10 November 2008

Special issue: Commercialisation of nanotechnology products

International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation 7(4) 2008
  • Progress in commercialising micro-nanotechnology in the UK
  • Emergence of nanomedical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer: the journey from basic science to commercialisation
  • Bridging the micronanomanufacturing gap
  • Rugged micromechanical systems: revolutionary opportunities for product designers
  • InnovationXchange network: towards open source innovation
  • Building successful regional clusters for the commercialisation of micro- and nanotechnologies
  • Launching into a golden age: gears (mm parts) made by the deep X-ray LIG(A) process
  • 'If it can be used, it ain't science': one research department's dedicated approach to innovation
  • Spin-off creation behaviour of universities and research institutions: an initial approach for nanotechnology
  • A financing diagnostic: matching 'type of venture' to 'class of cash'
  • Timely multithreat biological, chemical and nuclide detection: a platform, a metric, key results
  • Academic infrastructure and competence centres for a potentially evolving nanomanufacturing industry
  • Commercialisation of microgrinding wheels

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