12 November 2008

Call for papers: Entrepreneurs under Pressure: the Tensions and Dark Sides of Entrepreneurial Life

Call for papers: Entrepreneurs under Pressure: the Tensions and Dark Sides of Entrepreneurial Life

A special issue of International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing

Scholarly studies, as well as policy makers, have for a long time put entrepreneurs as of great importance for bringing growth and occupation to society. Most studies have subsequently researched success and the road to success (i.e. positive consequences of entrepreneurship) by studying a host of factors related to strategy formulation, influence of environment, growth intentions, motivation, together with competence and experience levels among entrepreneurs. Still, we know that the success is often not obtained without sacrifices and strong commitment. Many entrepreneurs can witness that the road to success is not without obstacles and that establishing a new venture can be extremely hard work. Signs of to large sacrifices would be burn-out syndromes, tension, depression, extensive conflicts between work and family, and increasing sick leave.

It is not that surprising that these issues have not received so much attention thus far in entrepreneurship studies. Despite this, we know that the costs for disablement and other negative consequences can be high. There are a number of stakeholders (for instance, employees, investors, banks, and society) besides the entrepreneurs that can suffer significantly if the entrepreneurs make too large a sacrifice or fail to establish and organise a venture around a spotted opportunity. As a response, this special issue invites studies focusing on the existence of threats and pressures in entrepreneurial life, focusing on tensions and darker sides related to opportunity recognition and exploitation. While doing so, the special issue does not exclude positive consequences. On the contrary, studies aiming to reveal the tensions between positive and negative consequences of entrepreneurship are strongly encouraged.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • The work-family interface for entrepreneurs
  • Influences of venture threats and rapid growth on emotion and cognitions
  • Theory on challenges and the darker sides of entrepreneurship
  • Measuring pressure and confrontations of entrepreneurial life
  • The role of founder characteristics when exposed to venturing obstacles
  • Influence of venture characteristics and environment demands on entrepreneur well-being
  • Relationships between entrepreneurship opportunities, role stress and burnout
  • Entrepreneurial failure
Important Dates
Paper Submission Deadline: 15 October, 2009

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