23 April 2007

Special issue: IT/IS based best practices to leverage performance of enterprises

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 28(2/3) 2007 is a special issue: IT/IS based best practices to leverage performance of enterprises.

Article titles:
* Diagnosability study for quality improvement based on distributed sensing and information technology
* Towards formulating strategy and leveraging performance: a strategic information systems planning approach
* Innovation science: a primer
* User acceptance of information technologies for enterprise development
* Application of new Apriori algorithm MDNC to TFT-LCD array manufacturing yield improvement
* Utilising enterprise knowledge with knowledge-based engineering
* A generic framework to achieve complex data exchange in an industrial environment
* A flexible information management system for supporting manufacturing activities
* Design and implementation of an object-oriented information management system
* Benchmarking of optimisation techniques based on genetic algorithms, tabu search and simulated annealing
* Measuring the performance and evaluating the improvements of a fine paper supply chain

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