8 November 2008

Special issue: Children's health and the environment

International Journal of Environment and Health 2(3/4) 2008
  • Environmental threats to children's health – a global problem
  • The PRONET project: pollution reduction options network to enhance implementation of successful transport and indoor environment practices in Europe
  • Children's Environmental Health National Profile: a multisectorial stakeholder collaboration experience in Argentina
  • Effect of prenatal exposure to fine particles and postnatal indoor air quality on the occurrence of respiratory symptoms in the first two years of life
  • Smoking relapse prevention intervention: a study of postpartum women in Lodz, Poland
  • Designing and building healthy places for children
  • Household factors influencing lung function in Austrian school children
  • The relationship between asthma and ambient air pollutants among primary school students in Durban, South Africa
  • Respiratory symptoms of school children and their home environment in Northern Transdanubia, Hungary
  • German Environmental Survey IV: environmental tobacco smoke exposure of German children
  • Andre Conrad, Margarete Seiwert, Christine Schulz, Kerstin Becker, Detlef Ullrich, Marike Asthma in children: seasonal variations
  • Development neurotoxicity: implications of methylmercury research
  • Perinatal dioxin exposure in The Netherlands – a long-term follow-up
  • Environmental exposure to platinum group elements released by automotive catalytic converters: the risk for children
  • Heavy metal poisoning from Ayurvedic traditional medicines: an emerging problem?

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