4 April 2007

Special issue: Innovative combustion technologies: modelling and experimentation

International Journal of Alternative Propulsion 1(2/3) 2007 is a special issue: Innovative combustion technologies: modelling and experimentation.

Article titles:
* Measurement of temperature gradients through local extinction using Raman scattering spectroscopy
* Combustion of advanced non-toxic hybrid propellants
* Instantaneous, two-dimensional, spontaneous Raman measurements of hydrogen number density in a laminar jet using an intra-cavity configuration
*Study of the performance and exhaust emissions of a spark-ignited engine operating on syngas fuel
* Understanding methane flame kinetics from reduced mechanisms
* Study of available exhaust gas heat recovery technologies for HD diesel engine applications
* A computational study of compressor surge during transient operation of turbocharged diesel engines
* Development and characterisation of small-scale rotary engines
* Intermediate Reynolds/Peclet number, flat plate boundary layer flows over catalytic surfaces for micro-combustion applications
* Study of the performance and emissions of a high-speed direct injection diesel engine operating on ethanol–diesel fuel blends
* Flame dynamics in sub-millimetre combustors

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