8 November 2008

Special issue: Emerging technologies and methodologies for power systems reliability and security assessment

International Journal of Reliability and Safety 2(1/2)
  • Data-driven calibration of power conductors thermal model for overhead lines overload protection
  • Voltage security assessment and optimal load shedding of power system using the case-based reasoning approach
  • Fast voltage contingency analysis of power systems using model trees
  • Testing of complex IEC 61850 based substation automation systems
  • Basic fault tree analysis for use in protection reliability
  • Adequacy assessment of composite power generation and transmission systems with wind energy
  • Theoretical and practical aids for the proper selection of reliability models for power system components
  • Application of a semi-Markov model and a simulated annealing algorithm for the selection of an optimal maintenance policy for power equipment
  • Strategies to meet grid challenges for safety and reliability

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