21 November 2008

Special issue: External and internal housing environments: technological and facilities approach

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 35(2/3/4) 2008

Papers from a conference “Decision Making in Project Management”, held in Leipzig, Germany on the 19–20 May 2005
  • Decision aiding related to maintenance of buildings: technical, economic and environmental aspects
  • Facilities management development in Europe
  • Modelling of facilities management alternatives
  • Knowledgeability and capacity of the owners: assuring professionalism when providing housing services
  • The model for selection of a maintenance strategy for municipal buildings
  • A building's refurbishment knowledge-based decision support system
  • Web-based intelligent DSS for real estate
  • Implementation of future service requirements in building management
  • Highway noise management using advisory system
  • Future cooperation trends in the building industry
  • Housing in the context of economic and social development of Lithuanian regions
  • Modelling multidimensional redevelopment of derelict buildings
  • The analysis of property value increase as a result of infrastructural investment projects
  • The possibilities of verbal decision analysis methods for construction solutions

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