31 December 2009

Special issue: From risk assessment to risk response

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 13(3/4) 2009

Papers from an EU-funded research projects workshop: From risk assessment to risk response held in Athens, Greece, 2-3 April 2008.
  • Risk communication and stakeholder participation in the governance of systemic environmental health risks
  • Reflections on new directions for risk assessment of environmental chemical mixtures
  • Natural scientific complexity from a social scientific perspective: environment and health research and policymaking in Flanders (Belgium)
  • Public participation and risk governance: opportunities and barriers
  • Towards effective risk discourse: the role of stakeholder partnerships
  • Big pictures, close-ups, roadmaps and mind-maps: perspectives on integrated treatment of multiple risks
Submitted Papers
  • Practical risk assessment with triangular distributions
  • Automated information retrieval for quantitative risk assessment data
  • What's important? Making what is valuable and worth protecting explicit when performing risk and vulnerability analyses

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