13 April 2007

Special issue: Cryptography in networks

International Journal of Security and Networks 2()3/4) 2007 is a special issue: Cryptography in networks.

Article titles:

* Efficient multicast stream authentication for the fully adversarial network model
* Aggregate designated verifier signatures and application to secure routing
* LIP: a lightweight interlayer protocol for preventing packet injection attacks in mobile ad hoc network
* On the design of secure protocols for hierarchical sensor networks
* Server side hashing core exceeding 3 Gbps of throughput
* Preventing or utilising key escrow in identity-based schemes employed in mobile ad hoc networks
* On security proof of McCullagh–Barreto's key agreement protocol and its variants
* Cryptanalysis of an elliptic curve cryptosystem for wireless sensor networks
* Pseudonym-based cryptography for anonymous communications in mobile ad hoc networks
* Strong password-based authentication in TLS using the three-party group Diffie–Hellman protocol

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