8 November 2008

Special issue: Recent advances in exergy research

International Journal of Exergy 5(5/6) 2008

Papers from the 3rd International Energy, Exergy and Environment Symposium (IEEES-3), held in Evora, Portugal, 1-5 July 2007.
  • Recent developments in exergy analysis and exergoeconomics
  • Optimal use of energy systems and processes
  • Exergy cost of mineral resources
  • Energy and exergy analysis of an Automobile Heat Pump system
  • Exergetic and exergoeconomic analysis of an Aircraft Jet Engine (AJE)
  • Functional exergy efficiency and exergy consumption behaviour for air-to-air heat exchangers operating at near-environmental temperatures
  • Analysis of buildings' energy consumption by means of exergy method
  • Exergy analysis of a diffusion absorption refrigeration system
  • Exergy analysis of BIGGT and EFGT cycles
  • Energy analysis of Brayton combined cycles
  • Effect of Non-Condensable Gases on geothermal power plant performance. Case study: Kizildere Geothermal Power Plant-Turkey

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