21 November 2008

Special issue: Computational heat transfer: applications

Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics 8(7/8) 2008

Extended versions of papers from the First Asian Symposium on Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow (ASCHT2007) held Xi’an, China from 18 -21 October 2007.
  • Recent progress in the modelling studies of flow and heat transfer characteristics of thermal plasma jets
  • DNS of turbulent heat transfer through two-dimensional slits
  • Numerical analysis of heat transfer in a plate heat exchanger
  • Solid particle distribution in particle-laden turbulent channel flows
  • Two-dimensional modelling of a DC arc plasma furnace with opposite cathode and anode
  • Effects of dimple depth and Reynolds number on the turbulent heat transfer in a dimpled channel
  • A numerical study of the effect of roughness on the turbine blade cascade performance
  • Performance of Reynolds-averaged turbulence models for transonic flow around airfoil
  • Applications and numerical simulations of Heat Pipe technologies in space thermal control system
  • Effect of external magnetic fields on various free-surface flows
  • Numerical study for flows over porous spheres and cylinders with/without blowing
  • Turbulent heat transfer of viscoelastic fluid flow accompanied by drag reduction with DNS analysis
  • Numerical predictions of a flow field in a hydrodynamic journal bearing with herringbone microgrooves
  • Relationship between heat transfer intensity and absolute vorticity flux intensity in flat tube bank fin channels with Vortex Generators
  • Numerical study of wind load on heliostat
  • Numerical study on the performance of wavy fin heat exchangers with different elliptic tube patterns
  • Numerical research on influence of different slot configurations on film cooling characteristics
  • Three-dimensional simulation of Rayleigh-Benard convection in a rectangular cavity
  • Numerical simulation of highly-swirling supersonic flow inside a Laval nozzle
  • Numerical study of Indoor Air Quality and thermal comfort under stratum ventilation
  • The natural convection of an isolated plate in enclosures

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