23 April 2007

Call for papers: Managing Supply Chain Risks in Disasters

Call for papers: Managing Supply Chain Risks in Disasters

A special issue of International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management

The application of risk management in a supply chain context has been gaining interest during the past few years. Originally, significant incidents such as September 11th, SARS and the Indian Ocean tsunami as well other man-made and natural disasters have triggered organisations to pay attention to supply chain risk management (SCRM). Regardless of the risks and problems that organisations and their supply chains face, customers expect no compromise to their product or service delivery.

When it comes to disasters, compromising deliveries is not an option, as the failure of humanitarian supply chains is measured in a loss of lives. However, risk management is not as well understood within supply chains as in individual organisations. Therefore this special issue focuses on assessing, measuring and managing supply chain risks in disasters.

Disasters are defined as disruptions that physically affect a system as a whole and threatens its priorities and goals. Disaster relief is a substantial global industry that is predicted to continue to expand, as it is forecast that over the next 50 years, both natural and man-made disasters will increase five-fold. The focus of the special issue is on managing supply chain risks in natural and man-made hazards and disasters, where a supply chain is understood to consist of a direct supply chain (a minimum of three independent actors).

All research which contributes to the understanding of supply chain risk management in natural disasters is welcome. Contributors are encouraged to submit original manuscripts that are conceptual, or empirically based, in particular using techniques such as scenario-building, simulation, modelling, and geographic information systems, focusing on the following or related areas:
  • Supply chain management in disaster relief
  • Strategic risk management in supply chains
  • Assessing and managing supply chain vulnerability
  • Measuring supply chain risk
  • Supply chain risk mitigation and reduction
  • Risk prioritisation in supply chains
  • Measuring performance in humanitarian supply chains
  • Decision-making in humanitarian supply chains
  • Principles and theory of supply chain risk management

Important Dates
Closing date for submission of manuscripts: 15 Sepember 2007
Communication of initial decision on manuscripts: 15 December 2007
Submission of final manuscripts: 25 January 2008

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