26 November 2008

Special issue: Digital matter and intangible heritage

International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism 1(2/3) 2008
  • Building virtual cultural heritage environments: the embodied mind at the core of the learning processes
  • Intangible matter and the body
  • An entanglement of people-things: Place-Hampi
  • Cultural institutions take on a [Second] Life of their own
  • Digitality and immaterial culture: What did Viking women think?
  • The economic value of 'immateriality'
  • Folkvine.org as a model of virtual tourism
  • Virtual reconstructions as destination tourism?
  • Virtualising ancient imperial Rome: from Gismondi's physical model to a new virtual reality application
  • A new media approach: visualisation of a digital exhibition. A case of study
  • AARRE presenting the world through souvenirs
  • Artivistic fieldwork: participatory platforms, devised events, and socially engaged art storymaking
  • Participatory platforms for opening dialogues in exhibitions, a design perspective

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