28 April 2007

Special issue: Normalisation in decision-making methods

International Journal of Management and Decision Making 8(5/6) 2007 is a special issue: Normalisation in decision-making methods.

Article titles:
* What is meant by normalisation in decision making?
* Normalisation in multiobjective optimisation: a general overview
* Introducing reliability measures into multi-criteria decision-making
* Reliability measures in multicriteria decision making as applied to engineering projects
* The effectiveness of assessments in multiple criteria decisions
* Some problems of evaluating multicriteria decision methods
* Methods of determining objective, subjective and integrated weights of attributes
* Sensitivity analysis of a simple additive weight method
* Uncertainty phenomenon in property valuation
* Determining the level of agreement of expert estimates
* A hybrid normalised multi criteria decision making for the vendor selection in a supply chain model
* Normalisation in the selection of construction alternatives

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