6 April 2007

Call for papers: Robotics and Manufacturing Automation

Call for papers: Robotics and Manufacturing Automation

A special issue of International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems

The advances in low-cost robotic devices, sensor technology, computational methods and intelligent software algorithms and agents create ever-more effective solutions to automation problems in a variety of manufacturing industries. The trend in product miniaturisation poses specific problems for microparts assembly. The premise of automated manufacturing systems is that with the better utilisation of sensors, system models, control algorithms and computational methods offer substantial improvements to the production cost and operational quality.

This special issue invites the submission of high quality research articles related to robotics, mechatronics, and software-based intelligent approaches for automation of manufacturing, materials handling and distribution systems.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Advances in robotics and vision systems
  • Vision based process monitoring and control
  • Intelligent and robust control
  • Advanced CNC algorithms and strategies
  • Micro parts handling and microassembly
  • Other related issues

Important Dates

Submission: 30 June 2008
Decision: 30 September 2008
Revised manuscripts: 31 December 2008

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