16 November 2008

Call for papers: New Tools for Mathematics and Art

Call for papers: New Tools for Mathematics and Art

A special issue of International Journal of Arts and Technology

There exist deep connections between mathematics and aesthetics. Some of these connections have been explored already in ancient times, for example the decorative tessellations in the Alhambra and the discovery of harmonic relations in music by Pythagoras. But art is more than aesthetics; it also makes personal and social statements. For example, the geometric principles of Bauhaus and DeStijl go hand in hand with positions about purity in art and about social transformation. The theory of symmetries, i.e. invariance under transformations, has been powerful both in mathematics and in art. Traditional tools have included pencils, rulers, 3D modelling materials. However, with the advent of digital technologies everything has changed, both in mathematics and in art. Mathematicians now have visualisation software, equation solvers, proof checkers, and on-line journals. Artists now have digital drawing tools, 3D printers, sensors, electronic displays, and on-line exhibitions. The question of how digital tools are revolutionising mathematical art is most interesting. New things can happen now which were impossible until recently. More exciting new things are underway. It is the theme of this special issue to report the breakthroughs in the intersection of art and mathematics.

The aim of the special issue is to solicit and publish papers that provide a clear view of the state of the art in the new tools for mathematics and art. Submissions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following areas:
  • New tools for exploration and conceptualisation
  • New output modalities, devices and interactions
  • Historic case studies on technologies in mathematics and art
  • Visions on the future of mathematics and art
  • New tools for dissemination and exhibition
  • Contemporary art works based on mathematics and new technology
  • Advances in mathematics based on art and new technology
Important Dates
Deadline for full paper submission: 27 June, 2009
Review results returned to authors: 27 September, 2009
Deadline for camera-ready papers: 26 December, 2009


Unknown said...

Mathematics and Art Mathematical Visualization in Art and and communication has arisen from the use of new tools in visualization. But even more interesting the new electronic images created by mathematicians have generated new works of art which use more traditional tools.




mrhujun said...

Please check out the CFP at Inderscience website for updated deadlines.

Ian said...

The deadlines in the text here are now the correct ones.