27 December 2009

Special issue: Evidence-based research for improving health and public affairs as extended to global health affairs

International Journal of Public Policy 5(2/3) 2010
  • Global health research strategies
  • Comparison of nursing home care between the USA and China
  • Evidence based medicine as a strategy for quality improvement
  • Nursing home quality: does financial performance matter?
  • Transfer from a home and community-based long-term care program to a nursing home: the Ohio experience
  • Patient satisfaction in hospital-based emergency departments: recommendation for healthcare management and policy
  • System transformation: USA and international strategies in healthcare organisation and policy
  • The diffusion of bariatric surgery programs within US community hospitals, 1995 to 2000
  • Pursuing an extension of the 'Minnowbrook spirit' in the US healthcare system
  • Healthcare access, socioeconomic factors and late-stage cancer diagnosis: an exploratory spatial analysis and public policy implication
  • Determinants of primary care physicians' referral pattern: a structural equation model approach
  • Job design and the psychological status of Taiwanese pharmacists on job outcomes: an application of the job characteristics model

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