21 November 2008

Call for papers: Medical Tourism

Call for papers: Medical Tourism

A special issue of International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research

Medical tourism is an emerging industry that has international implications for the healthcare business, related industries and the economic impact on those industries and the participating countries and localities. The purpose of this special issue is to publish theoretical, empirical, and applied articles that promote an understanding of medical tourism, and define the current state and parameters of this industry, in order to form a basis for a future research agenda.

Suitable topics are suggested, but not limited to:
  • The genesis and drivers of medical tourism
  • Marketing medical tourism destinations
  • Consumer choice and medical tourism
  • Quality of care at medical tourism facilities
  • Perceptions and attitudes toward medical tourism
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities in medical tourism
  • Assessments or evaluations of medical tourism practices
  • Technological issues in medical tourism
  • Economic, regional, political, social, cultural and cross-cultural issues
  • Economic impact of medical tourism on countries where it occurs, industries affected by the trends (e.g., pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc.), and medical/healthcare jobs in the affected countries
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 15 August, 2009
Notification of status and acceptance of paper: 1 November, 2009
Final version of paper due: 15 December, 2009


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