10 April 2007

Special issue: Progress in powder materials and technologies

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 28(3/4) 2007 is a special issue: Progress in powder materials and technologies.

Article titles:
* Metallic powders produced by the disintegrator technology
* Powder materials and technologies for solar cells
* Sinter hardening of low-alloy steels: influence of part geometry and physical properties of the material
* Powder metallurgy steels for highly loaded precision parts
* Assessment of cermets performance in erosive media
* Development of thermal spray powders for improved tribological and corrosive applications and cost-effective solutions
* Performance of carbide composites for cyclic loading applications
* Characterisation and modelling of erosion wear of powder composite materials and coatings
* Mechanical properties of individual phases, deformation and fracture in mechanically alloyed Al-Al4C3 composite
* Dry sliding wear of cermets
* Creep mechanism and microstructure evolution in silicon nitride ceramicsF. Lofaj

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