10 November 2008

Special issue: Intellectual capital in Taiwan: state-of-the-art

International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital 5(3/4) 2008
  • The effect of disclosure of intellectual capital and accounting performance on market valuation: evidence from Taiwan's semiconductor industry
  • Does the board reward the top manager's social capital? Evidence from Taiwan
  • The determinants of professional incompetence: an analysis of medical errors from the intellectual capital perspective
  • National intellectual capital: exploring Taiwan's standing
  • A case study of customer capital management in Taiwan's financial industry
  • Intellectual capital reporting: the TICRC as an example
  • A cross-industry comparison of intellectual capital in Taiwan
  • Developing human capital indicators: a three-way approach
  • Understanding the value of process capital: a multiple case study on CRM processes
Additional Papers
  • A study on intellectual capital disclosure determinants in the European context
  • The value relevance of human capital, corporate governance and intangible assets in growth enterprises: evidence from Hong Kong
  • Formal mentoring: a human resource management practice that supports knowledge transfer across projects

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