28 November 2008

Special issue: Digital information management

International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management 3(2/3) 2008

Papers from the Second International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM'07) held in Lyon, France from 28-31 October 2007.
  • An intelligent system for estimating full product Life Cycle Cost at the early design stage
  • An e-commerce fair exchange protocol that enforces the customer to be honest
  • Use of a manufacturing ontology and Function-Behaviour-Structure approach for the design of a Reconfigurable Machine Tool
  • A product retrieval system robust to subjective queries
  • Context DataModel Framework: semantic facilities management
  • Accessibility and scalability in collaborative e-commerce environments
  • Global industrialisation of information-intensive services: a reference architecture for electronic business media
  • An approach to support the Knowledge Management Process inside professional activities
  • Distant tutoring using flexible workflow design: an application to product management courses

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