontology alignment in multi-agent system
  • ERASP – a system for enhancing recommendations using answer-set programming
  • Mining scientific databases for territorial intelligence
  • Topic maps constraint languages: understanding and comparing
  • Argument-based decision making in ambient intelligence environments
  • Document summarisation using combination and reduction of extracted sentences
  • Prospective logic agents
  • Modelling morality with prospective logic

27 August 2009

Call for papers: Behavioural Issues in Cross-Listing

A special issue of International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance

The focus of this special issue is on the behavioural factors surrounding a firm’s decision to cross-list its shares. The phenomenon of cross-listing on international markets has grown rapidly during the last decade, and has been facilitated by the deregulation and liberalisation of financial markets, and the major advances in communications and information technology which has made the flow of information across capital markets feasible.

The cross-listing literature provides anomalies that are of interest to researchers in behavioural finance. For instance, Gagnon and Karolyi (2004) find that shares that trade simultaneously on different markets violate the law of one price, and for some stocks the difference between prices of cross-listed shares and those of the home market shares can range from 66 percent premium to an 87 percent discount. Moreover, the authors suggest that cross-listed shares show higher systematic comovement with host market indexes and lower comovements with home market indexes than their equivalent home-market shares. The later result contradicts the traditional view of finance which states that comovement in prices should reflect comovement in fundamentals.

Furthermore, cross-listing may influence the behaviour of firms and corporate policy. For example, firms that cross-list on markets with better information environment than their home markets have to provide more disclosure and better earnings quality, which in turn induce more analysts to follow the firm. In addition, Georgen and Abdallah (2008) provide evidence that firms that cross-list on markets with better investor rights pay higher dividend after the cross-listing. A relatively under-researched area addresses the firm’s incentives to cross-list as a reaction to investors’ behavioural biases.

The aim of this special issue is to publish high quality research papers that enhance our understanding of the behavioural aspects of the cross-listing phenomenon. The guest editors welcome empirical, theoretical and critical work. As most of the previous studies address the implications of cross-listing in the context of US listing, the guest editors seek and encourage the submission of papers that provide a global perspective of the cross-listing.


Abdallah, W., and M. Goergen (2008), ‘The Impact of a Cross-listing on Dividend Policy’, International Journal of Corporate Governance, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 49-72.

Gagnon, L. and A. Karolyi (2004) “Multi-market trading and Arbitrage” working paper available at www.ssrn.com.

Topics of interest include, but not limited to:
  • Comovement in return of the cross-listed stocks and "habitat-based" theory of comovement
  • Price differential and limits to arbitrage
  • Price differential and investor irrationality
  • Investors' overconfidence and overvaluation of the cross-listed stocks
  • Investors' sentiment and the long term underperformance of the cross-listed stocks
  • Managerial irrationality and the decision to cross-list
  • Investors' overconfidence and trading in cross-listed stocks
  • Managers' overconfidence and takeover activity of cross-listed firms
  • Cross-listing and anchoring effect
  • Cross-listing and reputational bonding hypothesis versus legal bonding/segmentation hypotheses.
  • Analysts' behaviour to cross-listing
  • Cross-listing and the firm's information environment
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act, cross-listing and earnings management
  • Cross-listing and corporate governance
  • Cross-listing and dividend policy
Important Dates
Deadline for manuscript submission: 31 December, 2009

Call for papers: Data Analytics Techniques and Heuristics for Complex Supply Chain Network Problems

A special issue of International Journal of Enterprise Network Management

A continuous quest for improved performance is the linchpin of success in many best-in-class organisations. These organisations exhibit proven ability to strive and excel in all spheres of activities. These activities cut across all the organisation’s functions and processes stretching from sourcing to customer service. Otherwise known as the supply chain, “excellent design and efficient execution of these activities and processes” charts a company’s success. We need breakthrough success enabled through efficient supply chain processes. There is a need for designing, modelling and executing the various supply chain problems and processes.

Facilitating the transformation process from data to information to knowledge is a supreme concern for every organisation. Many organisations are being swamped with data and volumes of contradictory information, but with limited real usable knowledge. Statisticians focus on data accuracy, database administrators emphasise data completeness and operational researchers target optimisation. But the integration of the above is missing. So, current isolated islands of data analysis and optimisation techniques should be connected and an integrated and systematic union of data analytics and optimisation techniques for modelling supply chain problems is a current need.

The integration of data analytics and optimisation techniques can be used to assist decision-makers at all management levels:
  • Strategic management: sourcing decisions, site feasibility analysis and supply chain network design
  • Tactical management: design of vendor-managed inventory, collaborative forecasting and replenishment, transportation planning
  • Operational management: routing of products and vehicles, organisation of returns and services
We invite papers on cutting-edge research that address various significant supply chain and logistics issues, which include but are not limited to:

Modelling systems which employ optimisation techniques in order to provide decision support for
  • strategic network planning
  • demand, forecast and inventory planning and
  • transport planning
Data analytics techniques which may include
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Multicriteria decision analysis and
  • Data mining
Optimisation techniques which may include
  • Heuristics and
  • Metaheuristics
  • Combination of the above
Important Dates
Submission of full paper: 30 September, 2009
Feedback from referees: 30 October, 2009
Submission due date of revised paper: 15 November, 2009
Notification of acceptance: 1 December, 2009
Submission of final revised paper: 15 December, 2009

25 August 2009

Special issue: Energy efficiency, environmental performance and sustainability

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 32(1/2) 2009
  • Benchmarking weather sensitive plant level manufacturing energy use
  • Energy efficiency potential assessments for economic sectors in India
  • Decomposition analysis of China's electricity intensity with LMDI method
  • Fuzzy Logic-based energy efficiency Life Cycle Assessment with a case study of corn-based fuel ethanol in China
  • Environmental Efficiency analysis of China industry sector: a directional distance function approach
  • Models for evaluating energy, environmental and sustainability performance of biofuels value chain
  • A linguistic TOPSIS model to evaluate the sustainability of renewable energy options
  • The potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency improvement in reducing CO2 emissions in Taiwan
  • A systematic approach to assessing the sustainability of the Renewable Energy Standard (RES) under the proposed American Renewable Energy Act (H.R. 890)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and the energy system: Are current trends sustainable?

Call for papers: Catalysis in Petroleum Refining

A special issue of International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology

Catalysis plays a vital role in petroleum refining since the catalysts provide a stage for the structural and chemical changes of the hydrocarbon molecules present in the crude fractions to obtain the product of desired quality so as to make them suitable as fuels that can meet the required specifications of the fuel norms. In the modern petroleum refinery, almost all the processes are conducted in presence of a catalyst right from hydrotreating to the cracking, isomerization, alkylation and aromatization processes. There is a continuous demand for the novel and efficient catalyst materials that can catalyze the desired reactions of the hydrocarbons with superior performance and product selectivities.

Metal oxides, mixed oxides, zeolites, molecular sieves and mesoporous materials are some of the solid materials that have marked their presence as catalysts and catalyst supports in recent years. The subject area is of continuous interest to the researchers working in academia, institutions and industry. Hence it is appropriate to collect the recent advances in the area of catalyst development in petroleum refining in order to enhance the understanding of researchers working in the area.

The aim of this special issue is to highlight the role of catalysts in petroleum refining processes with special attention to the following areas. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
  • Fluid catalytic cracking
  • Reforming
  • Light hydrocarbon processing
  • Hydroprocessing
  • Residue upgrading
  • Alternative fuels
  • Light alkane isomerization
  • Butylene alkylation
  • New materials as refinery catalysts
Important Dates
Paper submission deadline: 30 November 2009
Notification of decision: 31 January 2010
Final manuscript due: 31 March 2010

Call for papers: Risk Control in Revenue Management: Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Perspectives

A special issue of International Journal of Revenue Management

Besides the normal uncertainties, unusual events like the current global financial crisis, and even natural disasters and terrorist attacks, can cause significant disruption in operations and cause losses. Risk and uncertainties make revenue management more difficult than before as they have to consider new challenges of demand uncertainty, supply instability and information asymmetry. It has become necessary, and urgent, for enterprises and industries to undertake risk identification, measure and effectively to manage risks, and to reconfigure supply chain structures and revise operational decisions where necessary.

This special issue will put emphasis on the main problems of risk management in the changing new environments of revenue management, and also explore configurations and designs of logistics operations and supply chains coordination based on risk control in revenue management. It invites quality papers covering case studies, empirical studies and quantitative analysis so as to offer solutions to the emerging new challenges. Empirical and cases studies are particularly welcome.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Risk identification, analysis and control in revenue management
  • Optimal strategy design for revenue management based on risk control and management
  • Risk management in logistics and supply chains with consideration of characteristic and behaviour of participants
  • Coordination of supply chains based on risk management
Important Dates
Manuscript submissions: 31 March, 2010
Review reports: 30 June, 2010
Revised paper submission: 31 August, 2010
Final manuscript submissions to publisher: 30 November, 2010

Call for papers: Thresholds of Dynamic Growth

A special issue of International Journal of Innovation and Learning

The successful foundation of a business illustrates a first success, as a significant portion of those attempts to start a business fail. Business start-ups and new enterprises are then confronted with a multitude of different challenges and problems due to limited resources, insecurities, risks and deficiencies. If a company is able to meet those challenges and solve given problems, revenues and profits increase and new jobs are created. In summary, the company grows.

Growth thus represents an indicator for success. It can, however, not only be seen as something purely positive but also illustrates a challenge for companies, especially for those companies that have to cope with high growth rates. New employees have to be integrated into the organisation, the culture has to be preserved and further developed as well as the ability to recognise changes in the business environment and the flexibility to react in an appropriate way. Growth management can, as a consequence, distinguish the successful from the unsuccessful organisation or is simply the cause for survival or failure. Knowledge management and organisational learning play a key role in this context as they offer a foundation for understanding organisational processes and organisational change.

This special issue seeks to provide further insights into how to cope successfully with dynamic growth, especially in business start-ups and new enterprises. As growth influences all areas, processes and structures of an organisation as well as the individual within the organisation, we invite papers with different theoretical concepts and methods, in order to assemble a rich, vibrant and multi-faceted special issue, bringing together diverse perspectives. Theoretical contributions will be considered as well as empirical papers. We particularly welcome case research, theory-building qualitative research, and theory-testing quantitative research approaches.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Organisational change
  • Growth management
  • Habitual entrepreneurs in high growth industries
  • Public policies for high growth firms
  • Financing of growth
  • Organisational learning in high growth firms
  • Open innovation in high growth firms
  • Corporate culture in high growth firms
  • Strategic planning in high growth firms
  • Human resource management in high growth firms
  • Dynamic capability of high growth firms
Important Date
Submission of manuscripts due: 15 January, 2010

Call for papers: New Structures and New Analysis Methods

A special issue of International Journal of Structural Engineering

With recent rapid advances in structural engineering, as well as closely related areas including mechanics and materials, many new types of structures have been proposed and developed. In the last decade, new concept structures such as deployable structures, tensegrity structures, bionic structures and polyhedral structures have been widely applied to architectures, space facilities, robots and cell mechanics. Recent examples cover retractable roofs, deployable antenna reflectors, adoptable tensegrity systems, tensegrity robots, tensegrity model of cells, bionic buildings, polyhedral frames, etc.

Emerging applications of these new structures need new analysis methods including form-finding algorithms, kinematic analysis, control optimisation algorithms, multi-body dynamics, electromechanical coupling analysis and so on to support them.

To move the frontiers of structural engineering, this issue addresses, but is not limited to, the following topics:
  • Deployable structures
  • Tensegrity systems
  • Space structures
  • Composite structures
  • Bionic structures
  • Structural morphology
  • Structural mechanics
  • Kinematic path analysis
  • Health monitoring
  • Control of flexible structures
  • Experimental investigations
Important Date
Manuscript Submission Deadline: 20 September 2009

23 August 2009

Special issue: Digital human modelling and simulation and applications in vehicle design

International Journal of Vehicle Design 51(3/4) 2009
  • Virtual dummy with spine model for automotive vibrational comfort analysis
  • Multi-objective optimisation approach for predicting seated posture considering balance
  • Effects of stature, age and vehicle motion on ingress movement
  • Digital human modelling for user-centred vehicle design and anthropometric analysis
  • A physics-based digital human model
  • A new method for simulating the car-entering movement
  • The effect of lower limb muscle contractions on the impact acceleration behaviour of medial knee in low-speed pedestrian impact
  • 'Expecting': occupant model incorporating anthropometric details of pregnant women

Special issue: Low-power real-time embedded computing

International Journal of Embedded Systems 4(2) 2009

Extended editions of papers from the 2nd International Workshop on Power-Aware Real-Time Computing (PARC) held in Jersey City, USA on 22 September 2005 as part of the 2005 ACM Conference on Embedded Systems Software (EMSoft)
  • Optimal two-level speed assignment for real-time systems
  • LD-DVS: load-aware dual-speed dynamic voltage scaling
  • Fixed-priority scheduling to reduce both the dynamic and leakage energy on variable voltage processors
  • SYS-EDF: a system-wide energy-efficient scheduling algorithm for hard real-time systems
  • GRACE-2: integrating fine-grained application adaptation with global adaptation for saving energy

22 August 2009

Special issue: Semantic data models and performance analysis for grid and P2P systems

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing 1(4) 2009

Paoers from the Second Workshop on P2P, Parallel, Grid and Internet Computing (3PGIC-2008) held in Barcelona, Spain, 4–7 March 2008
  • Semantic enabled metadata management in PetaShare
  • Data replication optimisation in grid delivery network
  • Experiences on grid shared data programming
  • Automatic composition of Learning Grid Portlets: a comparison of syntactic and semantic approaches
  • A novel approach for hybrid performance modelling and prediction of large-scale computing systems
  • Continuous range search based on network Voronoi diagram

Special issue: Peaceful applications of nuclear technology

International Journal of Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology 2(4) 2009
  • The value of being able to start the construction of a nuclear power plant in Chile by 2020
  • A review of uranium economics
  • Synergistic energy conversion processes using nuclear energy and fossil fuels
  • Countering security risks to nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear power: an inevitable option for the sustainable development of the developing nations to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century
  • The status of research reactors in Russia and prospects for their development
  • Why the fossil-fuelled reactor fleet in France will not be affected by an evolution of the wind power capacity
  • Library: Centrales Nucleares en la agenda: Uruguay al dia [Nuclear Energy in the Agenda. Uruguay Updated]

15 August 2009

Special issue: Modelling and control of electrical systems

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 7(4) 2009
  • NLPQL of control rules for improving fuel economy of a parallel hydraulic hybrid bus
  • Sensorless control of PMSM based on adaptive sliding mode observer
  • Feasibility analysis of portable electromagnetic localisation method for in-vivo micro robot from modelling, calibration, experiments and electromagnetic safety
  • Modelling process of electrical contact rivet through finite element simulation
  • Integral variable structure current control of DFIG-based wind turbines near cut-in speed
  • Modelling and simulation of control system for brushless DC motor
  • A comparison and simulation study of robust excitation control strategies for single-machine infinite bus power system
  • Moving-boundary full scope simulation model of ultra-supercritical once-through boiler
  • Modelling and simulating of GTCC system with CO2 removal plant using Aspen Plus
  • A fuzzy-PID controller with adjustable factor based on S7-300 PLC
  • Study on double motor synchronous system of neural network control
  • Self-tuning control of dead time compensation strategy for PMSM control
  • Research on synchronous generator automatic quasi-synchronising device
  • The design and control on intelligent underwater cleaning robot for power plant condenser
  • Modelling and control of an internal combustion linear generator integrated power system

Special issue: Peaceful applications of nuclear technology in the GCC countries

Atoms for Peace: an International Journal 2(4) 2009
  • Nuclear education and manpower development
  • Radioisotopes applications in industry: an overview
  • The application of radiation sources in the oil and gas industry and shortages in their services
  • A promising approach to safe, proliferation resistant production of nuclear power
  • The future of nuclear power worldwide
  • Nano-to-macro scale engineering applications of nuclear technology: an overview
  • The recent global concern and basic considerations for the entrance of developing countries to a nuclear power programme
  • Value addition in diamonds and other gemstones by nuclear radiation: the phobias and safety considerations

Special issue: Advanced mechatronic systems

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 36(2) 2009

Includes papers from the 2nd International Forum on Systems and Mechatronics (IFSM2007), held in Tainan, Taiwan, 3-6 December 2007
  • Matrix analysis techniques in cage induction machines
  • Permanent magnet generators for renewable energy devices with wide speed range and pulsating power delivery
  • DSP-based PMSM drive design for electric injection moulding machines
  • Cross-correlation function combined with wavelet transform for acoustic holography scanning measurement
  • Autorange volume control for automobile audio system
  • The integration and realisation of the distributed edutainment biped humanoid robot
  • Dynamic robust compensation control to inherent high-frequency motion disturbance on the electro-hydraulic load simulator
  • Development of a humanoid robot
  • Binocular tracking with ultrasonic sensors
  • Effect of external magnetic field on the performance of composite wire structured magnetic inductors
  • Correct assembly sequence for robotic assembly using motion instability and part contact-level graphs

13 August 2009

Call for papers: Cultural Diversity, Tourism and Development

A special issue of International Journal of Tourism Anthropology

This special issue invites submissions that focus on cultural diversity, tourism and development. Cultural diversity is a driving force of development, not only in respect of economic growth, but also as a means of leading a more fulfilling tourism experience. However, while the promotion of cultural diversity has the potential to bring economic and social benefits, it can also significantly impact traditional culture, ways of life and the sense of identity of host communities. Identities and cultural products are reconstructed and challenged in the process of tourism development.

This issue encourages an engagement with ethnicity, identity and culture in the context of tourism policy, theory and practice. Submissions from various disciplines, including social anthropology, sociology, ethnics, human geography, history, economics, management science, politics, and tourism and leisure studies, as well as collaborative work by interdisciplinary research teams, are sought. Authors may wish to incorporate critiques of methodological and epistemological debates that present alternative accounts to dominant ideas. Both empirical and theoretical papers are welcome.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Theorising cultural diversity and tourism
  • Ethnicity, identity and tourism
  • Tourism and ethnic minorities/aboriginal people
  • Tourism, cultural change and community development
  • Cultural representation and authenticity
  • Destination cultural and tourism policy
  • Cultural tourism and attraction development
  • Tourism, heritage and cultural preservation
Important Dates
One-page abstract due: 15 January 2010
Full paper due: 15 April 2010
Notification of acceptance/rejection to authors: 15 August 2010
Submission of revised manuscript: 15 October 2010
Final acceptance of manuscript: 15 December 2010

Call for papers: Hybrid Computing

A special issue of International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems

Real-world problems are generally complex in nature. To analyse them, a hard computing tool alone or just a constituent member of soft computing family (e.g. fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, and others) may not be sufficient. It may be necessary to solve a part of the problem using one tool of the soft computing family and the remaining part can be tackled utilising another member of the same family. Thus, combined techniques such as genetic-fuzzy, genetic-neural, neuro-fuzzy systems have been developed. Similarly, situations may also demand the use of both hard computing and soft computing tools together. This special issue focuses on the principles of hybrid computing and its applications.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:

Principles of hybrid computing
  • combinations of various soft computing tools, such as
* genetic-fuzzy systems
* genetic-neural systems
* neuro-fuzzy systems
* genetic-neuro-fuzzy systems etc.,
  • combinations of soft and hard computing techniques
Applications in various areas, such as
  • robotics
  • manufacturing sciences
  • thermal systems
  • data mining
  • image processing,
  • engineering systems, etc
Important Dates
Submission of one-page Abstract: 30 September 2009
Acceptance Notification of the Abstract: 15 October 2009
Submission of Full Paper: 31 December 2009
Acceptance Notification of the Full Paper: 31 May 2010
Submission of Final Paper (source files): 30 June 201

Call for papers: Sport as an Entrepreneurial Venture

Call for papers: Sport as an Entrepreneurial Venture

A special issue of International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing

The purpose of this special issue is to investigate the relationship between sport and entrepreneurial ventures. Many sport activities involve an entrepreneurial venture as change and innovation are critical to the continued development and success of the sport sector. The current literature on sport has to a large extent ignored the entrepreneurial literature and the aim of this special issue is to develop a better understanding of entrepreneurial ventures in sport and sport-related industries.

Sport as a venture creation tool creates many positive benefits. Entrepreneurial ventures in sport can include the development of stadiums and teams, the growth of athletes and branding and technological advances. As sport is a global billion dollar industry, there is a variety of different types of entrepreneurial ventures that take place. The promotion and creation of entrepreneurial ventures in sport creates many different challenges and opportunities in a global market that is constantly changing. As there is increasing competition for venture funding, sports organisations must evolve to create a competitive advantage. Sports organisations can do this by forming entrepreneurial ventures that focus on innovation, are proactive and involve a degree of risk taking activity.

This special issue proposes that entrepreneurial ventures in sport are important to understand and sustain sport organisations. Moreover, entrepreneurial ventures in sport can offer direction to businesses who want to increase their overall performance.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Innovation and entrepreneurial ventures in sport
  • The sport interface for entrepreneurs
  • Influences of ventures and rapid growth of sport
  • Theory on developing sport-based entrepreneurship
  • Measuring pressure and confrontations of entrepreneurial life in the sport context
  • Entrepreneurs in sport and the ventures they have created (e.g. Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Nike, Adidas, Apple, etc)
  • Determinants of performance in sports teams
  • The influence of leadership and coaching on performance of sports teams
  • Influence of venture characteristics and environment demands on entrepreneurs in sport
  • Development of entrepreneurship opportunities around sport
Important Date
Paper Submission Deadline: 30 June 2010

Special issue: Innovative natural fibre composites for industrial applications

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 36(1-4) 2009

Papers from the first International Conference on Innovative Natural Fibre Composites for Industrial Applications held in Rome, Italy, 10-13 October 2007
  • Aesthetic composites based on natural fibres: NaBasCo
  • Comparison of interfacial shear strength from fibre pull out and mechanical testing in polypropylene sisal composites
  • Effect of untreated celery fibres on epoxy matrix composites
  • Effect of jute fibres on post-impact behaviour of E-glass reinforced composites assessed through Acoustic Emission
  • Hybrid composites based on fibres of marine origin
  • Hybrid polymeric composites based on polyethylene and lignin
  • Composite boat hulls with bamboo natural fibres
  • The spreading, procession, transformation of hemp in the past, present and future
  • Biobased composition boards made from cotton gin and guayule wastes: select physical and mechanical properties
  • Study on tensile properties and Interfacial Shear Strength of bamboo fibre bundles
  • Effect of surface treatment on the mechanical properties of rice straw fibre
  • State-of-the-art for extrusion and injection moulding FPC: natural Fibre Plastics Composites in Brazil
  • Development and characterisation of jute reinforced natural matrix composites
  • Novel approach to textile design for barriers against electromagnetic radiation
  • Natural-fibres composites for the automotive industry: challenges, solutions and applications
  • Enzymatic modification of wood fibres for activating their ability of self bonding
  • Industrial processing model for natural fibre composites to meet ISO 9001:2000 standards
  • Fibre boards and composites from wet preserved hemp
  • Falling weight impact damage characterisation on flax/epoxy laminates
  • Characterisation of hemp fibre reinforced Poly(Lactic Acid) composites
  • Industrial applications of natural fibres advanced composites: environmental effects and comparative Life Cycle Analysis
  • Hemp fabrics for natural fibres composites industrial applications
  • Interface and mechanical properties of Natural Fibres reinforced composites: a review
  • The use of different natural fibres in the compression moulding process a highly competitive approach
  • Advances in natural fibre reinforced polymer composites: macro to nanoscales
  • Extrusion fractionation of wheat straw for biocomposites utilising the entire straw constituents
  • Recent innovative results on natural fibre composites
  • Production of innovative hemp based three-layered particleboards with reduced raw densities and low formaldehyde emissions
  • Strength prediction for jute polyester composite for long continuous fibre reinforcement
  • Characterisation of natural fibres as concrete composites for structural applications
  • Natural fibres and composites: research, development and production
  • Modification of the fibre surface for the optimisation of mechanical properties in natural-fibre reinforced polymers

Special issue: Experimental research in e-marketing

International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising 5(4) 2009
  • The effect of counterproductive time on online task completion
  • The effects of interactivity and product information on consumers' emotional responses to an online retail setting
  • Need for cognition: understanding the influence of individual differences on virtual product experiences
  • The effects of contextual cues on online auction outcomes: a quasi-experimental approach
Additional Papers
  • Conceptualising customers' Online Community Experience (OCE): an experimental study
  • Population internet penetration rate and channel supply chain players' performances

12 August 2009

Special issue: Privacy in a virtual environment: theory and practice

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations 6(6) 2009
  • A conceptual analysis of group privacy in the virtual environment
  • Consumer privacy expectations in a virtual environment: a framework for corporate risk assessment
  • Online consumer privacy concerns and willingness to provide personal data on the internet
  • Why should I tell you? Applying a culturally attuned privacy theory to understand global customers' online disclosure behaviours in e-commerce transactions
  • Identity theft and privacy – consumer awareness in Ireland
  • Privacy issues in AmI spaces

11 August 2009

Newly announced journal: International Journal of Economics and Accounting

International Journal of Economics and Accounting - to begin publication in 2010 - aims to serve economics and accounting researchers and practitioners across the globe. Its focus is unique in its commitment to promoting academic debates on the status quo. Audit and accounting/financial failures instigated the economic and financial crisis that has triggered the worldwide recession. These factors require ongoing investigation in order to alleviate the present crises and help avert the next crisis.

Special issue:Strategic issues of Japanese manufacturing

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 18(4) 2009
  • Proposal and demonstration of V-MICS-EM by digital engineering: robot operation and maintenance by utilising visual manual
  • A product development process for linked management: application cases of electrical home appliance products
  • Perspectives on industrial clusters in the Japanese biotechnology industry
  • Strategic planning of skill training for manufacturing
  • Factorial representation in scheduling problems
  • TPS-QAS, new production quality management model: key to New JIT – Toyota's global production strategy
  • Model analysis of the economical meaning for regional-independent production
  • Sensitivity analysis of an economic order quantity for dynamic inventory models with discrete demand

9 August 2009

Special issue: Nano and biomaterials: the building blocks

International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials 2(1-5) 2009

Papers from the International Conference on Nanotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges (ICON008) held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 17-19 June 2008.
  • Semiconductor layered nanomaterials to encapsulate organic compounds
  • Thermal analysis of smart fins in a micro heat exchanger
  • Covalently-bound organic monolayers for biosensor applications
  • Effect of gamma irradiation on the optical properties of nano-MgPc thin films
  • Effect of accelerators and stabilisers on crystallinity of binary and ternary electroless nickel alloys
  • Carbon nanotube-based electrochemical signal amplification for breast cancer gene detection
  • Turbulent forced convection of Al2O3 nanofluid in a circular tube with tape inserts at low volume concentration
  • Measurement of glucose nanoparticles concentration in plasma and blood accurately using laser sheet interferometry
  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM) analysis of cleaned and fouled nanofiltration membranes
  • Nanoindentation-induced structural phase transformations in crystalline and amorphous germanium
  • Assessment of the osteoblastic cell response to a zinc glass reinforced hydroxyapatite composite (Zn-GRHA)
  • Improved luminescence properties of nanocrystalline silicon films deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition technique at low temperature
  • Optical properties of LiF:Mg,Cu,P nanorods
  • Study on momentum density in semiconductor compounds ZnS, ZnSe and ZnTe by positron annihilation
  • Image processing using quantum computing and reverse emergence
  • Preparation and evaluation of nanospheres for lung targeting
  • Effect of temperature on threshold current density in InP/AlGaInP quantum dot laser structures
  • Self-assembled Bi nanolines on the InAs(100) surface: a theoretical study
  • Biomedical applications of iron oxide nanostructures
  • Metal alkoxides as molecular precursor for the synthesis of metal oxide nanomaterials
  • Nano-hybrid materials and nano-composite materials based on PVA
  • Erbium activated monolith silica-phosphate glasses planar waveguide and up-conversion mechanism
  • Characterisation of mechanical and wear properties of NiAl and Ni-Al-N thin films deposited by closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating
  • Synthesis and characterisation of nitrogen-doped ZnO thin films
  • J-E characteristics of Ni-catalysed multiwalled carbon nanotubes
  • Synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured barium cuprate thin films
  • Study of fluctuation induced conductivity on nano diamond doped bulk MgB2 superconductor
  • Synthesis and characterisation of electrical conducting nanoporous carbon structures based on pyrogallol-formaldehyde
  • Synthesis and characterisation of ZnO structures containing the nanoscale regime
  • Finite element modelling of nano-structured materials
  • Elaboration and characterisation of (Al, V) co-doped nanosized zinc oxide aerogel
  • Effects of deformation and physical aging on nano-scale free volumes in polycarbonate studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
  • Infrared spectroscopy of human bone marrow: evidence of structural changes during acute leukemia
  • Electrical conduction of calf-thymus DNA molecules
  • Electron beam induced current at a Schottky nanocontact
  • Increasing contact area of microelectrodes in implantable microchannel array system for peripheral nerve regenerative using metal deposited nanospheres
  • Nanogenomics for medicine: emerging strategies to overcome bottlenecks in siRNA-based therapy of human diseases
  • Simulation of effect of microwave irradiation on I-V characteristics of Josephson junction using RCLSJ model with noise into consideration
  • Investigation of mechanical, thermal properties and non-isothermal crystallisation kinetic of polypropylene/single-walled carbon nanotube
  • Physico-chemical properties of SiOXNY thin films
  • Morphological studies of nanoporous anodic aluminium oxide membranes
  • Comparative study for brain delivery of tacrine using polysorbate 80-coated poly(butylcyanoacrylate) and pegylated-poly(butylcyanoacrylate) nanoparticles
  • Synthesis and characterisation of copper nanomaterial
  • Mesoscopic studies on toxic effect of doxorubicin on rat cardiac muscles
  • FT-IR spectroscopy as a tool for identification of apoptosis-induced structural changes in A549 cells treated with PM 701
  • Applications of nanotechnology in oil and gas
  • Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of nanocrystalline terbium aluminium garnet phosphor
  • A molecular theoretic approach to GaN
  • DNA and genetic code: a candidate for nano devices
  • Naturally endowed oxide nanoparticles from carbon ash in Saudi Arabia
  • Biotoxicity study of bone cement based on a functionalised multi-walled carbon nanotube-reinforced PMMA/HAp nanocomposite

Special issue: Applications of intelligent systems

International Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems 3(3) 2009

Papers from the 12th Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Application held in Yunlin, Taiwan, 16–17 November 2007.
  • A computer-assisted environment for understanding geometry theorem proving problems and making conjectures
  • Reinforcement learning for training a computer program of Chinese chess
  • An efficient graph-based approach to mining association rules for large databases
  • Tempo and beat tracking for audio signals with music genre classification
  • A flexible and efficient sequential pattern mining algorithm
Regular Papers
  • Data hiding using run length matching
  • Tabu annealing: an efficient and scalable strategy for document retrieval
  • Container handling using multi-agent architecture

Special issue: Mobile devices and services

International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics 2(4) 2009

Includes papers from the Hellenic Scientific Council for the Information Society conference on “Mobile Devices: Technological and Legal Issues”, held on 28 March 2008.
  • An innovative platform architecture for complex secure e/m-governmental services
  • Privacy now and in the age of ambient intelligence
  • Trust and security in Personal Network environments
  • On privacy-enhancing architectures for distribution of real time performance demanding mobile services
  • Criminal investigation and forensic tools for smartphones
  • M-government services for rural SMEs
  • Mobile devices and services: bridging the digital divide in rural areas

Special issue: Information reuse and integration

International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences 1(3) 2009

Papers from the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IEEE IRI’2008), held in Las Vegas, USA, 13-15 July 2008.
  • Modelling and analysis of a web-based collaborative information system – Petri net-based collaborative enterprise
  • Rule randomisation and its application to logic-based workflow verification
  • Data modelling for effective data warehouse architecture and design
  • Making an accurate classifier ensemble by voting on classifications from imputed learning sets
  • AMSQM: adaptive multiple super-page queue management

Special issue: Efficient techniques for resource and service management in grid and P2P-based applications

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing 1(3) 2009

Papers from the Second Workshop on P2P, Parallel, Grid and Internet Computing (3PGIC-2008) held a in Barcelona, Spain, 4–7 March, 2008
  • Decentralised meta-scheduling strategy in Grid environments
  • A bidding specification for Grid resources
  • Pricing computational resources in a dynamic grid
  • Efficient management of resources and entities using the HyVonNe P2P architecture
  • Towards an architecture for service deployment in contributory communities
  • Towards a lightweight content-based publish/subscribe services for peer-to-peer systems
  • P2P computing for large tree exploration-based exact optimisation
  • A Grid framework to enable parallel and concurrent TMA image analyses

Special issue: Biomass energy conversion technologies

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 31(3-4) 2009
  • Influences of pH, temperature, initial total soluble sugar concentration and particle stuffing rate on ethanol production from sugarcane juice by immobilised yeast
  • Kinetics of xylose in hydrolysate using dilute sulphuric acid as catalyst
  • Effect of different solid concentration on biogas yield and composition during anaerobic fermentation process
  • Kinetics of transesterification crude soybean oil to biodiesel catalysed by magnesium methoxide
  • The techno-economic assessment for the plant of solid substrate fermentation of refining ethanol from sweet sorghum stalk
Additional papers
  • Carbon dioxide capture and storage scenarios: a case study of the East Midlands and Yorkshire (UK)
  • Consumers' choices among alternative electricity programmes in Geneva – an empirical analysis
  • The financial hedging of contributions by oil firms to the IOPC Funds
  • The structural break and elasticity of coal demand in China: empirical findings from 1980-2006

5 August 2009

Luxury Intelligence: an International Journal

The previously-announced International Journal of Luxury Intelligence has
changed its title to Luxury Intelligence: an International Journal, to avoid conflict with a previously-unknown trademark. Professor Mounir Kehal of the International University of Monaco in Monte Carlo will continue the development of the journal under its new title.

Special issue: Comparative benchmarking analysis of seaports at international level

International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics 1(3) 2009
  • A note on productivity change in French and Italian seaports
  • Estimating productivity growth of Spanish ports using a non-radial, non-oriented Malmquist index
  • DEA Malmquist index measurement in Middle East and East African containers terminals
  • A comparative benchmarking analysis of main Iberian container terminals: a DEA approach
  • Benchmarking of Mexican ports with data envelopment analysis
  • Performances and benchmarks of container ports using data envelopment analysis

Special issue: Information processing and applications

International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems 2(1) 2009

Papers from the 12th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems (KES2008) held in Zagreb, Croatia 3-5 September 2008.
  • T-UCK: The User-Centred Knowledge Model
  • Logic of Plausibility for Discovery in multi-agent environment. Decision algorithms
  • Three-layered structure for sharing event information in distributed environment
  • Secure transmission and processing of information in organisations systems

Special issue: Eco-design of multilateral recycling systems and development of circulating economy in Asia

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 11(4) 2009
  • Integrated resource management towards a sustainable Asia: policy and strategy evolution in Japan and China
  • Cost-profit analysis of multilateral recycling system in Asia
  • Ecodesign of multilateral recycling systems in Asia
  • Modelling, analysis and risk evaluation of resource circulation in Asia
  • Circular economy and regional economic development in the Zhejiang province, southern China

Special issue: Emerging security issues in communication networks and distributed systems

International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems 3(4) 2009
  • A mesh check-sum ABFT scheme for stream ciphers
  • LoBa128, a Lorenz-based PRNG for wireless sensor networks
  • High-speed string matching for network intrusion detection
  • A new hardware efficient stream cipher based on hash functions
  • Free-roaming mobile agent (FRoMA) protection against multiple attacks
  • Knapsack based ECC for digital signature authentication
  • Password-based authenticated key distribution in the three-party setting with forward security
  • Protection of LAN-wide, P2P interactions: a holistic approach

Special issue: Revenue management in practice: 'Strive for Excellence'

International Journal of Revenue Management 3(4) 2009
  • Multi-period multi-product inventory control with substitution and an exponential criterion
  • A study on the strategy of capacity planning for a TFT-LCD manufacturer by data envelopment analysis
  • Revenue maximisation in networks with capacity constraints
  • Optimal strategy models to maximise revenues in online auctions with 'buy it now'
  • Asymmetric pricing and change in delivery to increase multimedia messaging service revenue
  • Optimisation of a generalised M(k)/M/k queueing system

Special issue: Imaging informatics for personalised medicine

International Journal of Functional Informatics and Personalised Medicine 2(2) 2009
  • Imaging informatics for personalised medicine: applications and challenges
  • Correction of susceptibility-induced distortion in Diffusion Tensor Imaging with a moment-based phase unwrapping method
  • Patient-specific modelling of blood flow dynamics in intra-cranial aneurysms: an example of image-based personalised medicine
  • A framework for quantitative and visual analysis of white matter integrity using Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  • Electrocardiographic simulation on personalised heart-torso structures using coupled meshfree-BEM platform
  • Hyperspectral Image segmentation and its application in abdominal surgery
  • Br-SDM: a fast and accurate method for bone-related soft tissue prediction in orthognathic surgery planning based on the integration of SDM and FEM
  • Automatic extraction of proximal femur contours from calibrated X-ray images: a Bayesian inference approach

Special issue: Sustainable cities

International Journal of Sustainable Development 12(1) 2009

Papers from a workshop: Sustainable Cities: Ecological-Economic and Environmental Psychology Aspects of Urban Design and Management, held in Oxford, UK, 1–3 February 2007
  • Sustainable cities: problems of integrated interdisciplinary research
  • Techno-optimism: progress towards CO2 reduction targets in transport: a UK and London perspective
  • Sustainable urban design: principles to practice
  • Walking the green carpet to work
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder: a logistic regression analysis of sustainability and locality as competitive vehicles for human settlements

Special issue: Experimental and numerical methods for nanomanufacturing processes

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 3(3) 2009
  • Computational fluid dynamics analysis of a direct write manufacturing process
  • Numerical and experimental analysis of the tool edge radius effect in micromachining of ferrous materials
  • Chatter in micro and macrodrilling
  • Finite element analysis of micro-weld bead due to electro-chemical discharge micro-welding
  • An experimental method for laser micro-machining of spherical and elliptical 3-D objects
  • Laser ablation simulation for copper

Special issue: Microelectromechanical systems

International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering 2(3/4) 2009
  • The combination of a laser beam delivered by a water jet to perform deep etching in silicon for MEMS applications
  • Recent developments in experimental on-chip stiction research: a review
  • Thin film shape memory alloys and microactuators
  • A review of silicon carbide development in MEMS applications
  • Advancement of micro/nanotechnology research in Institute of Precision Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • Low stress nanoporous SiNx membrane for cell culture
  • Design and fabrication of a microgripper with a topology optimal compliant mechanism
  • Modelling and simulations of DRIE including a footing effect
  • Process development support environment: a tool suite to engineer manufacturing sequences
  • Indentation on very smooth silicon wafers
  • Nanomechanical characterisation of MEMS thin film materials

Special issue: Transformations in industrial design: emerging trends, approaches and challenges

International Journal of Product Development 9(4) 2009
  • A computer-aided design tool to facilitate the realisation of cooling systems
  • The implementation of Design for Six Sigma: a development experience
  • The integration of industrial design capability within UK SMEs: the challenges, opportunities and benefits
  • Providing students with a head start through mentorship and systems thinking within a vertical design studio environment
  • Children and aesthetics: exploring toddlers' aesthetic experience of everyday products
  • Functions in nature
  • Not always a victim! On seeing users as active consumers
  • Feature creep and usability in consumer electronic product design
  • Transitions in sustainable product design research

Special issue: Contemporary analysis of micro and nanomanufacturing

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 3(4) 2009
  • Ultra-precision diamond turning of microstructure with FTS
  • Fusion of metrology data for large-scale high-volume manufacturing of polymer-based microfluidic devices
  • Facile synthesis of palladium nanoparticles in Y-zeolite matrix: an efficient catalyst for Heck coupling reaction
  • Yield improvement for lost mould rapid infiltration forming process by a multistage fractional factorial split plot design
  • A historical review of wear mechanisms and the structure of vitrified micro grinding wheels
  • Survey on various control techniques in micro grinding processes

Special issue: Advances in the analysis of surface texture in engineering manufacture

International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering 3(4) 2009
  • Surfaces generated by abrasive finishing processes as self-affine fractals
  • Screening of characterisation technologies for complex rough surfaces
  • Multi-scale analysis of high precision surfaces by Stylus Profiler, Scanning White-Light Interferometry and Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Fractal characterisation of surface profile and optimisation in EDM using Taguchi method
  • Estimation of the smooth zone maximal depth at surfaces created by Abrasive Waterjet
  • Optical measurement of surface and topographical parameters investigation created by Abrasive Waterjet
  • Ball burnishing tool with corrective mechanism of tool position

Special issue: Landfill leachate management and control

International Journal of Environment and Waste Management 4(3/4) 2009
  • Performance of Biological Powder Activated Carbon-Membrane Bioreactor (BPAC-MBR) for old-landfill leachate treatment
  • Primary treatment of anaerobic landfill leachate using activated carbon and limestone: batch and column studies
  • Landfill site characterisation at Kham Bon village, Muang district, Khon Kaen province, NE Thailand
  • Quantitative leachate estimation from a pilot-scale lysimeter study
  • Cadmium and lead removal from municipal landfill leachate using carbon adsorbent made from oil palm shell
  • Initial stages of pollutants dispersion around municipal waste disposal facilities: a case study in Northern Portugal
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) for reduction of organic pollutants in landfill leachate: a review
  • Characterisation and treatment of leachates from the municipal sanitary landfill of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Removal of ammoniacal nitrogen and COD from semi-aerobic landfill leachate using low-cost activated carbon–zeolite composite adsorbent
  • Status and strategies on solid waste management in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Municipal landfill leachate treatment by SBBGR technology
  • Influence of magnetic treatment on the improvement of landfill leachate treatment
  • Sequential treatment of an old-landfill leachate
  • Application of combined filtration and coagulation for semi-aerobic leachate treatment
  • Removal of COD and colour from old-landfill leachate by Advanced Oxidation Processes

Special issue: Distributed and parallel systems (DAPSYS)

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 4(3) 2009

Papers from the 7th Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems (DAPSYS 2008) held in Debrecen, Hungary, 3-5 September 2008.
  • Deploying applications in multi-SAN SMP clusters
  • Tools for scalable parallel program analysis: Vampir NG, MARMOT, and DeWiz
  • Examples of monitoring and program analysis activities with DeWiz
  • Transparent parallel checkpointing and migration in clusters and ClusterGrids
  • Optimisation of the execution time inspired in Cross Layer design using effective load balancing in a LAN-WLAN environment
  • Development of a grid enabled chemistry application
  • Analysis of the multi-phase copying garbage collection algorithm
  • Parallel program execution support in the JGrid system

Special issue: CFD applications in oil and gas, metallurgical and process industries

Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, an International Journal 9(6/7) 2009

Papers from the 6th International Conference on CFD in the Oil & Gas, Metallurgical and Process Industries (CFD2008), held in Trondheim, Norway, 10-12 June 2008.
  • Numerical modelling of non-Newtonian fluids in a mechanical flotation cell
  • CFD modelling of molten matte and slag flows in a circular three-phase smelting furnace
  • VOF-based simulation of reactive mass transfer across deformable interfaces
  • Extreme wave interaction with a floating oil rig: prediction using SPH
  • A mathematical modelling study of fluid flow and mixing in full-scale gas-stirred ladles
  • Influence of forced convection on the directional solidification of AlSi alloys: comparison of experiments and simulation
  • A novel method to include the free surface in a CFD model of jet injection into partially-baffled mixing vessels
  • UDV measurements and CFD simulation of two-phase flow in a stirred vessel
  • Numerical study and experimental validation of particle strand formation
  • Three-dimensional modelling of industrial flashing flows
  • Dissipative Particle Dynamics and other particle methods for multiphase fluid flow in fractured and porous media
  • Flow and heat transfer in pipe caused by localised cold spot
  • Modelling of aero-acoustic wave propagation in low Mach number corrugated pipe flow
  • A VOF-based 3D numerical investigation of evaporating, deformed droplets
  • Solution of bubble number density with breakage and coalescence in a bubble column by Least-Squares Method

Special issue: Towards a virtual university

International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations 6(5) 2009
  • Developing a framework for best practice in sustainable virtual campuses
  • Resting in e-learning peace
  • Teaching and learning affectively within a virtual campus
  • Online learning communities in the New 'U'
  • Designing and implementing online discussion forums: an Australian case study
Additional Paper
  • Resource allocation strategies for the economic computational grid

Special issue: Innovations in network technology

International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology 4(2) 2009

Papers from 5th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (Innovations’08), held in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates, 16–18 December 2008.
  • Efficient range queries in spatial databases over Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Using S2P for routing awareness in tuple-based pervasive systems
  • A dynamic network discovery and selection method for heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Wireless multihop communication in sparse Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Impact of physical propagation environment on ad-hoc network routing protocols
  • A Generalised Energy-Efficient Time-Based Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Special issue: Unconventional machining of materials

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials 6(3/4)
  • Surface alloying of OHNS die steel by EDM process using Inconel electrode
  • Systematic experimental analysis of electrochemical discharge machining process
  • A study on abrasive recycling and recharging in abrasive waterjet (AWJ) machining
  • Investigation into white layer formed on wire electrical discharge machined Ti6Al4V surface
  • Laser and lathe thread cutting of aluminium metal matrix composite
  • Rotary ultrasonic machining of dental ceramics
  • The role of polymeric additives in water jet cutting
  • Workpiece and media tracking in barrel finishing

Special issue: Quality assurance in education management

International Journal of Management in Education 3(3/4) 2009
  • Reaffirming accreditation through application of Baldrige performance excellence criteria: a case study of a private, faith-based school of business
  • Re-conceptualisation of higher education quality management problems using feedback systems thinking
  • Instructional strategy a student-centred approach: pedagogy and instructional design
  • Quality in business education as measured by accreditation and ranking systems
  • Quality assurance in higher education: for whom and of what?
  • Experiential learning in the global classroom
  • Quality management integration in education: a model of practice for performance excellence in education
  • Quality teaching and learning: a quality assurance framework for initial teacher preparation programmes
  • Differentiation by quality: (re)defining social role of the school
  • Designing effective global competence development opportunities
  • The correlation of participant satisfaction, learning success and learning transfer: an empirical investigation of correlation assumptions in Kirkpatrick's four-level model
  • The situational cognitive mediation effects on dispositional personality influence on the intention to use the internet: an empirical study of information technology acceptance within higher education institution
  • Asia vs. the 'others': how to bridge the intercultural gap in cross-border higher education
  • European language policy and quality assurance tools for management education
  • Blending pragmatic liberal education with an international business programme: the Rollins College experience
  • A study on integrated total quality management practice in technical institutions – stakeholders' perspective

4 August 2009

Special issue: Models for sustainable development for resolving global environmental issues: Part 1

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 9(4) 2009
  • A normative-functional concept of sustainability and its indicators
  • Sustainable development indicators: towards integrated systems as a tool for managing and monitoring a complex transition
  • Adaptative methodology of sustainability indicators management by ontology
  • Nation-wide development of sustainable production patterns: The case of 16 years of sustainability in Dutch residential house building

Special issue: Multimodal biometric and biometric fusion

International Journal of Biometrics 1(4) 2009
  • A simple score normalisation technique for multimodal biometric authentication
  • Multimodal biometrics: state of the art in fusion techniques
  • An efficient technique for indexing multimodal biometric databases
  • Single-sensor multi-instance fingerprint and eigenfinger recognition using (weighted) score combination methods
  • Biometric person authentication with liveness detection based on audio-visual fusion
  • A method towards biometric feature fusion
  • Situation assessment and autonomous control and optimisation of biometric sensor network

Special issue: Environmental biotechnology: Part 4

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 38(3) 2009
  • Remediation of polluted river water by biological contact oxidation process using two types of carriers
  • Effect of flocculant on microbial populations and function in Chem-Bioflocculation (CBF) treatment process using PCR-DGGE
  • Simulating accumulation of biofilms in biotrickling filter
  • Transportation and distribution of chromium in the anaerobic sludge treating the chromium-containing wastewater
  • Dye wastewater treatment by using ceramic membrane bioreactor
  • Treatment of municipal wastewater by membrane bioreactor: a pilot study
  • Biosorption and biodegradation of trichloroethylene by acclimated activated sludge
  • Anaerobic batch degradation of cattail by rumen cultures
  • Influence of environmental factors on degradation of carbendazim by Bacillus pumilus strain NY97-1
  • Wastewater treatment using bioreactor with dual functional ceramic membrane
  • Biological denitrification of drinking water using biodegradable polymer
  • Nitrate removal from groundwater using biodegradable polymers as carbon source and biofilm support
  • Poly (ε-caprolactone) as substrate for water denitrification

Special issue: Digital signal processing

International Journal of Embedded Systems 4(1) 2009

Some of the papers are from the first four ODES (Optimisations on DSP and Embedded Systems) workshops
  • If-conversion for embedded VLIW architectures
  • Implications of gated-Vss technique on leakage power in embedded caches
  • Dealing with data dependent conditions to enable general global source code transformations
  • Embedded Java benchmark analysis on the ARM processor
  • Shared scratch pad memory space management across applications
  • Program slicing across the hardware-software boundary for embedded systems
  • An architectural level design methodology for smart camera applications

Special issue: Assessment and modelling of environmental resources and risks

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 11(1-3) 2009

Includes papers presented in earlier versions at the 46th Congress of European Regional Science Association which was hosted by the University of Thessaly, Greece, in August 2006.
  • Measuring uncertainties in composite indicators of sustainability
PART 1: Modelling and assessment of environmental indicators
  • Managing environmental risk in agriculture: a systematic perspective on the potential of quantitative policy-oriented risk valuation
  • Decomposition analysis of CO2 emissions from fuel combustion in selected countries
  • Public policies for contaminated site cleanup: evidence from a survey of the Italian public
PART 2: Spatial policy challenges to environmental resources
  • Economic market instruments and sustainable urban water use
  • A study on synthetic regional environmental policies for utilising biomass resources
  • Scenario tools for environmental planning. Supporting integrated coastal zone and water resources management in two Greek islands
  • Economic aspects of urban green space: a survey of perceptions and attitudes
PART 3: Economic analyses of agriculture and land use
  • Regional modelling for optimal allocation of agricultural crops considering environmental impacts, housing value and leisure preferences
  • On the economics of controlling an invasive plant: a stochastic analysis of a biological control agent
  • Environmental technology and management in Dutch horticulture
  • Contingent Valuation of renewable energy innovations: vegetal biomass in Italy

Special issue: High performance processes and systems in the automotive industry

International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management 9(3) 2009
  • A long-term investigation on global automakers' patents and quality
  • Implementing mass customisation in the automotive industry: an analysis of requirements for procurement and procurement objects
  • Real options evaluation of financial investment in flexible manufacturing systems in the automotive industry
  • The role of technology and people in the diffusion of lean production in the automotive supplier industry
  • Coopetition as a way to reinterpret distribution relationships with emerging automotive dealer groups
  • High performance in after-sales support services in the automotive industry

Special issue: Viability of renewable energies: regional considerations

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 39(1/2) 2009
  • Bioenergy and land use: a spatial-agent dynamic model of energy crop production in Illinois
  • Spatial diffusion of biogas technology in Switzerland: a GIS-based multi-agent simulation approach
  • Who should pay the bill for promoting green electricity? An experimental study on consumer preferences
  • Economic assessment of regional bioenergy systems in Australia: a flow analysis application
  • The viability of the South African biofuels industrial strategy
  • Renewable electricity costs in Italy: an estimation of the cost of operating in an uncertain world
  • Influence of market rules on the economic value of wind power: an Austrian case study
  • A regional coordination framework for renewable energy policy in the European Union
Submitted Papers
  • Measuring the economic benefits of protecting the Tong River in Korea: a Contingent Valuation study
  • Estimation of potential impact on Copenhagen, Denmark due to accidental releases at Nuclear Risk Sites
  • Real-time measurements of chemical compositions of secondary organic aerosol and analysis of reaction mechanisms using Single Aerosol Laser Mass Spectrometer
  • Subjective evaluation of urban environment: a case study in Beijing

Special issue: Automated biometric technology and its applications

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 7(3) 2009
  • 2DPCA-based techniques in DCT domain for face recognition
  • A swarm-intelligence based algorithm for face tracking
  • A method towards face recognition
  • Feature fusion using Gabor filters and cooccurrence probabilities for fingerprint antispoofing
Additional Paper
  • Automated facial expression recognition – an integrated approach with optical flow analysis and Support Vector Machines

Special issue: Innovative cutting tool technologies for modern machining challenges

International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems 2(4) 2009
  • A comparative study on the machining performance of textured cutting tools with lubrication
  • Rotary Ultrasonic Machining of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) crystal: an experimental investigation
  • Microstructure and material analysis of worn WC-Co ball-end mills
  • A low cost wireless high bandwidth transmitter for sensor-integrated metal cutting tools and process monitoring
  • Embedding of micro thin film sensors into Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) for tooling applications via diffusion bonding
  • Modelling of plowing forces in orthogonal machining with profilometric data
  • Effect of tool wear on rolling contact fatigue performance of superfinish hard machined surfaces
  • Numerical simulations of 3D tool geometry effects on deposition residual stresses in diamond coated cutting tools

Special issue:Brake noise

International Journal of Vehicle Design 51(1/2) 2009
  • Suppression of drum brake squeal through structural modifications using finite element method
  • An efficient approach to estimate critical value of friction coefficient and sensitivity analysis for brake squeal
  • Automotive disk brake squeal: an overview
  • Measurement of the dynamic centre of pressure of the disk/pad interface during a braking operation
  • Squeal suppression through a tuned fuzzy damper: a numerical study
  • A predictive tool to evaluate disk brake squeal using a fully coupled thermo-mechanical finite element model
  • Perspectives and obstacles for optimisation of brake pads with respect to stability criteria
  • Structural modifications for squeal noise reduction: numerical and experimental validation
  • A combined analysis of heat conduction, contact pressure and transient vibration of a disk brake
  • Study of the nonlinear stationary dynamic of single and multi-instabilities for disk brake squeal
  • On the origin of disk brake squeal
  • Sensitivity studies of friction-induced vibration

Special issue: Advances in micro and nanomanufacturing processes and systems

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 3(1/2) 2009
  • Modelling and simulation of the dynamic cutting process and surface topography generation in nano/micro cutting
  • Nano surface generation of grinding process using carbon nanotube
  • On the design of a monitoring system for desktop micro-milling machines
  • Design considerations for developing a new, ultra-high precision feeder for micro-sheet-forming applications
  • Modelling and verification of XeF2 silicon micromachining
  • Spindle speed variation method for regenerative machining chatter control
  • Evaluation of critical parameters in micro machining of hardened tool steel
  • Finite element analysis of mechanical micromilling processes
  • Development and performance evaluation of miniaturised machine tool (MMT) system
  • Adaptive compensation of tool deflection in micromilling processes

Special issue: Emergent computing for service management

European Journal of Industrial Engineering 3(4) 2009
  • An exploration of the literature on the use of 'swarm intelligence-based techniques' for public service problems
  • The bees algorithm for workload balancing in examination job assignment
  • A general framework for an agent-based service performance assessment system in local governments
  • Integrating fuzzy analytical hierarchy process and data envelopment analysis for performance management in automobile repair shops
  • A statistics-based genetic algorithm for quality improvements of power supplies

Special issue: Durability of concrete structures

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 7(2) 2009
  • Models for chloride ingress into concrete – from Collepardi to today
  • Influence of surface impregnation with silane on penetration of chloride into cracked concrete and on corrosion of steel reinforcement
  • Numerical assessment of concrete's self-healing potential for promoting durability
  • Mesoscopic simulation of chloride ions diffusion in frost-damaged concrete
  • Study on the corrosion rate of steel bars in concrete under high humidity conditions
  • Comparative studies of chloride permeability, conductivity and salt-ponding tests of concrete containing different admixtures
  • Spatial variability-based corrosion risk assessment and strategy of repair and maintenance for RC structures
  • Chloride-induced corrosion of reinforcement and its effect on performance of structures
  • Model analysis of the transportation of chloride into concrete under dry-wet cyclic conditions
  • Design of shear strengths of corroded reinforced concrete beams
  • Modelling of time-dependent bonding and debonding in structures externally strengthened with fibre reinforced polymer sheets
  • Interaction diagram and response surface plot of pretensioned inverted T-beam with circular web openings
  • Real-time monitoring of covercrete response to environmental action

Special issue: Mechanical systems

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 7(1) 2009

Papers from the 2nd International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (ICMIC’08) held in Shanghai, China, 29 June–July 2008.
  • Modelling and simulation of throttle slice stress of telescopic shock absorber
  • Simulation of telescopic shock absorber outer characteristic with piecewise maths function
  • Design and simulation of a nano-scale micro positioning stage
  • Design and kinematics simulation of a high-speed sewing machine
  • Research on influence of rolling parameters on the rolling process based on numerical simulation
  • Analysis of dynamic performance simulation for turn-milling centre
  • Semiactive control of a base isolated building using magnetorheological dampers
  • Research on the control and simulation of vehicle suspension systems
  • Rotordynamic analysis of machines on active magnetic bearings: comparison to fluid film bearing machines and vibration specifications
  • Optimisation of the prefabricated starting notch's parameters in the numerical simulation model of fracture splitting connecting rod
  • Research on preparation device for washing red cell
  • The simulation and analysis of stresses field of ceramic die in wire drawing process
  • Analysis of dynamic characteristic and structure optimisation for hybrid machine tool
  • Simulation of cold roll forming using elastic-plastic finite element method
  • Dynamic model building of thickness control system for four-high rolling mill and HCO∞ robust controller design
  • An active disturbances rejection controller for hysteretic systems
  • Active disturbances rejection decoupling control for active magnetic bearing multivariable system

Special issue: Exports, export performance and export promotion

European Journal of International Management 3(3) 2009
  • Online activities and export performance of the smaller firm: a capability perspective
  • Are more exports better for a firm's performance? The moderating effect of FDI
  • Structuring dyadic relationships between export producers and intermediaries
  • Research on export performance over the past 10 years: a narrative review
  • The impact of international involvement on firms' export performance
  • Examination of export constraints affecting the export performance of the Indian sports goods industry
  • Immigrants, cross-cultural communication and export performance: the Swiss case

Special issue: High performance parallel and grid computing for science and engineering

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 4(2) 2009

Papers from the 7th HPSEC workshop, held in conjunction with the 2005 International Conference on Parallel Processing, 14-17 June 2005, Oslo, Norway.
  • Montage: a grid portal and software toolkit for science-grade astronomical image mosaicking
  • Parallel solution of large-scale algebraic Bernoulli equations with the matrix sign function method
  • Decomposing solution sets of polynomial systems: a new parallel monodromy breakup algorithm
  • Systematic search within an optimisation space based on Unified Transformation Framework
  • Efficient hybrid parallelisation of tiled algorithms on SMP clusters
  • A user-centric cluster and grid computing portal

Special issue: Model-driven service-oriented architectures

International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management 4(1) 2009
  • A methodology for domain-specific business process modelling and implementation
  • Model-driven design, simulation and implementation of service compositions in COSMO
  • Creating self-healing service compositions with feature models and microrebooting
  • Advanced verification of distributed WS-BPEL business processes incorporating CSSA-based data flow analysis
  • Comparing and evaluating Petri net semantics for BPEL

Special issue: Social-economic engineering and environment issues

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 9(3) 2009
  • An environmental perspective of nitrogen cycle
  • A hybrid approach based on AHP and belief theory for evaluating sustainable transportation solutions
  • Evaluating electric environmental issues using BP neural network with optimised hidden layer nodes
  • Correlation between firing temperature and defluoridation capacity of brick clay
  • Ecological Footprint forecasting and estimating using neural networks and DEA
  • Environment risk and cogeneration in China: the case of Zibo Huantai district
  • The influence of financial situation on environmental information disclosure in China's chemical industry

Special issue: 10th CIRP Workshop in Modelling of Machining Operations

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials 6(1/2) 2009

The workshop was held in Reggio, Italy, 27-28 August 2007
  • Effect of finishing methods on surface characteristics and performance of precision components in rolling/sliding contact
  • What is expected from numerical simulation on machining process
  • Runtime and accuracy issues in three-dimensional finite element simulation of machining
  • Prediction of temperature distribution in the cutting zone using finite difference approach
  • Numerical analysis of crack propagation during the burr formation process of metals
  • Investigations on the adjustment of the modelling section in 2D simulations of milling processes
  • Geometric simulation of ball end milling and application for the precise machining
  • Diffusion wear modelling in 3D cutting process
  • Experimental evaluation of lubricant influence on residual stress in turning operations
  • Effect of the microstructure on the tool/chip tribological contact in hard turning of 100Cr6 bearing steel
  • Cutting process of glass with end mill
  • Enhanced finite element model of ultrasonically assisted turning

Special issue: Advances in intelligent information management systems and applications

International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining 4(2) 2009

Papers from the 2nd International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intelligent Systems (CISIS 2008) held in Barcelona, Spain, 4–7 March 2008.
  • Towards service-oriented recommendation functionalities within pervasive e-learning systems
  • Knowledge extraction and representation of collaborative activity through ontology-based and Social Network Analysis technologies
  • A data analysis model based on control charts to monitor online learning processes
  • Fostering collaborative knowledge building by the effective provision of knowledge about the discussion process
  • Modelling the characteristics of virtual teams' structure