24 April 2007

First issue: International Journal of Information Quality

The first issue of International Journal of Information Quality has just been published.

Organisations possess the technology to collect, store, and process vast volumes of data. Even so, they often find themselves stymied in their efforts to translate this data into meaningful information that can be used to improve business processes and decision making. The cliché of “drowning in data and starving of information" seems so true these days. The reasons for this are often related to issues which collectively form an emerging field referred to as information quality.
This journal provides an international outlet for the publication of high quality papers in the field of information quality. It aims to promote research on the theory, design, analysis, management and implementation of information quality systems in service industries, manufacturing industries, and government organisations. It also encourages research dealing with economic considerations of information quality as well as issues with societal and political priority such as information quality for healthcare systems and information quality in the “war on terror".

There is a free download of articles from this first issue.

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