20 December 2012

International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation special issue: "Digital Human Modelling"

International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation 3(2) 2012

Expanded versions of papers from the First International Symposium on Digital Human Modeling (DHM2011).
  • Maximum elbow joint torques for digital human models
  • 3D anthropometric data processing
  • Hand MoCap using an individual model with a skeleton and a surface skin
  • Analysis of truck cabin egress motion
  • Low-parametric control of human body shape modelling via the web using 3D scan data
  • Description of boundary case methodology for anthropometric diversity consideration
  • The development of a designer-oriented digital human model: a case study

19 December 2012

Inaugural issue call for papers: International Journal of Circuits and Architecture Design

The Int. J. of Circuits and Architecture Design has announced a call for papers for its inaugural issue.

Rapid developments and convergence in consumer electronics have made the theory of VLSI circuits a 
burgeoning area of research and development. The International Journal of Circuits and Architecture 
Design (IJCAD) proposes and fosters discussion on circuits, architecture design, systems, processor 
architecture and electronic design automation. 

The journal provides a platform for research scholars, scientists and academicians worldwide to promote, share and discuss the various new issues and developments in different areas of circuits, architecture and design.

The objectives of the journal are to disseminate new knowledge and technology among the academic and 
research communities, professionals and industry practitioners, thus bridging the gap between research 
theories and actual implementation. The journal represents a current, comprehensive and practical information tool in the area of circuit and architecture design.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Circuit theory and design
  • Circuit analysis and simulation
  • EDA methodologies, tools, flows  and automation techniques
  • Robust, power, delay and area-conscious digital circuits 
  • FPGA architecture  and applications
  • On-chip communication, design, architecture
  • Physical design, methodologies, tools and applications
  • Interdisciplinary methodologies/technologies in VLSI 
  • Innovative device technologies, designs, processes and issues
  • IP design issues, interoperability, reuse and applications
  • Emerging trends in VLSI design automation
Important Dates
Paper submission deadline: 28 February, 2013
Decision notification: 30 April, 2013

Inderscience technology journals to publish expanded ICAETC papers

Expanded versions of papers presented at the 2013 International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology Convergence (ICAETC) (27 January 2013, Bangkok, Thailand) will be published by the following journals:

Call for papers: "Theoretical Analysis and Benchmarking of Nature-Inspired Algorithms"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation.

Despite the huge success and popularity of nature-inspired algorithms in practice in recent years, the mathematical and statistical analysis of these algorithms is still lacking. In fact, apart from limited results on a few limited cases, convergence and stability of most algorithms still remain challenging, open problems.

Furthermore, existing benchmarking and comparison studies of these algorithms are fragmental and without a good framework, which necessitates a systematic approach to benchmarking.

This special issue therefore strives to stimulate more research on the theoretical aspects of nature-inspired algorithms and their benchmarking.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Complexity of algorithms
  • Statistical analysis and comparison
  • Swarm intelligence
  • Cuckoo search
  • Firefly algorithm
  • Particle swarm optimisation
  • Systematic benchmarking
  • Bat algorithm
  • Framework of bio-inspired algorithms
  • Dynamical systems
  • Markov chain theory
  • Large-scale applications
  • Other new methods
Important Dates
Submission deadline: 30 September, 2013
Acceptance notification: 31 December, 2013
Final manuscript submission: 15 February, 2014

Call for papers: "Security Aspects in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing.

Over the last few decades there has been tremendous growth in the area of pervasive and ubiquitous computing. During this era, various portable devices have been invented which are capable of performing various complex operations while keeping in view of the needs of users. These devices are being used in wide varieties of applications such as health monitoring and diagnostic systems, safety alarms, intelligent transport systems and environment monitoring.

But as these devices are vulnerable to various types of attacks (inside and outside) and threats, secure communication between them is of paramount concern in the pervasive and ubiquitous computing environment. This is mainly because of the direct interaction of these devices with the Internet, which is an open environment for information dissemination using these devices. Additionally, because to the lack of pre-deployment infrastructure due to resource constraints in these devices, the research community faces new security challenges to provide efficient solutions for secure communication with practical aspects.

Motivated by recent advances and existing techniques for secure communication in this field, this special issue aims to collect quality research proposals with a solid background in both theoretical and practical aspects. Proposals which are supported by mathematical formulation and validation will be given special attention when considered for inclusion in this issue.

The key objectives of this issue are as follows:
  • To explore new innovations and ideas with the utility of becoming an end product for the benefits of the community.
  • To explore the various security threats and precautionary measures for the same to increase the overall performance of systems. 
The issue will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Biometrics and Security Technologies (ISBAST’13), but we also strongly encourage researchers unable to participate in the conference to submit articles for this call.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to the following in the context of pervasive and ubiquitous computing:
  • Trust management
  • Intrusion detection and avoidance techniques
  • Privacy and anonymity
  • Modern security architectures and implementations
  • Threat and vulnerability modelling
  • Lightweight cryptographic solutions
  • Key agreement, distribution and management
  • Access control management systems
  • Secure mobile systems
  • Secure coding techniques
  • Formal verification and validation techniques for security
  • Biometric solutions
  • Lightweight AAA infrastructures
  • Secure social networking
Important Dates
Paper submission due: 15 September, 2013
Decision notification: 15 December, 2013
Revised paper submission: 15 January, 2014
Final paper submission: 15 February, 2014

Call for papers: "Computational Methods for the Analysis of International Capital Flows and Fiscal Policy"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics.

Annual gross cross-border capital flows increased considerably from about 5% of world GDP in the mid-1990s to about 20% in 2007. The global financial crisis in 2008 has vividly demonstrated the complexity and rapidity of the international transmission of financial shocks and vulnerabilities associated with increased international capital flows, particularly in emerging markets and developing countries. Furthermore, the increase in international capital flows, despite a temporary contraction during the global crisis, has motivated policy discussions on the associated benefits and costs of capital mobility.

Fiscal policies can play an important role in reducing vulnerabilities associated with capital inflows. Countries that typically follow counter-cyclical fiscal restraint policy have experienced more moderate credit booms during large inflow episodes, and especially during debt inflow episodes. These are, however, general findings and related policy recommendations have to take into account countries’ individual situations and constraints.

In this regard, the aims of the special issue are to apply computational techniques that investigate on the one hand, for capital inflow recipient countries, how the fiscal policies can prevent or reduce the adverse effects of international capital flow dynamics and stabilise the domestic economy; on the other hand, for capital outflow countries, how fiscal policies influence domestic economy via key macroeconomic indicators, maintain external balance and revive domestic investment in the sustainable path.

Articles in this issue can range from very applied, policy-oriented applications of computational methods to highly theoretical and mathematically complex analyses of algorithms and numerical methods. The proposed analytical instruments must be empirically validated on the basis of replicable data, and should take into account the interdependence of economic trends over time, countries and sectors.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • International trade, balance of payment, global trade imbalance
  • Capital flows, foreign direct investment, private and public portfolio flows
  • Fiscal policy
  • National debt
  • Foreign aid
  • Sovereign wealth funds
Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 30 June, 2013 (extended)

Call for Papers: "Biomedical Signal and Image Processing"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology.

The field of biomedical engineering has contributed immensely to human healthcare systems since ancient times. In present times, medical instrumentation systems include cardiac pacemakers, heart-lung machines, dialysis machines, automatic disease diagnostic equipment, imaging technologies of various kinds, artificial organs, implants and advanced prosthetics.

Currently, most research activities conducted are on the analysis of different medical images, medical imaging modalities, computer-assisted electrocardiography, heart rate variability and tele-medicine and tele-healthcare systems design.

Heart rate variability analysis (both linear and non-linear) is one of the growing fields of research for the prognosis of cardiac ailments. Linear methods have inherent shortcomings, due to which the prognosis accuracy percentage remains low. Recent advances in nonlinear methods have potential to enhance this prognosis accuracy.

Similarly, in medical image processing, the image enhancement, characteristic parameter identification and efficient classification of image data are the current issues which need to be addressed, thereby leading to effective disease diagnostics using radiographic techniques.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Biomedical signals:
  • ECG signal analysis
  • ECG wave component detection
  • Heart rate variability analysis using linear and non-linear methods
  • Cardiac disease classification
  • EEG signal analysis
  • ECG and EEG correlation studies
  • Evoked potentials
  • Bio-signal modelling
  • Brain-computer interface
  • Telemedicine
  • Bio signal compression
  • Medical images:
  • Image enhancement
  • Region of interest identification and segmentation
  • Compression
  • Computer-assisted image classification for disease diagnostics
  • Novel signal processing techniques for medical image processing
Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 12 April, 2013 (extended)

European Journal of Industrial Engineering special issue: "Models and Algorithms for Operations Management"

European Journal of Industrial Engineering 6(6) 2012

Expanded versions of papers from the Ninth Conference of ROADEF (French Operations Research and Decision-Making Society).
  • Disruption management for commercial airlines: methods and results for the ROADEF 2009 Challenge
  • Disruptions in the airline industry: math-heuristics for re-assigning aircraft and passengers simultaneously
  • Extending metaheuristics based on bin packing for SALBP to PALBP
  • Managing reward and risk of the newsboy problem with range information
  • Heuristics for the response time variability problem
  • Penalty function approaches for ship multidisciplinary design optimisation (MDO)

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology to publish extended ICACNI-2013 papers

Expanded versions of papers presented at the International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics (ICACNI-2013) (12-14 June 2013, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India) will be published by the International Journal of Information and Communication Technology.

18 December 2012

Special Issue: "Competing Through Logistics and Supply Chain Capabilities"

International Journal of Services Sciences 4(3/4) 2012
  • One size does not fit all: an approach for differentiated supply chain management
  • Framework for demand chain and supply chain coordination
  • Creating a competitive edge when designing production systems - facilitating the sharing of design information
  • Justification of coordinated supply chain in small and medium enterprises using analytic hierarchy process
  • North European logistics flows with RIC: actor and national economy analysis
  • Market responsive demand chain management in Indian companies: an exploratory study
  • A service decoupling point framework for logistics, manufacturing, and service operations

17 December 2012

News: Editor in Chief appointed as RACEF Academician

Professor Constantin Zopounidis has been appointed as an Academician of the RACEF (Royal Academy of Economic and Finance Sciences of Spain). Professor Zopounidis is the Editor-in-Chief of theInternational Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management and the International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making.

16 December 2012

New Editor for International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies

Dr. Daphne Halkias has been appointed to take charge of the International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies. Dr. Halkias holds positions at the Northcentral University, USA and the University of Bergamo, Italy.

Call for Papers: "Detecting and Mitigating Information Security Threats for Mobile Networks"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation.

As individuals, organisations and governments increasingly rely on the transmission of mobile (and often personal) data, it is now more prudent than ever that we can ensure the confidentially, reliability, integrity and availability of mobile networks.

The goal of this special issue is to provide a source for research dissemination for our contributors, and a source of cutting edge, high quality information within the field of security for mobile networks for our readers.

We encourage contributions from the academic, practitioner and research communities, and recognise that contributions from each group are required for a successful edition.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Anti-malware methods, including detecting, analysing and preventing infections in mobile/wireless networks
  • Combating cyber-crime activities, including anti-spam, anti-fraud and anti-phishing methods with a focus on these activities with respect to mobile/wireless device use
  • Design, implementation and management of mobile/wireless network security policies, including integrating employee-owned devices into corporate networks
  • Detecting and mitigating network intrusions through intrusion prevention, detection and response systems and policies with a focus on the intersection of mobile/wireless networks and traditional wired ones
  • Ensuring privacy and anonymity of user data in mobile/wireless networks
Important Dates:
Paper submissions due: 31 March, 2013
Author notification: 31 May, 2013
Final versions of papers due: 30 June, 2013

14 December 2012

Newly announced journal: International Journal of Automotive Composites

The International Journal of Automotive Composites provides comprehensive explanation of how advanced composites (FRPs, reinforced thermoplastics, carbon-based composites and many others) are designed, processed and utilised in automotive vehicles. It includes technical explanation of advanced composites in vehicle design/analysis and covers all phases of composites design, analysis, modelling, testing, manufacturing and failure analysis. It also sheds light on the performance of existing composites and future developments in automotive materials technology. The term, 'automotive', includes passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, trucks, buses and recreational vehicles.

13 December 2012

Call for papers: "Signal Processing for Visual Surveillance"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Machine Intelligence and Sensory Signal Processing.

Visual surveillance has grown in importance in the domain of automated monitoring of human behaviour and its analysis in confined environments as well as large social areas. Single camera as well as multi-camera network is employed for the purpose of analysis of human behaviour which finds practical application in security, market analysis, and so on.

Signal processing and information extraction of the bulk amount of acquired video is a primitive task in visual surveillance. This special issue aims to call for recent original research works, review articles, case studies, comparative performance analysis in the said domain from researchers, academicians and practitioners around the globe.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Single camera surveillance systems
  • Multi-camera networks for object tracking
  • Algorithms for object tracking
  • Behaviour analysis and gesture recognition
  • Human recognition through gait pattern
  • Camera network localisation
  • Surveillance in non-visual spectrums
  • Occlusion handling
  • Mobile camera network calibration
  • Real-time visual surveillance
  • Video processing and coding for large data storage
  • Performance and connectivity analysis of camera networks
  • Placement and camera resource optimisation
  • Surveillance in open public areas
  • Challenges in automated surveillance
  • 3-D reconstruction and holography from multiple cameras
  • Feature-based object recognition
  • Applications in live sport telecasting
  • Applications in cinematography

Important Dates:
Paper submission: 20 July, 2013
Notification of first revisions/acceptance: 30 August, 2013
Submission of revised versions: 20 September, 2013
Final notification of acceptance/rejection: 5 October, 2013

Call for papers: "Air Quality Modelling"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Environment and Pollution.

This special issue will focus on different aspects of air quality modeling, from short range dispersion models to long range transport models, photochemistry and micrometeorology. It will provide a broad discussion on new methodologies and applications of different air quality modelling techniques.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling systems
  • Urban dispersion and micrometeorology
  • Wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling approaches
  • Long range transport models
  • Background concentrations modelling
  • Photochemical modelling
  • Impact of micrometeorology on air quality
  • Issues involved in meteorological data
  • Air quality evaluation studies and applications
  • Air quality model sensitivity analysis
  • Air pollution forecasting
  • Modelling air quality impacts of transportation and agriculture sources
  • Impact of vegetation on air pollution dispersion and filtration
Important Dates:
Submission of manuscripts: 30 April, 2013 (extended)
Notification to authors: 31 May, 2013
Final versions due: 31 July, 2013

12 December 2012

Inderscience journals to publish extended International Symposium on Materials and Sustainable Development articles

Expanded versions of papers presented at the International Symposium on Materials and Sustainable Development (6-9 May 2013, Boumerdes, Algeria) will be published by the following journals:

Special issue: "Redesigning Asia’s Interface with the International Economy"

International Journal of Technology and Globalisation 6(4) 2012
  • Asia's new challenges: redesigning the interface with the international economy
  • Globalisation of innovation in knowledge intensive industries: lessons from the new China
  • Outsourcing and supplier learning: insights from the Indian software industry
  • Internationalisation of the Korean online game industry: exemplified through the case of NCsoft
  • Intercultural management practices of Chinese returnees in Shanghai in knowledge intensive industries
  • Seeking markets and resources: state-driven Chinese and Indian investments in Zambia
  • Unequal benefits from internationalisation: regional technology differences in China

Call for papers: "Bioinformatics"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Functional Informatics and Personalised Medicine.

One of principal tasks of data mining is to discover sequential patterns which have diverse applications. Using data mining techniques in the discovery of biological data and biomarkers is one of the crucial issues attracting researchers' concerns. Applying pattern mining algorithms in bioinformatics and medicine applications such as biomarker discovery, gene expression, motif discovery (e.g. transcription factor mining, transcription factor binding sites mining, promoter mining, DNA binding sites discovery, etc.) has been addressed by researchers recently.

Today, with the increasing development of new diseases, it is crucial to develop new methods to diagnose these diseases and new medicines to cure them. Biological data and biomarker discovery contributes to a better understanding of proteins and molecule structures and behaviours, and helps to diagnose and cure diseases to a large degree.

The primary goal of this special issue is to exchange the latest fundamental advances in biomarker discovery and the practice of pattern-mining algorithms and related areas. We are interested not only in papers with strong algorithmic and modelling innovations, but also in works that have biological models, application-oriented experimental implementations and evaluations.

The research presented in this special issue will be applicable for medical institutions, corporations developing medicines and any other parties involved in curing diseases.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Fundamentals of biomarker discovery
  • Computational biomarker discovery in proteomics
  • Clinical bioinformatics and translational medicine
  • Applying pattern-mining algorithms to biological problems
  • Synthetic biology
  • Cancer prediction
  • Biomarkers in clinical drug development
  • Safety biomarkers
  • Methodologies for genome-wide association studies
  • Computational techniques for patient cohort stratification and segmentation
  • Deep sequencing
  • High-throughput technologies
  • Supercomputing to identify biomarkers
  • Mathematical methods for diagnostic classifiers
  • Biological network analysis
  • Network-based and pathway-aware biomarker strategies
Important Dates:
Submission deadline: 5 May, 2013
Notification: 5 June, 2013
Final manuscript due: 5 August, 2013

11 December 2012

Call for papers: "Swarm Intelligence in Power Engineering"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation.

Swarm intelligence-based optimisation techniques are becoming more popular by the day and have been widely used for optimisation in various domains of science and engineering applications.

Looking into recent trends in the energy sector we see that, as systems becomes more and more competitive in nature, swarm intelligence based-optimisation algorithms play a vital role in solving the complex and large-scale power system optimisation problems.

This special issue will therefore focus on recent advances in swarm intelligence applications in power engineering.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Particle swarm optimisation
  • Ant colony algorithms
  • Bee algorithms
  • Cuckoo searches
  • Differential evolution
  • Evolutionary algorithms
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Firefly algorithms
  • Harmony searches
  • Simulated annealing
  • Application areas in power engineering
  • Power system planning
  • Power system operation and control
  • Machines and drives
  • Smart grid
Important Dates:
Submission deadline: 1 March, 2013
Acceptance notification: 1 June, 2013
Final manuscript submission: 1 July, 2013

Special issue: "Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics"

International Journal of Microstructure and Materials Properties 7(5) 2012

Expanded papers from the 2010 International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering  and Mechanics (ICAMEM 2010).
  • Identifying non-linear HMA behaviour from uniaxial creep and dynamic modulus test results
  • Influence of loading rates on morpholgy and mechanical properties of PLA/clay nanocomposites
  • Effects of the test conditions on the friction and wear of polyethylene
  • Processing and characterisation of two- and three-phase polymer-based nanocomposites for energy storage applications
  • Simple modelling of impregnation in pultrusion process of thermoplastic composites
  • Effect of short and long term freeze-thaw cycling on the mechanical behaviour of filament wound FRP-tubes
  • Evaluation of dilute inclusion model by finite element method: application to the cement paste

Special issue: "Service Imperatives in the New Economy"

International Journal of Services, Economics and Management 4(4) 2012

Includes expanded papers from the Second International Research Symposium in Service Management (IRSSM-2).
  • Service quality, image and loyalty towards Malaysian hotels
  • Determinants of student satisfaction in higher education: an empirical study in Dubai
  • A study of impact of search engine optimisation to internet marketing strategy
  • Two main cognitive gaps by using TRIZ and tools in service system design
  • An exploratory study of service productivity index for service industry evaluation
Regular paper
  • Primary TQM practices and their effects on engineering performance in a Malaysian semiconductor firm

10 December 2012

Inderscience business and technology journals to publish extended 2013 University-Industry Interaction Conference papers

Expanded versions of papers presented at the 2013 University-Industry Interaction Conference
(27-29 May 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands) will be published by the following journals:

Special issue: "Plasmas for Aerodynamics and Combustion"

International Journal of Aerodynamics 3(1/2/3) 2013
  • Implementation of DBD plasma actuators to control boundary layers in subsonic flow
  • Transition control using a single plasma actuator
  • Physics and models for plasma synthetic jets
  • Separation control with plasma synthetic jet actuators
  • Pressure, temperature and free-flight projectile-displacement measurements during a plasma discharge generated on a supersonic projectile
  • Shock modification induced by a DC discharge: numerical and experimental study
  • Numerical modelling of supersonic flow actuated by laser-induced plasma
  • Towards a kinetic understanding of the ignition of air-propane mixture by a non-equilibrium discharge: the decomposition mechanisms of propane
  • Finite volumes simulations of aerodynamic flows based on velocity-vorticity formulations

Call for papers: "Managerial Complexity in Shipping and Port Markets"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics.

Academics and practitioners largely recognise the increasing managerial complexity that exists in port and shipping businesses. The proliferation of new environmental “variables”, the “pace” of market transformations and innovations and the complexity derived from the emerging interactions between public and private players are driving shipping companies and port actors to reshape their strategies and rethink their own business models.

Indeed, the traditional paradigms of competition co-exist with multi-layer forms of cooperation, leading to numerous forms of co-opetition among players. Also, port authorities are redefining their vision and missions to focus on and stimulate value creation. In this regard, scholars are called to broaden the current knowledge by providing in-depth analyses and contributions.

This special issue aims to collect recent original contributions related to managerial complexity in shipping and port markets. It will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the 2013 International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) Conference on “Managing complexity in shipping and port markets: firms' business models, co-opetitive games and innovative public-private interactions” (IAME 2013; see http://www.iame2013.org), but we also strongly encourage researchers who are unable to participate in the conference to submit papers for this call.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Growth strategies of ocean carriers and terminal operators
  • Port authority strategies
  • Port governance models and mechanisms
  • "Blue ocean" strategies in shipping and ports
  • Emerging market opportunities and trends
  • Competition and co-operation in shipping and ports
  • Economies of scale and cost leadership strategies
  • Vertical integration in shipping and transport logistics
  • Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in shipping and ports
Important Dates:
Submission deadline: 1 August, 2013

8 December 2012

Special issue: "Design, Synthesis and the Applications of Functional Materials"

International Journal of Nanotechnology 10(1/2) 2013

Expanded version of papers presented at the 4th International Symposium on Functional Materials (ISFM 2011).
  • Crystallisation of cuprous oxide
  • Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of Sr4Al14O25:(Eu, Dy)/TiO2-xNy composite photocatalyst
  • Wet cation exchange route to semiconductor alloys: the case study of MgxZn1-xO
  • Photocatalytic oxidation of NOx gases using ZnO with superstructure by a low temperature soft solution process
  • Synthesis of ZnO whiskers via EDTA-assisted hydrothermal routes
  • Morphological control of zinc oxide and application to cosmetics
  • Thermal management of micro hotspots in electric components with carbon nanotubes
  • Synthesis of aluminium nitride under 2.45 GHz microwave irradiation
  • Size-controlled synthesis of β-Co(OH)2 hexagonal nanoplates and their conversion into CoO octahedrons using cobalt naphthenate under solvothermal conditions
  • Electrochemical hydrogen storage characteristics of TiVNi-quasicrystalline composite materials
  • Control of interfacial properties in power electronic devices
  • Preparation and characterisation of CaO-Bi2O3 complex oxide
  • Preparation and characterisation of scandia doped dispenser cathodes
  • Fabrication of translucent silicon nitride ceramics with various sintering aids
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis of CsxWO3 nanoparticle and its near-infrared absorbing properties

7 December 2012

Call for papers: "Ontology Paradigms in Software Programming Languages"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies.

Software development is a complex activity and most programming languages support only one or a few programming paradigms such as concurrent, object-oriented or functional ontologies. As a result, software developers may have to mix and match between different programming paradigms in different programming languages to accomplish their task, which can be tedious.

The addition of ontology paradigms into mainstream programming languages has improved the efficiency of implementing business domains. This special issue explores the development of meta-domain-specific language in current mainstream programming languages.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Knowledge representation in programming language
  • Description logics for meta-DSL
  • Domain-specific modelling
  • Modelling language for domain experts
  • Incorporating ontology into programming language
  • Multi-paradigm programming language
  • Meta-domain-specific language
  • Foundational ontology
  • Modelling ontologies as executable DSL
  • Semantic-based software development
  • Programming languages and metaprogramming
  • Ontology-driven software architecture
  • Ontology integration, merging and mapping
  • Ontology-based software engineering
  • Ontology and software development processes
Important Dates:
Deadline for submissions: 31 March, 2013
Results notification: 31 May, 2013
Final submission: 1 October, 2013

Special issue: "Management of Technological Innovation for Sustainable Development: Exploring Multiple Perspectives"

International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development 6(4) 2012

Extended versions of papers from Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology 2011.
  • An intelligent vehicle management system for reducing greenhouse gas emission - a case study of hybrid vehicle engine
  • Towards availability and sustainability in customer value assessment of asset management services
  • Disruptive innovation for the base of the pyramid market - a case study on China's Shanzhai cell phone industry
  • A structure for innovation reproduction in the Eclipse OSS ecosystem
  • Regional technical innovation suitability and economic growth in China

Special issue: "Social Media Support for Intelligent Service and Interaction"

International Journal of Knowledge and Web Intelligence 3(3) 2012

Expanded versions of papers from KES/AMSTA2011KES/IIMSS2011 and KES/IDT2011.
  • Design and collection of ontological metadata for enhancing interoperability of language resources
  • Localised topic information extraction for summarisation using syntactic sequences
  • Composition method of presentation slides using diagrammatic representation of discourse structure
  • Multi agent system approach for vulnerability analysis of online social network profiles over time
  • Improving users' manipulation and control on WSNs through collaborative sessions

Media partner for Forensics Europe Expo 2013

Inderscience is a media partner for Forensics Europe Expo 2013 (24-25 April 2013, London, UK).

The journals involved are:
Press release

6 December 2012

Call for papers: "Research Issues in Patient-Centric Healthcare Delivery"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise.

Delivery of operationally and economically efficient healthcare is becoming one of the national priorities of the United States. Healthcare experts universally agree that focus on individuals and participation of individuals in their own care is important to transform healthcare systems from reactive to preventative, from clinic-centric to patient-centric, and from disease-centred to wellness-centred.

The much-talked about smart health and wellbeing programmes promote safe, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centred health and wellness services through research and innovation. Patient-centric healthcare requires the creation of baseline data for each and every individual separately. Application of population-based specifications to a specific individual may lead to wrong diagnosis and treatment, particularly when the individual differs from the population due to various factors such as genetics, environment, socioeconomic conditions and medical history.

The Institute of Medicine, the National Academy of Engineering, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the National Science Foundation have been strongly advocating the application of industrial and systems engineering tools to improve the healthcare delivery system. The application of industrial and systems engineering principles and tools to model, analyse, optimise and design patient-centric healthcare delivery systems, including services for diagnosis, treatment and care, can bring significant and lasting improvements to the United States healthcare system and the quality of life across the population.

This special issue will focus on research issues that support patient-centric healthcare delivery systems that are modular, dynamically configurable, distributed, responsive, expansive, flexible and resilient. The issue seeks research contributions that address computational, algorithmic and systemic issues related to patient-centric healthcare delivery. Research contributions from diverse communities including industrial engineering, systems engineering, management science and health services are welcome.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Descriptive, predictive and simulation models of patient-centric healthcare delivery
  • Decision support tools to make optimal patient-centered evidence-based decisions
  • Methods for measuring and optimising operations to improve quality and productivity of patient-centric healthcare delivery systems
  • Performance and economic models of delivery systems to support operations management decisions
  • Algorithms for stratification of patients and individuals-based clinical, biomedical and environmental data
  • Algorithms for discovery of knowledge from aggregated population health records and for drawing inferences based on individual or population health data
  • Information retrieval and data mining systems for personalised medicine
  • Rapid response supply chains to support personalised healthcare
  • Evaluation of technology and incentives toward patient-centric goals
  • Information technology that supports communications among medical information systems in the clinic, at home and in person
  • Lean concepts and practices for customised diagnosis, treatment and care
  • Personalised and context-aware human-computer interfaces for a variety of tasks including patient, family and caregiver access to electronic health records and personal health records
  • Telemedicine applications that promote patient-centric diagnosis, treatment and care and empower patients and healthy individuals to participate in their own health and treatment via customised education and visualisation of health data and knowledge
Important Dates:
Manuscript submission: 31 July, 2013 (extended)
Notification of decisions: 1 December, 2013
Final revision: 31 January, 2014
Final paper acceptance decisions: 15 March, 2014

Call for papers: "Economy, Diplomacy and Human Rights: New Threats or Opportunities"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy.

Recent years have witnessed a significant shift in the form and content of the exercise of external affairs. The traditional model of sovereign state diplomacy – marked by hierarchy, relative rigidity and costliness stemming, inter alia, from the customary and conventional constraints of law and politics of diplomacy – has been undergoing a major transformation. A monist approach to diplomacy, whereby all diplomatic functions derive from, are exercised and return back to the sovereign organs of state, has been gradually supplemented, if not replaced, by a pluralist approach.

The diplomatic functions of the state have now become disaggregated and are no longer exercised only by public but also by private bodies, or at least in co-operation with them. The private economic actors, corporations and their representatives, NGOs and civil society have thus become involved not only in influencing, but also in framing and conducting a foreign policy of state following the latter’s explicit or implicit authorisation thereof. This is potentially paving the way to a more flexible, responsive, context-sensitive, targeted model of diplomacy.

It is against this well-known background narrative of the rise of economic diplomacy that the present call for papers focuses on a much less explored issue inside it. This is the relationship between economic interests, modern diplomacy and the protection of human rights.

We would like to invite potential contributors to take the above-described trend in the evolution of state diplomacy from the monist to the pluralist model – economic diplomacy being the latter’s best exemplification – as a stepping stone for a discussion of the following and related questions. Theoretical, research and case study papers are welcome.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • What is the rapport between the foreign policy of a state and global human rights protection?
  • How, if at all, does the economisation and/or privatisation of state diplomacy affect global human rights protection regimes?
  • Are we expected to see the traditionally instrumentalist role of human rights in the foreign policy of a state exacerbated, or will that trend rather be reversed?
  • Will human rights protection, also under the influence of a broader set of diplomatic non-statist actors, finally become a genuine end in and of itself?
  • Do the answers to these questions differ between the states and regions of the world? How?
  • Economic crisis and human rights?
  • What are the particular perils for human rights protection stemming from the strengthening of the economic diplomacy that ought to be avoided?
  • What are, in contrast, the advantages that ought to be fostered and exploited?
Important Dates:
Submission of one page abstracts (by email) (max. 500 words): 15 February, 2013
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 15 March, 2013
Submission (online) of full articles following acceptance of abstracts: 1 June, 2013
Notification of acceptance, refusal or revision of full papers: 1 July, 2013
Submission of accepted and revisited final papers: 15 September, 2013

Call for papers: "Biometric Recognition: An Application to Computer Vision"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies.

Biometrics has the capability to identify or verify each and every individual correctly by using physiological (face, fingerprint, iris, periocular region, palmprint, knuckle, ear, retina, footprint, gait, DNA, dental biometrics etc.) or behavioural characteristics (signature, voice, etc.) possessed by the user. This does not require any other means of possession-based and knowledge-based identification substance or token that may cause the security susceptible to attack when an unauthorized person needs to gain access to a restricted area or security zone by altering user information provided in token. These substances or tokens, such as various security tags or identification cards, may be stolen or forgotten and as a result malicious users take advantage of it through unauthorized entry to the highly security areas.

As opposed to these systems, cutting-edge biometrics-based identification systems offer higher security to gain competitive advantages over conventional identification systems. The need for biometrics systems is increasing in day-to-day activities and due to that, novel methods are evolving rapidly and boosting the biometric research in new directions. The special issue will serve as a platform to cover the advanced topics and approaches of biometric systems and technologies.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Face, fingerprint, iris, periocular region, lip, palm, signature, hand geometry, knuckle, ear, gait, retina, DNA, footprint, voice, heartbeat, dental biometric etc.
  • Feature extraction, pattern classification, matching techniques for biometrics algorithms
  • Biometrics systems for border control security
  • Biometrics systems for verification and identification
  • Database indexing techniques for biometrics systems
  • Protocols, cryptography, biometric standards for biometrics systems
  • Security and reliability assessment for biometrics systems
  • Online and offline biometric systems
  • Performance assessment and resource computation in biometrics systems
  • Multi-classifiers fusion and score weighting schemes in biometrics
  • Machine vision and soft computing techniques in biometrics fusion
  • Match score level, feature level, rank level, sensor level fusions for biometrics systems
  • Feature quality improvements, feature update, feature matching in biometrics
  • Adaptive biometric systems; Biometrics template security
  • Biometrics in affective computing
  • Emotion recognition
  • Action units recognition in biometric systems
  • Extended features in biometrics
  • Recognition at distance
  • Biometrics alteration
  • Heterogeneous biometrics systems
  • Avatar recognition
  • Age invariant biometrics recognition
  • Matching sketch to photos
  • Multibiometrics
  • Soft biometrics
  • Cancellable biometrics
  • Biometric database management
Important Dates:
Original paper submission: 20 May 2013
Notification of first revision/ Acceptance: 30 June 2013
Submission of revised version by the authors: 20 July 2013
Final Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: 05 August 2013
Proofreading copy submission and typesetting: 25 September 2013

Call for papers:"Impacts of Agricultural Biotechnology: Long-Term Evidence"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Biotechnology.

Since its first commercial release in the United States in 1996, agricultural biotechnology is now officially approved for use 29 countries worldwide. Nearly 17 million farmers grow genetically modified (GM) crops on over 160 million. At the time of the first release of GM crops there were widespread concerns over their potential long-term economic, ecological and health impacts. These concerns inspired diplomatic efforts to find ways to minimize potential economic, ecological and health impacts. The most elaborate of such efforts is the Cartagena Protocol of Biosafety negotiated under the auspices of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

The aim of this special issue is to provide the latest evidence of the ecological and health impacts of GM crops. The special issue will focus on providing long-term trends based on assessments of studies on environment and health impacts of agricultural biotechnology. It will also welcome case studies of such impacts providing the best available evidence.

Since the first commercial release of GM crops there have been a number of major controversies that captured international media attention. However, their resolution hardly received attention. This special issue will also include papers on those controversies with particular emphasis on their policy lessons.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • History of adoption of agricultural biotechnology
  • Evolution of regulations in agricultural biotechnology
  • Trends international treaties governing agriculture biotechnology
  • Negative environmental impacts of agricultural biotechnology
  • Positive environmental impacts of agricultural biotechnology
  • Negative health impacts of agricultural biotechnology
  • Positive health impacts of agricultural biotechnology
  • Negative economic impacts of agricultural biotechnology
  • Positive economic impacts of biotechnology
  • Emerging trends in national regulation of agricultural biotechnology
  • Emerging trends in international trade in agricultural biotechnology
  • Political economy of agricultural biotechnology
  • Public perceptions in agricultural biotechnology
  • Public controversies on ecological impacts of agricultural biotechnology
  • Public controversies on health impacts of agricultural biotechnology
  • Public controversies on economic impacts of agricultural biotechnology
Important Dates:
Manuscript submission: 15 June, 2013
Notification of initial decision: 15 July, 2013
Submission of revised manuscript: 15 September, 2013
Notification of final acceptance: 15 October, 2013

Call for papers: "Sustainable Business Innovation and Technology Management"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling.

Sustainable business innovation and technology management have attracted increasing attention from both practitioners and academics in recent years. In addition, globalisation exerts extra pressure on designing and implementing sustainable operations and supply chains from the global perspective.

The special issue aims to publish the best revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the 12th International Conference on Business Innovation and Technology Management (ICBITM12), taking place on 1-3 July 2013, to address the aforementioned issues. The conference provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on the latest business innovation developments with a special focus on sustainable business innovation and technology management. The guest editors also strongly encourage researchers unable to participate in the conference to submit articles for this issue. We encourage various methodologies including analytical modelling and conceptual, empirical and case studies.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Eco- Innovation
  • Innovative e-commerce
  • Environmental management
  • Technology/information management
  • Business operations/management
  • Sustainability management
  • Sustainable consumption/production
  • Supply chain management
  • Management science
  • Innovation management
  • Human resource management
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Operations/manufacturing management
  • Responsible management
  • Process integration
  • Green marketing and procurement
Important Dates:
Full paper submission: 30 September 2014

First issue: International Journal of Happiness and Development

The International Journal of Happiness and Development is an interdisciplinary journal that seeks to broaden our understanding of 'happiness' and how it may relate to development from economic, political, psychological, and/or sociological perspectives. The journal entertains all definitions of happiness, including 'subjective well-being' or 'life satisfaction' commonly used terms in economics. It welcomes rigorous and scientific papers that provide theoretical or empirical investigations which improve our understanding of how happiness is generated and how it may relate to development interpreted at both micro and macro levels.

There is a free download of the papers from this first issue.

Int. J. of Cloud Computing to publish extended ICCSM-2013 papers

Expanded versions of papers presented at the International Conference on Cloud Security Management (ICCSM-2013) (17-18 October 2013, Seattle, USA) will be published by the International Journal of Cloud Computing.

Special Issue: "Durability of Concrete Structures"

International Journal of Structural Engineering 4(1/2) 2013
  • Determination of water-cement ratios of hardened cement pastes based on the estimation of under-pixel porosity in backscattered electron images
  • Service life design of concrete structures: the limit state and reliability-based approach given in fib MC SLD and ISO 16204
  • An approach for measurement of chloride threshold values
  • Durability evaluations of bridge deck high-performance concrete
  • Durability of hybrid FRP reinforcing bars in concrete structures exposed to marine environments
  • Structural performance evaluation of heavily deteriorated RC members based on simplified inspection results
  • Validation of models for prediction of chloride ingress in concrete exposed in de-icing salt road environment
  • Chloride profiles along the concrete-steel interface
  • Seismic reliability analysis of reinforced concrete framed buildings deteriorated by chloride ingress
  • Effect of electrochemical treatment at fresh condition in enhancing the corrosion resistance in concrete
  • Life-cycle management of concrete structures 

Special issue: "Approach to Water and Waste Management: Characterisation, Treatment and By-Product Recovery"

International Journal of Environmental Engineering 4(3/4) 2012
  • Hydrodynamic characterisation of an airlift reactor for domestic wastewater treatment
  • Isolation of a photosynthetic microbial consortium formed mainly by cyanobacteria with capacity to fix nitrogen
  • Effect assessment of temperature on biogas production from bovine rumen and banana (Musa acuminata) stem undergoing anaerobic codigestion
  • Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production potential of activated sludge from food industrial wastewater treatment process
  • Applications of ozone for modern wastewater treatment
  • Comparative analysis of extended aeration and Fenton process in landfill leachate treatment
  • Utilising waste activated sludge from a palm oil mill effluent treatment plant to remove methylene blue in continuous column studies
  • Landfill leachate treatment and energy generation using microbial fuel cell
  • Design methodology of the reverse supply chain for the management of the solid waste in Cuba
  • Assessment of an aerobic treatment system for wastewater from a meat processing plant
  • Evaluation of microbial systems for biotreatment of cassava mill waste water in Nigeria: biodegradation of cyanide
  • Soil sorption characteristics of imidacloprid in different Croatian regions
  • Performance evaluation of a shaft-type hybrid bioreactor for the removal of carbonaceous organic matter
  • Chemical changes in an Oxisol cultivated with maize (Zea mays, L.) after six years disposal of sewage sludge
  • Physico-chemical treatment of type III leachates from a landfill in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Pre-treatment of refinery spent caustic by Fenton's reaction
  • Rainwater characterisation and its potential use in a Brazilian airport plant

Special issue: "Modelling and Simulation of Ground Vehicle Systems"

International Journal of Vehicle Design 61(1/2/3/4) 2013

Contributions from authors in the Automotive Research Center (ARC).
  • Vehicle sprung mass estimation for rough terrain
  • Robust signal processing for damaged vehicles with variability
  • A saturation-balancing control method for enhancing dynamic vehicle stability
  • Effect of coupling point selection on distortion in internet-distributed hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • An efficient re-analysis methodology for vibration of large-scale structures
  • Battery power management in heavy-duty HEVs based on the estimated critical surface charge
  • Parametrisation and estimation of surrogate critical surface concentration in lithium-ion batteries
  • Development of a blast event simulation process for multi-scale modelling of composite armour for lightweight vehicles
  • An efficient optimal design methodology for non-linear multibody dynamics systems with application to vehicle occupant restraint systems
  • Quantification of the design relationship between ground vehicle weight and occupant safety under blast loading
  • Magnetic and thermal scaling of electric machines
  • Towards a comprehensive framework for simulation-based design validation of vehicle systems
  • Multidisciplinary design optimisation under uncertainty: an information model approach
  • State-of-the-art of terrain profile characterisation models

5 December 2012

Inderscience journals to publish extended AINA-2013 papers

Expanded versions of papers presented at the 27th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2013) (25-28 March 2013, Barcelona, Spain) will be published by the following journals:

Special issue: "The Human Side of Environmental Management in Brazilian Companies"

International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 11(4) 2012
  • Competences for environmental performance in a Brazilian oil company
  • Corporate education for sustainability
  • Relationship between resources, environmental strategies, and organisations performance: an application in the cold storage sector
  • The human side of social technology for climate change mitigation and human development: the case of 'efficient stoves' in Brazil
  • Sustainability and competencies in organisational contexts: a proposal of a model of interaction
  • The second-generation ethanol in the state of São Paulo - Brazil: understanding the stakeholders' point of view

Special issue: "Managing Innovative Distance Learning for Higher Education"

International Journal of Management in Education 7(1/2) 2013
  • Does MBA education make better managers? An empirical study from CEO replacement of Chinese listed firms
  • The impact of student retention strategies: an empirical study
  • Determinants in online MBA programme selection: an exploratory study
  • Models for using internet technology to support flexible e-learning
  • Knowledge management methodology for planning distance education
  • The facilitation of stakeholder consensus for the success of corporate e-learning systems
  • An e-learning environment for enhancing math communication
  • Principles and pressures in managing student attitudes to innovative mobile learning: a view from an Australian distance-education-intensive university
  • Highly task-related diversity vs. less task-related diversity among university staff
  • Managing effective learning with higher education research students: minimising outcome measurement, maximising educational output
  • Faculty members' attitudes, expectations and practises of Knowledge Management at higher education institutions in Jordan

Special issue: "Family and Gender Issues"

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 18(1) 2013
  • Towards a theory of corruption, nepotism, and new venture creation in developing countries
  • Gender differences in business success of German start-up firms
  • Sidab Women's Sewing Group: an example of social entrepreneurship in the Arabian Gulf
  • Basics factors of success in family-owned businesses from second to third generation
  • Effects of family functions and structural changes on family business development (social capital evidence)
  • Sex in the kitchen: changing gender roles in a female-dominated occupation
  • The antecedents and consequences of entrepreneurial orientation in Malay family firms in Malaysia

Special issue: "Technological Advancements that Improve or Enhance Energy Efficiency in Healthcare and Biomedical Research Facilities"

World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development 10(1/2/3) 2013
  • Critical review on hospital surgical room and mechanical system designs
  • Green manufacturing (GM): past, present and future (a state of art review)
  • Comparative analysis of modern control and AI-based control for maintaining constant ambient temperature
  • Computational fluid dynamics modelling of UR-UVGI lamp effectiveness to promote disinfection of airborne microorganisms
  • Targeting 100! Envisioning the high performance hospital in six climate regions
  • Evaluation of miscellaneous and electronic device energy use in hospitals
  • Factors affecting the performance, energy consumption, and carbon footprint for ultra low temperature freezers: case study at the National Institutes of Health
  • Numerical comparison of dispersion of human exhaled droplets under different ventilation methods

Special issue: "Methods and Technologies for Modelling of Petroleum Systems"

International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology 6(1/2) 2013
  • Three-dimensional oil and gas pool-forming dynamic simulation system: principle, method and applications
  • Design and implementation of oil and gas pool-forming simulation project database based on oilfield database
  • Method and technique of 3-D dynamic structural evolution modelling of fault basin
  • Use of paleontological data in long-distance correlation between wells drilled for hydrocarbon exploration
  • The hidden benefits of maturity modelling
  • Dynamic simulation and 2D multiple scales and multiple sources within basin geothermal field
  • A method of calculating hydrocarbon generation history - hydrogen index method (TTPCI-IH method)
  • 3D simulation of hydrocarbon-expulsion history: a method and its application
  • Research on 3D numerical simulation of petroleum pool-forming based on system dynamics
  • Quantitative evaluation methods of traps based on hydrocarbon pool-forming process simulation
  • Quantitative simulation and analysis of hydrocarbon pool-forming processes in Tahe oilfield, Tarim basin
Additional paper
  • Pressure behaviours and flow regimes of a horizontal well with multiple inclined hydraulic fractures

Special issue: "Recent Advances in Sensing, Detection and Remediation of Environmental Pollutants by Nanoscale Materials"

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 16(1/2) 2013
  • Application of gold and silver colloidal nanoparticles for the surface-enhanced Raman spectrometric analysis of melamine and 4-aminobiphenyl
  • Experimental investigation of inorganic nanofiltration membranes prepared by atomic layer deposition and sol-gel methods for saltless water softening
  • Investigation of removal of N-nitrosamines and their precursors in water treatments using activated carbon nanoparticles
  • Plasmonic colorimetry: visual detection of environmentally relevant species
  • Influence of bed height on the quality of rice husk ash in a fluidised bed combustor
  • Assessment of arsenic and vanadium pollution in surface sediments of the Egyptian Mediterranean coast
  • Decision making for produced water management: an integrated multi-criteria approach
  • Characterisation of LD slag of Bokaro Steel Plant and its feasibility study of manufacturing commercial 'fly ash-LD slag' bricks
  • Studies on hydrothermally synthesised zinc oxide nanorod arrays for their enhanced visible light photocatalysis
Additional paper
  • Evaluation of air pollution, local meteorology and urban public health

Special issue: "International Bioinformatics"

International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 9(1) 2013

Expanded versions of papers for the 4th Annual International Bioinformatics Workshop 2006.
  • Designing of putative siRNA against geminiviral suppressors of RNAi to develop geminivirus-resistant papaya crop
  • A heuristic algorithm for haplotype reconstruction from aligned weighted SNP fragments
  • Parameterised algorithms of the individual haplotyping problem with gaps
  • A simple statistical method for discrimination of thermophilic and mesophilic proteins based on amino acid composition
  • Comparison of methods for identifying periodically varying genes
  • Identifying differentially expressed genes in the absence of replication
  • Automatic data analysis of real-time song and locomotor activity in zebra finches

Special issue: "Standardisation of Biometrics: Current Status and Perspectives"

International Journal of Biometrics 5(1) 2013
  • Advances in biometric standardisation - addressing global requirements for interoperable biometrics
  • The ANSI/NIST-ITL standard update for 2011 (data format for the interchange of fingerprint, facial and other biometric information)
  • ISO/IEC standards for on-card biometric comparison
  • Security performance evaluation for biometric template protection techniques
  • Automated conformance testing for ISO/IEC 19794-5 Standard on facial photo specifications
  • Multi-purpose biometric performance grading scheme

Special issue: "Knowledge Management in Software Development Process"

International Journal of Business Information Systems 12(1) 2013
  • Improving software product management: a knowledge management approach
  • An agent-based approach for supporting the knowledge transfer in the software requirements engineering
  • KM capability for software development: a case study of the Indian software firms
  • Knowledge augmentation via incremental clustering: new technology for effective knowledge management 
  • PRIMES: an ontology-based web service for software risk management
  • A software development process for open source and open competition projects

Special issue: "Fun and Games"

International Journal of Arts and Technology 6(1) 2013

Expanded versions of papers from the Third International Conference on Fun and Games 2010 (FNG 2010).
  • Subliminal advertising in shooter games: recognition effects of textual and pictorial brand logos
  • The PLEX Cards and its techniques as sources of inspiration when designing for playfulness
  • Tapping into the field of foreign language learning games
  • Viking Ghost Hunt: creating engaging sound design for location-aware applications
  • Recognising your self in virtual avatars
  • Video games in therapy: a therapist's perspective

Special issue: "Affective Brain-Computer Interfacing"

International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems 6(1) 2013

Expanded versions of papers presented at the International Conference on Affective Computation and Intelligent Interaction 2009 (ACII 2009).
  • Emotional brain-computer interfaces
  • Designing a passive brain computer interface using real time classification of functional near-infrared spectroscopy
  • Valence, arousal and dominance in the EEG during game play
  • Capturing user engagement via psychophysiology: measures and mechanisms for biocybernetic adaptation
  • Using minimal number of electrodes for emotion detection using brain signals produced from a new elicitation technique

Special issue: "Economic Performance and New Quantitative Tools"

Global Business and Economics Review 15(1) 2013
  • Economic growth and risk - a critical review of the postwar Japanese economy
  • Value-at-risk for the long and short trading position with the Pearson type-IV distribution
  • The changing nature of consolidation in the US banking industry - 1980 to the present
  • Macroeconomic policy formulation: functional finance versus sound finance
  • ANS-based preprocessing of company performance indicators
  • Training for older employees in Germany - opportunities for distance learning? An exploratory study
  • Identifying stocks' characteristics before market crashes: the case of the Athens stock exchange
  • Analysing the return distributions of Australian stocks: the CAPM, factor models and quantile regressions
  • Immiserising growth and mobility of capital with and without land in Harris-Todaro model

4 December 2012

Special issue: "Open Innovation and Technological Learning with Globalisation in Emerging Economies"

International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development 5(4) 2012
  • Strategies for challenger firms from emerging economies in the era of open innovation
  • Interactive learning-driven innovation within production chains in developing economies
  • Integrating open innovation to new product development - the case of the Brazilian aerospace industry
  • Balancing explorative and exploitative learning under open innovation: an empirical study in China
  • Does clustering of enterprises foster technological learning? Insights from the Bangalore machine tool cluster in South India

Special issue: "Recent Applications of Multi Objective Programming and Goal Programming"

International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making 2(4) 2012

Includes expanded versions of papers presented at the 9th International Conference on Multiobjective Programming and Goal Programming (MOPGP’10).
  • A fuzzy goal programming model for skill-based personnel assignments
  • Regional forest planning using multiobjective programming and goal programming
  • Multi-objective stochastic integer linear programming with fixed recourse
  • Remanufacturing planning with imprecise quality inputs through the goal programming and the satisfaction functions
  • Stochastic goal programming model and satisfaction functions for media selection and planning problem
  • Multiobjective design of an S control chart for monitoring process variability

Special issue: "Computers in Education"

International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Soft Data Paradigms 3(3/4) 2012

Papers from the from the Computers in Education Conference at the 34th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO 2011).
  • An uneasy truce: brokering collaborative knowledge building and commodity culture
  • A path towards networked organisations - the push of digital natives or the pull of the needs?
  • The integration and assessment of students' artefacts created with diverse Web 2.0 applications
  • Designing digital security course in educational sciences
  • An instance of a mathematical model in chemical kinetics
  • Visualising complex information - genealogical maps and multiple relationships
  • What do students think about cheating on exams?
  • Main memory software environment for pedagogical prototypes
  • Using data samples in validating data models

Special issue: "Service Firms' Governance and Management: Trends and Challenges"

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 45(2/3) 2012

Includes papers from the International Forum of Systems and Mechatronics 2010 (IFSM2010).
  • Attempt on improving property of highly-densified biomass resources for renewable energy
  • The integrated design of a permanent-magnet generator for small wind energy conversion system
  • Energy-saving analysis in the hydraulic system of loader working device
  • A multi-objective genetic algorithm for fuzzy flexible job-shop scheduling problem
  • A study of foot and ankle kinematics during stance phase of normal walking
  • Combining full and semi closed loop synchronous control for dual mechanically coupled ball screw system
  • Operator-based actuator fault detection system design of a thermal process
  • Functional neuroimaging of circadian fatigue
  • A haptics-based virtual simulation system for product design
  • Diffusion in annealing of nanocrystalline Ni80Fe20/Cu composite wires
  • Feature analysis in tool condition monitoring: a case study in titanium machining
  • A hybrid intelligent system for 3D reconstruction from a single line drawing
  • Investigations of the compliance function in 3D reconstruction from 2D line drawings