10 November 2008

Special issue on non-linear observers

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 4(1) 2008
  • On the non-linear discrete-time observer design problem
  • Non-linear estimation is easy
  • Observer design for a class of Lipschitz time-delay systems
  • An adaptive observer for sensor fault estimation in a class of uniformly observable non-linear systems
  • A high gain observer for the estimation of velocity and coefficient of restitution in non-smooth mechanical systems
  • State estimation for non-linear systems using a decoupled multiple model
  • Simultaneous localisation and mapping of a mobile robot via interlaced extended Kalman filter
  • On the use of non-linear receding-horizon observers in batch terpolymerisation processes
  • State estimation for a class of exothermic fed-batch processes

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