8 November 2008

Special issue: Simulation and analysis on durability loads and ride comfort in vehicle development

International Journal of Vehicle Design 47(1-4) 2008
  • A validated simulation method for describing the effect of road-excited vibrations on the development of a vehicle
  • Streamlining automotive product development using neural networks
  • Optimisation of suspension parameters based on simulation of ride comfort in vehicle development
  • Dynamic analyses of roll plane interconnected hydro-pneumatic suspension systems
  • Vehicle ride evaluation based on a time-domain variable speed driving pattern
  • Parametric uncertainty analysis of vehicle suspensions
  • Simulation and experimental verification of solenoid valve characteristics for semi-active dampers
  • Damping requirement of a suspension seat subject to low frequency vehicle vibration and shock
  • Synthesis of a semi-active suspension seat for attenuation of Whole-Body Vibration and shock
  • Multi-mode and rubber-damped Torsional Vibration Absorbers for engine crankshaft systems
  • An efficient powertrain simulation model for vehicle performance
  • Modelling of dynamic performances for Hydraulic Engine Mounts using fractional derivative and optimisation of Powertrain Mounting Systems
  • Road profile estimation in heavy vehicle dynamics simulation
  • Evaluation of road load classification for fatigue assessments
  • The derivation of structural usage profiles for vehicles from failure statistics
  • A technique for developing a high accuracy durability test for a Light Truck on a Six Degree-of-Freedom Road Test Simulator
  • Rigid-elastic coupling modelling of air suspension and fatigue life prediction of its key part for heavy-duty truck

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