2 December 2008

Special issue: Human adaptive mechatronics

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 4(4) 2008
  • Robust practical output tracking by output compensator for a class of uncertain inherently non-linear systems
  • Robust gradient iterative learning control: time and frequency domain conditions
  • Estimating multiple sources in somatosensory area to SEF of finger stimulus using SVD and time-frequency analysis
  • Extraction of fine blood vessels from an ultrasound image by adaptive local image processing
  • Modelling soft tissue-mechatronic tool interactions during indentation
  • Relationship between structure and information processing in Physarum polycephalum
  • On tracking control of a pendulum-driven cart-pole underactuated system
  • Attitude control system design and application on a helicopter experimental system
  • 'Soft' actuation for dextrous hands – a 23 DOF anthropomorphic hand powered by pneumatic muscle actuators
  • A biomechatronical transtibial prosthesis powered by pleated pneumatic artificial muscles
  • Vision-based Cartesian space motion control for flexible robotic manipulators
  • Online mapping with a mobile robot in dynamic and unknown environments

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