24 November 2008

Special issue: Computer applications in logistics engineering and management

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 32(4) 2008
  • Capacity analysis of container terminals using simulation techniques
  • An investigation into dynamic yard crane deployment and comparisons between hill-climbing and best-first-search algorithms
  • A decomposition-heuristic-rule-enabled decision-making system for dynamic quay crane allocation and scheduling
  • A berth allocation strategy using heuristics algorithm and simulation optimisation
  • Structural fatigue assessment and management of large-scale port logistics equipments
  • A scenario analysis of a location problem with uncertain demand
  • A supply-chain-oriented business process reengineering strategy for on-demand new product development
  • Incorporating users' creativity in new product development via a user successive design strategy
  • The effect of gender-related difference on human-centred performance using a mass assessment method

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