27 April 2007

Call for papers: Product lifecycle management

Call for papers: Product lifecycle management

A special issue of International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management

In keeping with the latest Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach, engineers are faced with the need to treat design as a holistic process where a large number of factors need to be considered over the life cycle of the product. Among the many things design engineers have to deal with are numerous uncertainties associated with product and process models, limited integration of various design tools, designing products that can be effectively manufactured and supported and limitations in data exchange across platforms, as well as ambiguities in product definition across disciplines and functional areas.

The goal of this special issue is to publish the current status and future directions of issues concerned with product lifecycle management. Selected papers will be published from the International Conference on Comprehensive Product Realization 2007 (ICCPR2007). The conference will provide the opportunity for scholars from all around the world to discuss their academic programmes, identify research opportunities, and initiate joint research programmes in the area of comprehensive product realization. Engineering design has evolved from an isolated semi-empirical activity to a highly interconnected, multidisciplinary product realization collaborative process. The guest editors will accept specially invited submissions to this special issue from authors who intend to participate in the conference.

The subject coverage of this special issue includes, but is not limited to, topics that address:
  • Product and process modelling
  • Product and process data management
  • Product and process integration
  • Knowledge representation and knowledge management
  • Configuration management and change management
  • Design for manufacturing, supply, service, and recycling
  • Product lifecycle performance modelling, analysis and optimization
  • Lifecycle cost and assessment models
  • Design and engineering decision support
  • Global teams and change management
  • Application methodologies and solutions
  • Industrial case studies
  • PLM in education

Important Dates
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 30 September 2007
Communication of peer reviews to authors: 31 October 2007
Deadline for revised manuscripts: 30 November 2007

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