16 December 2009

Call for papers: Digital Signature and Biometrics in Theory and Practice

A special issue of International Journal of Biometrics

The topics suggested by this special issue concern the concepts, surveys, state-of-the-art, research, standards, implementations, running experiments, applications, and practical case studies. In particular, we solicit works that answer the following questions:
Is it possible to increase the strength of biometrics using digital signatures and related techniques? Why and how?
Can digital signatures be hardened by the application of the biometrics techniques? Why and how?
Are there some closely related areas making mixing biometrics and digital signatures easier?

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

New digital signature schemes with biometrics:
  • Share-key based cryptosystems
  • ID-based signature schemes
  • PKI -based signature schemes
Security and cryptographic protocols with biometrics:
  • Authentication protocols and their security analysis
  • Smartcards and authentication tokens
  • Securing of biometrics sensors.
Methods of biometrics data protection in IT systems:
  • ID spoofing
  • Attacks on biometrics-based ID systems
  • Methods of a spoof detection
  • Protection methods against ID spoofing
  • Visual and phonic methods of identification
Comparisons of biometrics and cryptographic methods of identification:
  • A digital signature as a hardening (complementary) tool for biometrics identification
  • Algorithmic aspects of biometrics and cryptographic identification
  • Hybrid and “multilevel” identification methods
Case studies:
  • Biometrics usage in PKI systems
  • Closed-circuit TV systems, access control systems
  • Projects combining digital signature and biometrics methods: travel documents, electronic IDs, etc.
  • Integrated biometrics-based methods in penitentiary systems
  • Intrusion and hold-up alarm systems
Important Dates
Deadline for Submission: 15 May 2010
Notification of acceptance: 31 August 2010
Camera ready papers due: 30 October 2010

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Unknown said...

Its a great post as you are calling papers for various new topics viz New digital signature schemes with biometrics and many more.I believe that if digital signatures can be combined with biometrics,it will not only be a great achievement but will take security and authentication to new heights.Looking forward to more such posts.
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