30 December 2009

Call for papers: Multimedia Applications for Cloud Computing

A special issue of International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology

With the rapid advances in information technologies, future generation networks will face challenges in providing highly reliable and high-quality performance. Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift from existing IT infrastructures to using the services of software applications, computing and storage over wide-area distribution networks. This trend is being empowered by drastic performance improvement of the IT infrastructure components together with key innovations in the way cloud computing infrastructure is built, such as virtualization, distributed computing, multi-core processors, service-oriented architectures.

Cloud computing technology has been widely used for a variety of applications in recent years. Among them, multimedia services in cloud have become increasingly popular, since multimedia representations are more attractive. The great demands of the economic globalization also foster the spreading applications. In addition, security becomes an important issue for the applications in cloud. This special issue strives to foster state-of-the-art research pertaining to cloud computing in the area of advanced technologies and innovative applications. The emphasis of the issue is on multimedia applications for cloud.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to following:
  • Mobile, peer-to-peer and pervasive multimedia services in clouds
  • Applications of multimedia, video and speed in clouds
  • Cluster computing technology based on distributed architecture for multimedia applications
  • Intelligent multimedia computing in clouds
  • Multimedia in sensor and ad hoc networks
  • Multimedia broadcasting
  • Multimedia applications for e-Science and e-Business
  • Multimedia applications for virtual enterprises and organizations
  • Performance evaluation of multimedia applications for cloud
  • Multimedia indexing and retrieval in clouds
  • Image processing and digital signal processing in clouds
  • Computer graphics in clouds
  • Information visualization and software visualization in clouds
  • Information hiding and digital watermarking in clouds
Important Dates
Full Manuscript Due: 1 July, 2010
Acceptance Notification: 31 August, 2010
Revised Manuscript Due: 30 September, 2010
Final Manuscript Due: 30 November, 2010

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