10 April 2007

Call for papers: Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions

Call for papers: Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions

A special issue of International Journal of Water

Water is vital for all of us. We depend on its good quality - and quantity - for drinking, recreation, use in industry and growing crops. It also is vital to sustaining the natural systems on and under the earth's surface. Groundwater is a hidden resource. At one time, its purity and availability were taken for granted. Now contamination and availability are serious issues.

One of the most commonly used forms of groundwater comes from unconfined shallow water table aquifers. These aquifers are major sources of drinking and irrigation water. They also interact closely with streams, sometimes flowing (discharging) water into a stream or lake and sometimes receiving water from the stream or lake.

An unconfined aquifer that feeds streams is said to provide the stream's base flow. In fact, groundwater can be responsible for maintaining the hydrologic balance of surface streams, springs, lakes, wetlands and marshes. This is why successful watershed partnerships with a special interest in a particular stream, lake or other surface water body always have a special interest in the unconfined aquifer, adjacent to the water body.

The source of groundwater (recharge) is through precipitation or surface water that percolates downward. Approximately 5-50% (depending on climate, land use, soil type, geology and many other factors) of annual precipitation results in groundwater recharge. In some areas, streams literally recharge the aquifer through stream bed infiltration, called losing streams. Left untouched, groundwater naturally arrives at a balance, discharging and recharging depending on hydrologic conditions.

The aim of this special issue is to preserve, enhance, and restore water quality through a comprehensive understanding of the hydrologic cycle, with particular focus on collaborative engagement between surface water and groundwater researchers, facilitating an increased knowledge of surface water and groundwater interaction.

Papers are welcome on, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • Contaminated groundwater in tidally influenced areas
  • Developing quality and quantity mathematical models
  • Sewage and pollution issues
  • Determining methods for bridging gaps at the ground and surface water interaction
  • Creek restoration in areas of contaminated groundwater
  • Comprehensive groundwater protection programmes
  • Development of a long-term, integrated management approach
  • Wetland restoration projects and groundwater development
  • Quantifying impacts from groundwater pumping and surface water flows
  • Sole source aquifer programme
  • Tsunami impacts of shallow groundwater
  • Source water protection programme
  • Efficient groundwater pricing
  • Wellhead protection programme
  • Integrating special issues on groundwater
  • Groundwater management
  • Water spreading projects
  • Artificial recharge case studies
  • Groundwater rights
  • Economical analysis of water use
  • Model simulations for the interaction
  • Recent applications of groundwater management modeling
  • Assessing nonpoint source contaminated ground water discharge to surface water
  • Pesticide, fertilizer and ground water strategy
  • Pollutant reduction and pollution prevention
  • Conjunctive use of ground and surface water
  • Urban area development and groundwater
  • Well construction/closure standards
  • Ecological impacts in groundwater
  • Methods controlling the degree of the interaction
  • Isotope techniques in water resources development and management
  • Benthic macro invertebrate responses
  • Freshwater and saltwater interaction
  • Controlling saltwater intrusion

Important Dates

Manuscript Submission: 30 October 2007
Reviewer Selection: 30 November 2007
Manuscript First Review: 30 December 2007
Author Notification of First Review: 30 January 2007
Paper Resubmission: 28 March 2008
Manuscript Second Review: 30 April 2008
Author Notification of Second Review: 30 May 2008
Paper Resubmission: 30 June 2008
Manuscript Third Review: 30 July 2008
Author Notification of Third Review: 30 August 2008
Acceptance or Rejection: 30 September 2008
Guest Editor Report: 30 October 2008

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