26 November 2008

Call for papers: Intelligent Applications for Customer Experience Journey in Services

Call for papers: Intelligent Applications for Customer Experience Journey in Services

A special issue of International Journal of Logistics Economics and Globalisation

With established Internet services, customer relationship management and services, service science, services and processes of customer management, and technologies, particularly information technologies, system development new paradigm, and architecture shifted in the development of customer relationship management and services, are seen as the enablers to improve customer experience journey. The purpose of customer experience management is to enhance the efficiency and build up a better relationship with customers at all stages of the customer journey of experience, resulting in improved customer loyalty. In addition, artificial intelligence, data mining and service-oriented computing provide firms and businesses with the fundamentals of theories and methodologies to design and develop intelligent applications in various type of customer service and management such as in the domains of healthcare, banking, logistics and supply chain management, hotel and tourist management, mass transportations, electronic commerce, and so on.

In this special issue, we aim to provide referential sources for the analysis of industrial influences, instrumentality, and evaluations by adopting various aspects of technologies and methodologies blending with culture, social and behaviour to improve the customer experience journey in services. We are looking for a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach that will incorporate ideas, theories and real applications from related disciplines.

Preference will be given to high quality papers that have a firm grounding in scientific and mathematical methods, and application-based papers. For effectively connecting gap between theory and practice, we also ask researchers and practitioners to develop best practices based on actual, real-world results or develop benchmarks and metrics that will provide guidance for future research and application development. It is expected the issue will provide a list of propositions which form the broad basis of empirical research to explore and identify the mechanisms and applications in understanding and improving the journey of customer experience. Academics, industrial practitioners, and governmental entities can benefit from this source to strengthen current knowledge, and thus to enhance the excellence of customer experience. It is envisaged that the aggregated contributions from this special issue will provide a basis for more well-informed formulation of customer experience management at industrial, national and global levels.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Intelligence applications of data mining and text mining
  • Artificial intelligence for mass customisation
  • Health customer services
  • Customer relationship management and customer loyalty
  • Service science towards customer experience journey in services
  • The paradigm shift of customer services enabled by Web services and service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • The economics of customer services and management
  • Implementation issues for health care information systems
  • Healthcare logistics, green and low-carbon supply chain management
  • Intelligent support for e-business intelligence on customer services and management
  • New methods and algorithms of data/text mining for customer services or intelligent decision support
Important Dates
Full paper deadline: 30 April 2009
Notification of acceptance and review results: 31 August 2009
Submission deadline: 31 October 2009
Final acceptance: 31 December, 2009

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